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Samira @ KLPac Sentul


If you ever know there's a hidden gem in  Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) that serves Thai cuisine, then it's time! I wasn't sure whether I was at the right place when I passed by the 3-minutes-drive-alley that leads you to another side of the world, where all you can see on both sides are tress and plants...
Aha! Then a big lake was spotted. Yes, I think we're here - SAMIRA By Asian Terrace.

Walking into another fancy garden, then out of sight, you'll see a magnificent pond, with wooden walkway below your feet... I stunned, for a moment, then the gush of happiness just overwhelmed me. 
'Oh my, this place is so romantic!', I murmured to myself. I can just sit down and stare at the pond/lake, alone, yeah! It's greatly fascinating. 

Then you can just walk over the footbridge to explore the pond and mini garden... try spot for the koi fish!
According to the owner, the fish can grow as long as 5 feet. (I'm only 5 ft2. It's such a shame to say that a fish can grow taller than me .. huhu..;/ )

Proceed through the connecting walkway into the restaurant, the warm and dim lighting, just wrapped you up entirely , giving you a romantic and serene surroundings,with soothing music played  that is so capable of loosen you up... So, I just sat back down , and had my satisfying Thai meal that night! ;D

It's optional whether you want to dine at the alfresco dining surrounding or the inside the concrete building. If you decided to stay outdoor,  you get to enjoy the night breeze whilst dining under the stars(when the day gets darker) .You also get to watch the magnificent serene lake too! *take deep breath* 

Appetizer :

Top -  Yam with Seafood Salad (Price -Not Available)
Bottom - Seafood Pomelo Salad RM 24++

Unique and sensuous - that's the only way to describe these tantalizing Thai salads! These dishes were especially beautiful, not to mention very gourmet. 
The yam was chopped evenly into stripes, and then deep fried to give it a (harder)crunchy texture;
together with finely chopped cucumber, onions and lime juice, it tastes spectacularly refreshing!

The pomelo salad was extremely delectable. 
It's not just plainly good, the moment you scoop in hundreds of mini 'water balloons' into your mouth and masticate it , and you feel the piercing juice of pomelo, ugh... it's like mini 'bomb' that explodes in your mouth, the sweet pomelo juices just flooded my mouth and it left me feeling momentarily jubilant. Seriously... >.<

  Steamed Squid with Chili and Lime Juice RM 28++

Wow, another dish that will whet your appetite! Look at that, (my saliva is oozing out when I reminisce back the taste). The acetic and unique piquancy that contributed from the lime juice , the hot and zesty bird's eye chili ,the rubbery soft squid, and the finishing touch of the distinctive chopped coriander leave  successfully composed this dish... It's simple , yet delicious!

River Prawn with Lemongrass Sauce. (Price Not Available)

My favorite dish that night- River Prawn with Lemongrass Sauce.
Clear as you can see, it's a really HUGE prawn !! It's deep fried, then drenched with the aromatic sweet lemongrass-infused sauce. The savory gravy indeed intensify your cravings, making you want more of this. The prawns were literally fresh and succulent, the it's super fleshy and plump (yadaa yadaa, like me -.-).
Mama mia! Love this max!

Spicy Chicken with Chef’s Special Sauce RM 22++

Ahhh~!! Another favourite dish of mine that night! (I know I have too many favorite dish at Samira, but please believe me, I'm just telling the truth, it's freakin delicious!!)
The chicken was deep fried (again), you have to admit that deep fried food usually taste good, typically good, and  extremely irresistible , especially when paired with Chef's 'Special Sauce', their secret recipe, let's not divulge here, you have to try this yourself . The chicken was still moist and tender when I took the first bite, how can I not tell the truth??!! *in love with the chicken* ;P

Traditional Thai Thick Tom Yam with Seafood RM 20++

Sometimes, the urge of having Thai Food just kick in, and you had totally no clue on where can you get a nice, warm bowl of tom yam, right? Now Samira seems to be the place that's already hammered into my mind - the walking food dictionary. Reasonable price, satisfaction guaranteed, nice ambiance... it's like all-in-one package! 
The sweet and sour astringency was adjusted very well, not to sour, with a lil bit hint of spiciness, and the kafir lime leaf & lemongrass pungency.. A bowl of good Tom Yum can definitely zest you up!

Thai Massaman Curry with Beef RM 28++

Thick and rich coconut flavor, not very spicy, but I can literally tell they used loads of herbs and spices to create such mouth-watering curry.  It goes very well with a bowl of hot-steamed rice...;)

Grilled Norwegian Salmon with Basil Leaves . (Price Not Available)
What a beautiful  mess this is. I never had Salmon like this before, every time I had Salmon , it's either pan-fried or grilled with terriyaki sauce, never know that I can have something extraordinary at Samira. This dish was lightly brackish, with the smell of aromatic basil leaves, chili, and shrimp paste... It's very pleasant to my taste buds I must say. 

Grilled Fish Fillet in Banana Leaf RM 32++

Good food mustn't always be complicated. A simple fillet enveloped in banana leaf , then wrap with aluminium foil , simply serve with a squeeze of lime juice , that's already very apptizing! yummm~

Left :  Pineapple Lamb in Coconut Sauce RM 30++
Right :  Traditional Thai Tom Kha with Chicken RM 16++

The lamb was unbelievably tasty, and the gravy was intensely rich and milky; The White Tom Yam soup on the other hand, has a distinct coconut aroma, but a silkier mouth-feel... both were equally delicious and pleasurable. 

 Crispy Catfish with Mango Salad RM 20++
Thinly shredded catfish deep fried until remarkably crispy and crunchy, served together with the sourish  mango salad.

 Phad Thai Noodle with Prawn and Egg RM 16++
Taste like Char Kway Tiao, minus the 'wok hei', but doesn't mean it's not tasty, don't be bias. 
It's good, the soy sauce, egg fragrance, lots of tauge(bean sprout)to add an extra crunchiness to the dish...
yumz yumz!

Pineapple Fried Rice RM 18++

Pan Fried Banana with Ice Cream RM 12++

Fresh Mango with Sticky Rice RM 18++
The striking orangy mango juxtaposed with the pale yet taste amazing sticky rice, then smother with the creamy white coconut sauce - PURE HEAVEN!
It is indeed very simple but exotic Thai dessert !

If you're a Thai food lover, this is a place not to be missed, I solemnly believe that you will love Samira, their food, their setting, the tables and chairs, and even the koi fish pond outside of the restaurant!
If you plan to go on Thurs, Fri or Saturday, it's best to make reservation to avoid any disappointment. 

Lot 268 Sentul Park
Jalan Strachan
Off Jalan Ipoh
51100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 012-9213880.
FB :

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  1. Like u, I've never tried salmon cooked that way too. What a feast!

    Eunice, I'm having another giveaway! Come & join my National Day August Bellabox + Int'l Giveaway!

  2. it's a really beautiful place with good food! glad to have the chance to dine with you. :)

  3. lol eunice! u make me feel that i dunno KL at all. all those places i dunno at all. TT

    1. Hahaha! Next time when u r in kl, must find me ya! XD I bring u go makan!

  4. I was here before but I think they served Japanese then. Thai, eh? Oooo...I love Thai and that mango pulut dessert is my favourite. Slurpssss!!!!!! Hmmm...must drop by to try. I love that place - so soothingly relaxing, beautiful!

    1. Ooh! ?I think the jap food was long time ago... they now serve Thai food..
      Really nice o! !^^

  5. yummy yummy food.. sigh, lets go again? for the atmosphere

  6. wow, this must be the week for Samira reviews.. I really gotta get my ass down there yo! LOL

  7. This looks like a good spot to chill and have a good meal. Okies...this is slotted in for a weekend with the hubster. A drive there and perhaps a lil car shoot and to end it with a gorgeous dinner and sunset will be awesome.

  8. wanted to visit this place this weekend the environment


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