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Autumn Treasures with Chef Martin Yan @BERJAYA University College of Hospitality.


MALAYSIA, 28 August 2012 – Fabulous Foodies in Malaysia are set for a night of gastronomical delight, as world-renowned chef, Martin Yan, visits Malaysia to host an exclusive dinner for public as part of the Autumn Treasures with Martin Yan tour on Tuesday, 4 September, and a closed door dinner event on Wednesday, 5 September 2012.

“BERJAYA University Hospitality College provides our students with only the best opportunities to foster their culinary growth. We are very excited that AFC has presented us with this chance to bring this legendary chef to our school. Chef Yan is a house-hold name at the University, the students, and even some of the lecturers, are ecstatic that they will have the chance to work, cook and interact with such a culinary master!”
Fans can continue to be inspired by Chef Martin with the repeat telecast of True Passion – Martin Yan from 10 to 14 September 2012 at 7.30pm. or

Do not judge a book by it's cover, just as do not judge this ordinary-humble chef with his look. 
His skills can easily capture your attention , his humor can effortlessly make you burst into laughter, and thus, keeping us entertained throughout the three hour of cooking demonstration. 

What I like about Chef Martin is, besides sharing recipe for a certain dish, he also, shared about the 'recipe of life'.
He teaches us a lot of moral values in life, on how we see things, how we overcome it, how we react and etc.
One of meaningful one that touches me would be the phrase :'' You cannot please everyone, because no one is perfect; but whoever you are, especially when you're representing your profession, don't forget to smile''.

Here's the show that kept our eyes busy.
Armed with a sharp knife , Chef skillfully cut the pepper with the parallel-method. 

You may not be impressed now, but keep reading, I promise there's something for you to feast your eyes.

The kung-fu style cutting green pepper!


Chef is very energetic all the time, look at him!

and that's the paper-thin tomato slice..

I'm utterly impressed.

AHH!! Firstly, chef uses slow motion to tell us how and where he's going to dissect the bird, 
then he stressed that he's gonna use only 18 seconds (or less than that) to finish cutting it. 
*Applaud* He did it. 

So this is the first dish- Tropical Fruit Roll

Next he slice the fish fillet with no sweat. 

I was glad to enjoy this autumn with renowned Chef Martin Yan as he dishes out culinary masterpieces, whipping up mouthwatering fare from his AFC Original Production, True PassionMartin Yan
Not only that, I was exceedingly happy to catch Chef Martin Yan up-close and personal at the BERJAYA University College of Hospitality as he shares tips and experiences on how to recreate these treasures in the comfort of our own home!

Much thanks to AFC and BERJAYA University College. 

Featured Recipes

Do click the link below for the recipes. 

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  1. Wow, Eunice, you're so lucky to have met Chef Martin Yan in person! =D

    1. Thank you dear! You will have the chance if you want to!

  2. Hey Eunice, wonderful to see that both of us got to attend Chef Yan's event. His skills are truly impressive! Great that he cooks different dishes for both of us so we can see each other's post :)

  3. "Yan can cook, so can you!!!" Wok with Yan...

    1. Hahah! This was what Chef kept stressing on. Yan can cook, so can you!

  4. My idol when I was younger! His magic sauce and all... ahh...

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