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Teeq Rooftop Brasserie @ Lot 10


Teeq -  derives its name from the woody textures and earthy tones that make up this chic brasserie. An impressive entrance welcomes guest to an avant-garden decor with undulating waves of wooden ribs encircling the ceiling, while an all-flass facade offers you a grand view of Kuala Lumpur's skyline. A dramatic landscape of cascading ferns and flora serve as a backdrop against the skies of Kuala Lumpur, while pristinely manicured lawn serves an outflow for outdoor parties right outside the brasserie. Teeq offers you a fine selection of Japanese and Thai to Asian and Western delicacies with a metropolitan twist.

 Its expansive grounds open to the lushness of a Forest in the City with an adjacent garden of a manicured lawn and cascading greens which are available for catered functions with panoramic views of Kuala Lumpur thrown in for effect.

As sunset is taking place, the restaurant also gradually transform into a somberly romantic semblance. 
All credits to the groovy 'oscillating waves' across the ceiling.

There's a 'Eat All You Can' buffet Salad Bar at the front desk with an array of fruits and salads.

It's a similar concept as Pizza Hut's salad buffet where it only cost you RM10, only one trip to the salad bar is allowed, so how much one can fit into the plate decides how much one can eat.

If you are not comfortable with the greens, fret not, there's certainly some fabulous venison waiting for you! 

Sea Water Prawns. RM18

Deep fried sea water prawns in carbonate soda batter season perfectly and served cucumber mint yogurt.
Indubitably delectable if you gobble them while it's still piping hot and fresh from the boiling oil. Dip them into the creamy cooling yogurt that exudes the subtle mint flavor.They were wonderfully paired. 

Highland Greens. RM12
Classic Ceasar with Croutons, Beef bacon, Parmesan Cheese Cherry Tomatoes and Caesar Dressing.
Freshly mixed crunchy lettuce, plump cherry tomatoes that explode in your mouth, crunchy pine nuts and grated cheese... dish that are prepared simply, but delightful . 

Cappucinos. RM15
Fresh Mushroon Soup Coated with Milk Foam. 

Definitely an eye-opener in terms of the presentation and name given - Cappucinos. 
'Oh, it's gonna be a sleepless night for me', I murmured to myself. I vaguely believe it of course! 
 I sniffed, then the distinctive scent of mushroom rush into the nostril... 
I took a puny sip, and BAM! It was great! 
A lighter version of the creamy mushroom soup we used to have in other place, yet no compromise for the flavorful and aromatic mushroom scent! Bonus point goes to the creative, petite, individual portion presentation .

Teeq's BBQ Ali Burger. RM25
Homemade Char-Grilled Beef Patty with Melted Cheese, Tomato and Fried Egg.

*Highly recommended*
If you are deceive by the name given for this fabulous burger, Ali, and you think it wouldn't taste too much difference from your Ramlee burger, then you are wrong! It certainly taste corresponding to its appearance. Simple, delectable and gratifying. 
The beef patty were very well seasoned with all the herbs and spices , and the patty were made freshly upon order, by Chef Vivian Vitalis (He's a guy , with a 'she' name); the patty was moist, tender and compact at the same time, with the bursting of peppery aroma, balanced with the ooey-melting cheese, and fresh lettuce; the sunny-side fried egg and the purple-ish, creamy coleslaw. Just look at the color of foods that chef has used to mingle to compose the dish, it certainly won over your Ramlee burger. )Well, I don't know about you, but I couldn't be more agree than this.)


Salmon Trout. RM40
Pan fired salmon with leek potato puree and stir fry zucchini.

 The orangy salmon meat was typically soft, with squashy texture accompanied by the rich omega-3 ( fats) flavor that coils my palate, and of course, a pleasant sweet finishing aftertaste. 
However, being a demanding girl (as always), the salmon was too tiny for a big eater like me; and, it would be perfect, if the bottom of the fish could be a little more crispier, by all means, I don't mind the charred flavor .(It's carcinogenic-ally addictive) 
The potato puree was fine with its very welcoming creamy and rich characteristic; the stir fry zucchini on the other hand, has added an extra crunchiness to the dish.

Dream of Maryland .RM28
Teeq's style Roast Chicken Maryland with beef bacon, mozzarella cheese, heavy load of mash  potatoes and market vegetables.

Dream of merry-land. Imagine diving into a pool of sweet barbecue sauce, swimming and gulping down the rich-sweet and tangy gravy. Wow, say what you need to say. 
The roasted chicken was remarkably tender and still juicy on the inside, sleeping on a comfort bed of creamy mashed potato, wrapping itself under the warm-cheese blanket, and drenched in the savory barbecue gravy,  with a finishing touch of finely chopped chives. 
Apparently, I felt like I was having an affair with my roast chicken , in my Dream of Maryland... I was enchanted. ;P

Con fungi. RM28
A must try Al Fungi Pasta for those who love the aroma forest mushrooms.

My mouth is sealed. All I know was I'm too busy digging in the rubbery mushroom. The creamy carbonara white sauce was pleasant - fresh herbs, flavorful mushrooms, al-dente fettucini with abundant grated cheddar cheese. Sinfully addictive. 

Short Ribs. RM50
Fire Roasted Bone in Short Ribs that you will not left any meat on the bone..
Delicately tender and soft short ribs, I can literally tell that it was slow cooked for a long period in order to get such 'melt-in-your-mouth' texture. ;)
Ordinarily palatable with extraordinary mouth-feel. 

As the sun set, 
as the moon lit , 
a dinner is said to be incomplete if dessert is missing. 

To round off the dinner into a complete meal, don't forget to leave some room for desserts !

 Molten Chocolate Cake .RM15
Serve with Vanilla ice cream.

Snicker Bar RM12
Peanut Butter Mousse and Chocolate Ganache.
Luscious, rich and creamy peanut butter flavored chocolate, added with some rice puff to add a contrast mouthfeel . Moderately sweetened, with colorful berries juxtapose aside... indeed a sweet ending!

Teeq Brasserie
Open daily
Monday- Sunday : 6.30pm -11.00 pm
Wednesday - Saturday (Supper) : served snack menu after 11.00pm - 4.00am

Restaurant Capacity : 150-200 pax
Reservation hotline : 03-2782 3555
website :

Address :
Rooftop , Level 8,
Lot 10 Shopping Centre,
50, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
55100, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan Malaysia.

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  1. Hey Eunice! =)

    I'm surprised that there's a "manicured lawn and cascading greens" (to quote your words) above Lot10. Never could see it from the main road.

    The food looks great, should be worth its price. Cappuccino? That certainly brings a whole new twist to the coffee beverage that we are all used to. =D

    1. Yes! Charlotte.. I never thought this place exist too!;D thanks for your precious comment!

  2. nice food and nice environment too! =D

  3. good times over some nice food! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Delicious food ! The restaurant is nice too ! =D

  6. It looks very nice, I would like to sit outside.


    1. i would prefer indoor..get to enjoy the romantic lighting..

  7. didn't realize that Lot 10 has such luxury restaurant.

  8. I'll always go for salmon where ever I dine so I hope my salmon will be bigger than yours when I dine here next time :D

    1. Yes Ma'am, ask them to double up the size for u ! Hahhaa..
      Tell them the fish can't even fill up half of your tummy!;P

  9. So much delicious food and the setting appears very appealing. A lovely place to dine out.

    1. Yeah, indeed.. thanks for yr lovely comment.hope to see you around again! ;D

  10. Hmmm...perhaps I should give this place a second chance. I was there for a wine pairing dinner and I was quite disappointed. My steak came rare in the centre when I ordered medium rare. My dining partners were all perplexed that when we complained and the waiter insisted that it was correctly medium rare. LOL.

    1. Haha.. they did it quite well tho that night..;)
      maybe they have improved?

  11. Food looks so good :) The environment also not bad! Good review ! :D


  12. Lot 10? Hmmm...I usually stay nearby when I hop over to KL. Must drop by the first chance I get. Looks like a great place and the food looks good too...

  13. Seriously didn't know there's a rooftop restaurant in Lot 10, shall try it soon! =)

  14. OOOHHHH!!! The green is amazing and the salmon looks very good!! Can feel my saliva gland getting stressed a bit..

  15. Hi :) all foods are looks nice, but how about the service? I saw some comments about their bad service. Because I planning go there for bday dinner :)


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