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Expect something new from Snowflake this October!

Have you tried Ocha'ryo before ?
If you're a big fan of green tea( like me), or red bean (like me too), then you should try this.
Satisfaction guaranteed.

I love the pure and intense green tea flavor , comes with a hint of bitterness.. and paired with sweetened red bean , perfect!

The constantly evolving and innovative Snowflakes think that's not enough, so they come out with another idea of having Ocha'ToGo, where busy folks (like me) can just take-away and satisfy our cravings where ever, when ever we want to. 

I love the top soya ice with soya pudding , and the bottom matcha flavor. 

It's my honored to be invited to Snowflakes's 4th Anniversary 
In conjunction with their Anniversary, Snowflakes is also lauching a brand new product soon!
Guess what?
I've tried it, and you........ HAVE TO WAIT! (until October)


Happy-go-lucky friendly staffs! 

They really have a broad smile, and I guess that's why my drinks taste soooooo sweet! 
(in a good way lah).

I brought all these babies home. ;D
kidding la!
These are for the lucky fans that has been selected to this event. 

The founder of Snowflake.

''Everyone thought that Snowflake originate from Taiwan, and that's WRONG! Snowflake is a Malaysian Brand, it started 4 years ago, where I always travel to Taiwan and observe their dessert culture, then I realized there's no such 'healthy based' dessert in Malaysia so I decided to come out with my own first healthy dessert stall in my country. ''  says the owner. 

What's new coming up?

Make a smart guess dear readers!!

hint : it's pink ! dark pink ! maybe you can say it's red. 

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