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Fat Boy's Burger @Publika (Solaris Dutamas )


I know, I understand, I understand, Fat Boy's Burger existed long long time ago, but I only have extra time to blog it now. I was browsing through my pending post and realized I left this post out. ;P

Well, I had Fat Boy's 2months ago while the craze was still up. 
I noticed that their kitchen was perpetually busy, as I peek through stealthily the kitchen , I saw numerous of patties were screaming in pain when they're place on the sizzling hot pan...

Then I let my imagination drove me wild for a moment, assuming the burgers I'd ordered should taste extremely good. 
To my surprise, no.

Bushtucker RM19.50

Wholemeal bun stuffed with beef patty with beet root...

I love the whopping amount of finger-thick fries they gave...
The fries were superb, thick and potato-ish.
The wholemeal bun makes me feel so healthy while eating it...
Together with some beet root, cheese, and beef patty sandwich in between, it just taste nothing but ordinary... ;/
If I were to brag, it'll be the fries who gains all the glory..

Whimpy RM19.00
The reason why I ordered this was because I thought it'll be like a whimpy - small portion (and cute).
But, haha, I was wrong again.

It looks fantastic on it's own..with the black sesame seed on top of the bun...
The beef patty was pan fry and was added with an sunny-side egg topped with barbecue sauce..
It would be just perfect if the cheese is slightly melted ...

Otherwise I have no complaints. Fries were fantastic, crispy and thick. I need more mustard to wallop the entire burger because the bun was kinda dry..

Jamaican Me Hunger. RM19.00

Wasn't sure where does the name comes from.. but it was certainly part of the reason why I order this.
Hehe.. Good as you can see.. it has sliced of non-melted cheddar cheese and rocket leaves in between the sandwich.. ;D
sandwich between a wholemeal bun... It was a pork patty, I think this taste delicious compared to the beef ones... It has more flavor and more charred flavor in it.. the entire eating process was.... somewhat enjoyable... ;)
And if you're wondering what is that purple color thing inside, it's beet root!

Well, their burgers was just another over-rated burger.

Lot 30 Level G2 Publika
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1 Solaris Dutamas,
 50480 Kuala Lumpur, 
Malaysia .
Tel :03-6206 1352)

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  1. Hmm...Over-rated? Then I must think twice ~~

  2. why the burger so petite one... so cute..

  3. Argghh...dun like beetroot. But it seems to make the burger looks healthier.

  4. hahah I readed extra "e" on Jamaican Me Burger . . . *blur*

    Patty looks thick hahaha, would love to try it :)

  5. Whoa!! I think I shouldn't watch this burgers .. Now I am getting so much hungry... shit :( I'm loving it !!


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