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36 Ways to Live -Chef Emmanuel Stroobant @ Signature Kitchen


Chef Emmanuel Stroobant returns to AFC, this time, 
showing you how he lives, eats, and enjoys his life to the fullest! 
In this new and exciting AFC Original Production called 36 Ways To Live , Chef Emmanuel invites some of this closest VIP Friends and media personalities to his  home and shows them how to whip up 36 standout recipes that have marked his life, from the most popular dishes from his successful restaurants to his favorite meals that he makes at home. 

Cooking in his state of the art 'Signature Kitchen' Chef Emmanuel prepares delicious dishes such as fresh mussels cooked two ways or a deconstructed lasagna! Also, gt an intimate peek into Chef's life as he takes you behind the scenes, into the kitchen of his successful restaurants, on a picnic trip, and even a yoga session with his staff!Be enthralled by Chef Emmanuel's skill, technique and unique view on life and food!

Malaysian viewers and fans of the Asian Food Channel (AFC) are in for an exciting treat this September. On Wednesday, 12 September 2012 at 9.30PM, AFC will premiere its newest original cooking series, 36 Ways to Live on Astro, Channel 703. This highly anticipated programme will premiere regionally to more than 45 million AFC viewers in ten different territories.

Maria Brown, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Asian Food Channel expresses great excitement with the premiere of yet another successful AFC Original Production, “AFC has produced a wide range of high quality original content that celebrates the diversity of Asian cuisine. Working with SignatureKitchen and filming 36 Ways To Live in Malaysia was an exciting venture.   The series is unique compared to our other productions because it takes a look at the other side of the culinary spectrum, showcasing a plethora of equally delicious cuisines, such as European, Mediterranean and North African, all of which, are also making a significant impact on Asia’s culinary scene.”

She adds, “I have always been moved by Chef Emmanuel’s culinary creativity and mastery in the kitchen and we at AFC, are thankful that SignatureKitchen was able to provide us with such a state-of-the-art kitchen, where he could whip up his dishes with such ease.”

There's light snack served too!

Look at every element in the picture. ;) 
Love their kitchen, signature kitchen at the back. It's really sophisticated, don't you agree?

Pretty lady- emcee of the day.

Ms. Lam Li Hua- Brand Manager of Signature Kitchen Malaysia.

''In this program, we are able to match both culinary art in an inspiring kitchen that is functional for cooking and entertaining. We are happy that we were able to collaborate with the Asian Food Channel on this production, and that we were able to provide Chef Emmanuel with only the most sought after and modern kitchen fixtures available, allowing him to create his inspired dishes. We look forward to the premiere of the programme and hope that AFC viewers will enjoy the programme as much as we have.”- says Ms.Lam . 

I'm glad to be invited to Signature Kitchen to watch Chef Emmanuel live cooking demo ..
Chef had demonstrated how to prepare a 5 star dish at home and the menu of the day was Pan Fried Foie Gras with Caramelized Apple. 

First , chef told us a brief origins of Foie Gras.

Look how emotional Chef is when he's trying to elucidate how goose (plural : geese)  is been fed and all. 
Urm. Ya, foie gras meant goose liver. Sounds no good but taste otherwise. ;)

Chef accentuate on how to prepare the sauce which I've shared the recipe on the same blog post. 
 It has to be de-glazed for three times to produce a mollifying-soothe and rather unique aftertaste. 

He uses three types of wine to de-glazed and produce the brown-mello-wy sauce, he explicated although wine has alcohol content, but while they were aflame , the alcohol content will be vaporise and only a hint of liquorice aroma is left frolicking in the sauce. ;)

Taa-daaa~ ^^

Ok. The grossest part is it. 
 Mr.Emmanuel is de-vein-ing the liver. 

He says often restaurant will skip this part because they doesn't know that they need to de-vein. 

.. and chef pulled out the vein, sticking it onto his cutting board.. yeeeee~ ;P

and he made sure there's no more vein in the Foie Gras..

Then pan-fry it...

Mr. Emmanuel shows us how does a perfect foie suppose to be - slightly brown and crispy on the outside, but moist on the inside. Like ice cream, they're suppose to melt instantly when is inserted into the mouth. 

Angelic piece of Foie Gras, as good as they smell .

Then chef carefully deluge the liver with his heavenly gravy ...

Taa-daa - Pan-Fried Foie Gras with Caramelised Apple.

Om nom nom nom. . . 
This superexcellent, glorious and ravishing piece of  entrée, was absolutely exquisite , as I sink my fork down to the delicately flakey pastry, which is partially soaked in the mellow gravy, and paired with tiny piece of creamy-soft foie gras, it is said to be my latest discovered celestial dish. 

Inspired to make your own 5-star dish now?
Scroll down for the recipe!

Before that, I did not forget to take picha with Chef in black  pink too!

The only regret I have is not hugging him.. huhu ..TT

So dear readers,  don’t forget to tune into Chef Emmanuel Stroobant show – the Latest and Newest AFC Original Production, entitled 36 Ways to Live36 Ways to Live is set to debut, Wed, 12th of September 2012, 9:30pm and will air four times per week.

Foie Gras Recipe :

  • Foie Gras
  • 100g Tempura flour
  • 1 stick of celery, peeled
  • 1 stick of carrot, peeled
  • 1 shallot, peeled
  • 1 spring thyme
  • 200ml veal jus
  • 20 ml of balsamic vinegar
  • 2 green apples
  • 20g sugar
  • 50g butter
  • 20ml olive oil

Method (Sauce):

1.     For the sauce, cut carrot, celery and shallot into 2cm cubes.

2.     Heat a knob of butter in a medium sized pot. You will know that the pot is hot enough when the butter stops sizzling.

3.     Once the butter stops sizzling, add vegetables and thyme. Cook them till they turn soft.

4.     Add a sprinkle of sugar and cook for a further 2 minutes.

5.     Deglaze with balsamic vinegar and let the liquid reduce slowly.

6.     Add veal jus and simmer for 30 minutes.

7.     Strain the sauce and reduce until sauce thickens.

Method (Foie Gras and Apples):

1.     Peel the apple and cut into 3cm x 3cm cubes.

2.     In a non-stick fry pan, heat the sugar till it starts to turn into a light amber colour.

3.     Then, add 1 tablespoon of butter and apples.

4.     Cook the apples for 1 minute on each side. Set aside.

5.     For the foie gras, cut the lobe at an angle, and into a 2cm thickness slices.

6.     Lightly dust with tempura flour.

7.     Using a frying pan, heat half portion of the oil and butter.

8.     Once the butter stops sizzling, place the foie gras in the pan and turn the heat to medium.

9.     Once you see a nice brown edge on the foie gras, flip it over to cook the other side.

10.   Remove and place onto absorbent paper.

11.   To plate, place a piece of caramelised apple on the plate and transfer the foie gras on top.

12.   Bring the sauce to a boil, strain them in a blender.

13.   Add a tablespoon of butter and blend the sauce.

14.   Drizzle the sauce around the foie gras.

Once again, I would love to thank AFC and Signature Kitchen for giving me such opportunity to get close with Chef Emmanuel. . .

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  1. NICE! I would try making it, but I might not get approval from using mum's kitchen if I show her this post....cause my eyebrows raised more and more as I scrolled...

  2. Wish I had more foie gras!! :D hmmm... maybe for lunch. Great shots babe:D

  3. my gosh! Chef Emmanuel is one of the super handsome chef I have seen in the AFC channel! and you got to meet him in real life.

  4. wow niceeee! but foie gras.... not my type of food to eat. =p

  5. How fun! I've just attended an AFC event too & also learnt how to cook Foie Gras in a different manner :)

  6. ooo, very interesting to see the process of deveining the foie gras. but ya, that's true, there are some places in KL that don't do that =)

  7. First time seeing him not in black. Looks older but still in very good shape. We have Signature Kitchen here too, this small town...

  8. Looks like a colourful personality!

  9. It was so good to meet p with him charming as usual.

  10. Uh, no point posting foie gras recipe if you can't even do some homework to check where in Malaysia can you actually get quality foie gras for retail buyers and include that in your post?

    Plus your plating instructions are incomplete - in the photo your took,there obviously pastry then only the caramelised apples and foie gras are placed on top. It really doesn't cut it when you are just cutting and pasting stuff without first attempting to replicate the dish in your free time. Just 2cents.

  11. I love Signature Kitchen coz my kitchen at is from them too^_^


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