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Celcom Cupcake Challenge @Publika


0h hello dear readers !! Still remember I 've blog about the Celcom Cupcake earlier? If no, you can always refer back here

This, was the cupcakes that I'd decorated. 
you'll know why soon, just keep reading...

 Celcom cupcake challenge has recently caught us a lot of attention. 
You can easily 'bump' into them in any shopping mall and receive your free cupcakes; yesterday was the online finalist Celcom Cupcake challenge , held in Publika and I am utterly impressed with all the creative and  pretty cupcakes of all the contestants !!!

Celcom has given out 1000 cupcakes yesterday too!!

For those who did not get to watch it live, fret not, here's some pictures for you to enjoy!

All the 52 finalists that afternoon at the Celcom Cupcake Challenge Finale in Publika were there to decorate and prove that their cupcake was the best. They were all in the running to win more than RM100000 of prizes, which were:
  • 1st Prize: RM10000 in cash and Samsung Galaxy SIII mobile phone
  • 2nd Prize: RM5000 in cash and Samsung Galaxy SIII mobile phone
  • 3rd Prize: RM2000 in cash and Samsung Galaxy SIII mobile phone
  • The rest of the 52 finalists: An LG Prada mobile phone each. 

Colorful icing sugar.

Brief opening speech was given by the emcee of the day ...

Then hola! 
The cupcake challenge begins!!!!!!!!!!!

All participants were so talented and skillful. 
As I glance back the cupcake I'd made for the previous cupcake challenge, I felt so retard. ;P

Look at how creative Malaysians are!!!


There's even all races in one cupcake!

Got twin tower some more...

and the winner goes to.........

Vincent Liew with his masterpiece below...

The winning Cupcake which was worth a cool RM10000 prize money

1st runner up: Juneci Siong and her entree below - very 1 Malaysia!

2nd runner up: Mac Leong with his masterpiece below

Graceful butterflies on cupcake ! ;D

“The Celcom Cupcake Challenge is the sweetest way to celebrate our country’s independence and formation and to commemorate the journey and achievements we have undertaken as a country.  We urge all Malaysians to share the good news to their audiences, friends and family and come together as one nation over a fun and creative challenge

I wish I am one of them to walk away with samsung s3, but, when I look at my cupcake once again .....
Sungguh 'memalukan' (VERY embarassing) 

Anyway, it's really a fun event where all Malaysians have a chance to get some 'rakyat bonding', special thanks to CELCOM for organizing such meaningful 'get-together' event!

Stay tune on their Facebook page at as they will be announcing the 55 finalist for the next round 3 event, and also further details of when it's happening! 

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  1. Wow, the prizes are so attractive! Better luck next time :) Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

  2. la la la la la la.... 1malaysia! :P

  3. don't worry yours look nice too. I would make worse that those.

  4. Wow, the designs are really good. I'm amazed at what can be made on such a cramped surface, it's very creative.

    You did well too and it's nice that you participated. Cheers! :)

  5. Amazing what can be done with a bit of icing isn't it? :-)

  6. This is the THIRD blogpost that I've seen on this event and I enjoy rubbing it in - YAAAAA!!!!! A guy won! Two out out teh Top 3! See!!! Anything you can do, we can do better... Oh? Obviously you did not get into the final? Muahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Warhlao so geng one they all=__= K lar your's win in quantity LOL *run away*

    Worthy Book- Yay or Nay?


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