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Celcom Cupcake Challenge YO!!!


The Celcom Cupcake Challenge is the sweetest way to celebrate our country's independence and formation, and to communication the journey and achievements we have undertaken as a country. Celcom urge all Malaysians to share the good news to their audiences, friends and family, and come together as nation over a fun, creative challenge by making cupcakes!

50 participants from popular Malaysian blogger and media publications were invited to learn the basics of making and cake decorating with patriotic twist, am glad that I was the selected one too!


We were divided into teams for the cupcake challenge, and Anna was my teammate , am so proud of her because we both seem to have something in common - we can bake!

The most tired part was the whipping part, where we need to whip butter with sugar, and butter cream, 
GOSH, my arms are still aching ... 

Anna and her best friend - Naomi

 The sample cupcakes of Malaysia flag.

Ken and EricYong77

Ah Bok, with his darn funny expression.

We were having a lot of fun during the making of cupcakes!

Three handsome chef!

Anna and our cupcakes.

Celebrity Chef -Rose is giving us some idea on how to pipe the icing on the cupcakes.

So, after  a lot of hardwork, our masterpiece is born!

I think we did great, Anna. 

Also there's other group's masterpiece! 
Satu cupcake, satu Malaysia!

Ohh Yeah, Group photo!

So, after reading my post, do you have the urge to bake?
YES??????? GREAT.

What if I you get to win prizes worth more than RM100,000.00 by just baking?
*raise eyebrow*

How You can participate ?
You need only to design a cupcake with your own creative interpretation of national pride and upload the photo to to be in the running to win prizes worth more than RM100,000.00 . From now until the final submission date of 23 rd of September 2012, 55 participants with the most "Likes" on their entries will be chosen to go on the grand finale on 29 September 2012

At the challenge finale , the 55 finalists are to replicate their cupcake designs witnessed by the public and a panel of celebrity judges, who will choose the top three cupcakes designs based on creativity, uniqueness and closest match to submitted photos.

The Top 3 winners will walk away with a brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone worth EM2199 each  & RM10K, RM5K, & RM2K in CASH, for the first , second and third places respectively, the rest of the 52 finalist will receive a stylish LG Prada mobile phone for their achievement, The public is also urged to look out for free Celcom Cupcake giveaway on Malaysia Day which is the 16th of Sept at Selected malls.

It's a steal, just, BAKE and PARTICIPATE! 

Courtesy of Celcom. 

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  1. I love your team's creative masterpiece. Especially the moon & star.

  2. Great shots.. especially the second one .. so cute! How can u see? haha


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