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TWG Tea Boutique @ Pavilion

People nowadays are going after luxury brands, luxury goods, in the name of Luxury - style, fashion, brand, accessory,and even gastronomy...  Why everyone seems to love extravagant and premium goodies that they don't mind paying even if it cost them an arm and a leg? 
Of course there must be a reason behind this human phenomena (the tendency to spend profligately and uneconomically on luxury goods). I must confess that I am one of the victim that falls in this category, (the food category precisely), and I am not taking any action to stop myself from doing this, for the sake of writing more blog post and to venture more 'extraordinary' eateries around the globe, I honestly wouldn't mind spending the money , but of course, I have my limits too. ;] ( if my pocket money permits).

The recently hot trends that has captured me was TWG Tea House in Pavilion. 
They self-claimed that TWG is the finest luxury tea brand in the world. Reflecting glamour and imitating prestige, the ostentatious TWG Tea Boutique flash before your eyes when you pass by them. 

TWG Tea Boutique offers more than 450 fine harvest teas from around the globe as well as exclusive tea blends, vibrantly colourful packaged teas, an array of gifts sets for any occasion, such as the ever popular Haute Couture Tea Collection, and signature tea accessories. In addition to an array of takeaway patisseries, the Boutique also offers TWG Tea-infused chocolate bonbons, chocolate bars and macarons. 

Sit back and relax in the elegant adjoining TWG Tea Salon for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, where crisp white linens and fine bone china complement sweet and savoury tea-infused gastronomy. Perennial favourites are the Wagyu Burger accompanied by 1837 Green Tea infused vinaigrette and the Chocolate Fondant with homemade Vanilla Bourbon Tea ice cream. I didn't order them, of course ! I was there for tea, not dinner! 

I ordered a rose tea for myself as I always love the fragrance of flowers... especially Jasmine and Rose!

The particular pot of Rose tea cost a whopping RM18 !!!!!
No doubt it taste good, the rose flavor was very mild and subtle, but it's also very refreshing.

A fortune tea set (RM55)

 TWG Tea Croque Imperial. 

It's a warm toaste sandwich with Gruyere cheese and smoked salmon served with a delicate green salad and house vinaigrette. 
The portion was just nice for one person... but the price is still on the higher side.
It was actually quite disappointing because the sandwich were already cold and, literally not fresh when it's served. 

The pungent cheese flavor overwhelmed the toast, and it's only mere two slices of smoked almond in my sandwich..;(
(maybe I'm too demanding)
The salad taste typically good though,especially the sourish vinaigrette that gives a twist in the tongue....;D

Who doesn't love macaroons?!?!?!!?!?!

I've opted for Earl Grey Fortune & Chocolate Macaroons, Bain Rose Macaroons, and Grand Wedding Tea, Passion Fruit & Coconut Macaroons. 
The macaroons was absolutely fantastic. The delicate and fragile macaroons makes me fell for them over and over again.
They're so crumbly and sweet, at the center of the macaroon was filled with the tea infused flavor fillings... the cakey-crumbly texture is all that I love... Their macaroons were just suitably sweet too..

A bite of every flavor of the delicate macaroons indeed brought me into the state of ecstasy. 
There's none of the euphoria produced by cocaine or morphine, that has the ability to bring me into the state of overpowering rapture that macaroon has given me like this before. 
See, now you know the power of dessert ( only apply on women ).

Nom nom nom.. 
They disappeared in less than five minutes. 

Blackberry tart.
To my dismay, the tart wasn't fresh, at all. I can simply judge by looking at the color and from the buttery base pastry, and the not-very-fresh cream at the center has already, apparently, undergoing Maillard reaction (browning). I cracked the pastry using my fork and shovel them into my mouth, I tasted rancidity.I already expected...hence, it has proved that my previous is statement correct - the tart wasn't fresh.

In a nutshell, I love the ambiance and macaroons ,but their chows are vastly on the higher side, so, be prepare to spend if you want to drop by this place. 
If people don't lust after glamour, this firm loses their lure, but all I can see is the incessant walk-in prey , who's constantly going after hedonism. 

Pavilion Ground Floor

Tel : +603 2142 9922
e-mail :

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  1. Macarons om nom nom. :)

  2. Wau!! RM18 for a cup of tea sure expensive

  3. This is luxurious!! :) Love these. :)

    1. Yeah.. I'll bring u here next time when u're in KL..;P

  4. I tried both their dinner and tea and I prefer the dinner. :)

  5. yeah.. looks high class loh~ XD

    1. yah.. I couldnt afford to visit this place, again..HAHHA

  6. Not into tea - I'm a coffee person. The macarons look good though... Yum!

    1. Me too.. i didn't realize im more to a Coffee person until I was there.. I realize I need coffee more than a cup of tea..;P

  7. For someone who loves tea as much as one loves coffee, it's really expensive. =(

    The tea boutique probably caters to people of a different status than us average Joes and Janes. By the way, Eunice, how much did you pay for the tart?

    1. It comes in a set...All of the above cost me RM60.
      You can bring your friends along to try them out!;)

  8. Macarons look appetizing!Recently, trying to change my coffee habits and drink tea! Love the calming effect when drinking tea. =)

    1. ahehe! I prefer coffee..always prefer coffee over tea!;D

  9. look so English and delicious...there is another one call tea salon lower ground of starhill gallery

    1. YEAH!! Tea Salon.. will try them out one day! ;D

  10. you sure know how to enjoy life!!


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