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Alexis @ The Gardens MidValley.

Stepping in the stylish, warm and  dim interior, with bottles of wine and alcohol beverages array on the shelf; self-claimed with inventive cuisine of the highest quality co-existing with superbly executed local delicacies; famously delicious home-made cakes; impeccable services; and a place where you can find the finest music in town- Alexis Bar &Bistro.

I was here on a fine afternoon ,where my friend asked me out for a tete-a-tete .
We didn't plan to visit Alexis at first, but some how , something happened in between, and we ended up @ Mid Valley! ;D
It was a normal teatime hour, so we had their much-publicized Tiramisu. 

Tiramisu RM15
Not much to say about their cake, it was ordinarily good... but not mesmerizing and forgettable. 
Their cake wasn't it good condition when it arrives(it falls) ;somehow I love the top part of the cake, the crunchy caramelized almonds .
I don't love cream, so I shoved all of the cream aside, and only eat the cottony sponge cake! ;P
Cream lovers please don't discriminate me... ;/ 

 Jasmine Green Tea. RM12
Just a simple pot of tea. ;)
 Button Mushroom RM15 

First time trying their button mushroom. The mushrooms were drenched in a creamy gravy, infused in the aromatic garlic aroma, accompanied with the toasted-cylindrical french loaves that has the same function as a sponge , to polish up all the rich and creamy-white gravy. . . Ahh!! They disappeared in a blink of an eye! 
Because it was tooooooooooo delicious...

Lot f209 1st Floor
The Garden
Mid valley City
Lingkarann Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : o3 2287 2281

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  1. I love the ambience in Alexis, cozy and comfortable;)

  2. never been here before :/ we can come again together and try the button mushrooms!!! hehehe i hungry dy after seeing that pic >.<


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