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Ben's Restaurant @ KLCC

I always wonder why Ben's in KLCC is always packed with people.. 
Especially lunch time, tea-time,and basically... anytime!
So, I was here on a fine afternoon....

Double Espresso - RM7.90

Ben's certainly has a very conducive environment and bright-clean lighting. 
I fell in love with their coffee too. . . Looking around, enjoying the people coming in and going out... whilst sipping my cup of double espresso together with the thin-light ,crisp biscotti .

The double shot espresso was intensely rich and aromatic... definitely a place for espresso lover.

Portobello Mushroom Sandwich. rm23.90
I was browsing through the menu, wanted to order a few things but sadly, everything i wanted was not available.

So I ended up order the portobello mushroom sandwich. 
It comes with bundle of fries in a tin. The fries was mixed with some chips...
The portobello mushroom in the burger was super huge and succulent.. with a bursting of juice when you take the first bite!
I love it to the max.. The side salad was tossed with some nuts to give an extra crunch too !

Italian Iced Coffee RM13.90

The italian iced coffee taste like any other ordinary coffee ice in other cafeteria, I somewhat don't think there's anything to shout about. and i felt it's overpriced too.

Orange juice RM10.90

The orange juice taste so pure and original. That's what I've been searching for all the while ( no additional sugar and water to dilute it)..

the pulp can be easily seen in the orange juice too, it was so pure and refreshing, slightly sourish and I'm in love with it.

Tortilla Softshell Crab RM25.90

The tortilla softshell crab taste fantastic too!
You can easily get a huge deep fried soft shell crab in between the tortilla, with some light spreaded mayonnaise to bring up the flavor ... The tortilla is then lightly grilled on the panini pan... I am totally smitten with the charred tortilla.
Not to forget the soft shell crab's juice (basically it's oil) that burst in my mouth when I chomped it greedily.. Ooh.. Fantastic. 

Berry Pavlova RM13.90

The berry pavlova looks good on it's own. It certainly taste like how it looks too...
It's undeniably sweet, and the meringue-type texture ... goes very well with some whipped cream and berries in between.. I certainly like it, but it's not my favorite I must say. ;) 

First Level, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2163 1655
Opening times: Open daily, 10am-11pm

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  1. I like their reasonable prices. Food looks appetizing :)

    1. haha! It's reasonable only if the costs are convert into sing dollar..;P

  2. their pastas are pretty good too :) I like the seafood ones

    1. I didnt try ...will order again next visit!;P

  3. Makes coffee, give it a fancy name (preferably with some fancy European country's name), serve. Pure profit. :P

  4. the soft shell crab tortilla looks very tempting! we usually have the soft shell crab pasta every time we're at ben's, so the tortilla might be an interesting alternative to try =)

    1. yes Bob and Julie. Their Tortilla taste superb. Hahah.. I would love to try their crab pasta next round!;D

  5. Looks good, not cheap. Maybe it is the snob appeal - people go there to see and be seen. Got class mah.

    1. yeah! Not cheap!! I love your phrase ''people go there to see and be seen''.. hahaha!! *LIKE*

  6. the burger bun for the mushroom sandwich looks interesting too! might have an extra-nutty texture :D

    1. YEAH! SEAN!! ^^ When can I have the opportunity to dine with u ?;P

  7. Lots of tempting dishes. The mushroom sandwich would be my first order. :-)

  8. Waah...betul-betul euphoric lar! ;P

    Love the Tortilla Softshell Crab...their Peking Duck Roll, Fisherman's Catch burger and Cheeseburger are good too...hehe =)

    1. Looks like you're their faithful customers huh?So familiar with their menu..;P

    2. Haha...yes...visited more than 10 times aredi...hehe :P

  9. Yes, the crowds here can get really crazy during lunch hours! The Tortilla Softshell Crab looks really good.. I love the salad with nuts that they serve with their sandwiches :D (Btw, we were just there over the weekend and ordered the Cheese Toastie, wouldn't recommend that out of all their sandwiches..)

  10. Hmmm..always tempted to go in but not sure what's good inside. But now I have a rough idea and the food looks pretty impressive.

  11. This place is super packed during weekday lunch. Quite some time needed to queue:D Hehehe


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