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297 - House @ G Tower.


If you never heard of a restaurant named 'House', now you will. ;)
A significantly unique term for a stylish restaurant like this...
The interior of House is embellished with baskets of waxed fruits (fake fruits) , modernistic and snazzy dining tables together with the warm and sleek lighting to create a loose-fitting luminesce.... letting the patrons snug like a bug in a rug-delightful sensation. 

What's that? Another surprise when you stroll to another side of the dining area (which is located behind the counter). It's a jaw-dropping sight! (well, if it doesn't, it's okay, at least it made mine dropped) as you can easily catch a glimpse on the parlous array of wines, not a bottle, but 300 bottles ( so , you're asking did I count? No. I just.. simply throw a number to it , hehehe!! ) 
Look at that gorgeous wines and champagnes standing on the rack , displaying their very best appearance to the walk-in customers, as well as to emblaze and give the in-house a spectacular view. If you're attentive enough, you'll notice there's two branches of (fake)trees beside too! How thoughtful is the designer... It makes me felt like I'd walked in into a concrete-jazzy jungle! LOL 

There's another secret passage down stairs too!

On the other side of the House, you'll see non alcoholic beverages. Yesh, you're right, it's boxes of tea and coffee!

Simple and spacious table settings.
... and my Darjeeling Tea!

And I hereby , present you my three tier high tea platter!

Let's start from the top :

Blueberry Cheesecake, Strawberry (half dipped with chocolate ) and nutty chocolate cluster.
The cheesecake tasted unremarkably good, with lumps of blueberries sitting atop of the cheesecake, and the ones scattered in the cheesecake. The sweetness level adjusted just nice for my liking, and the slightly cottony and soft texture literally lifted up my gloomy mood. The cheese flavor wasn't very strong though, I think that's the only complaint I had in mind ( I suspected it's not my favorite brand - Philedelphia. ;P).
The Chocolate Cluster was crunchy and nutty, with just a teeny-weeny hint of chocolate flavor in it, the rest of the flavor was overwhelmed by the peanuts itself.

Second tier :
Scones with packed of fruit jams and butter cookies - The butter cookies was , ugh, utterly too sweet for me, and it taste, so ordinary just like flour with sugar...
The scone, on the other hand taste good though. The complexity scone is actually the mixture of cake and bread ! Let me picture it a bit more clearly for you : 

Scone has a very aromatic and lightly sweetened 'dough flavor' in it, the longer you chew, the more you get to taste the sacchariferous and sweet dough flavor. Scone have the intermixture of buns and biscuit, somewaht crumby , not too dry or hard , but soft a chewy like... Scone!
A scone is a scone, it's not a 'cakey' bread or a 'bready' cake! It stands alone, it represents itself! 

It taste great even when you eat it plainly, or it taste perfect, with a dollop of preserved Heinz Strawberry jam!

Bottom tier :
Smoked Salmon sandwich with Tuna Sandwich :

I personally love sandwich, it gives you a super healthy and guilt-free feeling even if you gobble down a 6-inch sandwich on your own! The smoked salmon taste naturally delectable, paired with chopped onion ring and a blanket of lettuce laying on top of the slightly toasted ciabatta... I chomped them down all together in a mouthful and I was left temporary in the state of euphoria.

The tuna finger sandwich looked and tasted identical  - delectable. 
Ingredients were gorgeously stacked together, not only to create  a complex flavor to the palate, but also, a complex contrasting color that is utterly presentable to feast the eye. 
The dry, plain and chewy bread were counter-balanced by the moist and creamy tuna; succulent tomato were added to give an additional crunchy and greenish flavor to the sandwich; eggs were paired to give an extra kick of 'eggy' taste, and lastly garnished with bean sprouts! 
To sum it all to a conclusion, it's a fabulous finger sandwich (to me).It's not only rich in flavor, but also , texture and color. 

So if you're looking for a place to perch on a Sunday afternoon, no harm giving this place a try! 

One more note to add : * I really love the jazzy song that's constantly playing through the music box . 
It really buoyed up my spirit, especially when you're sipping a cup of warm,bittersweet coffee at the same time. 



G02 & LG02-04, Gtower,
199, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 603-21644424

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sat 11am - 1am
Sun 11am - 10pm

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  1. It's been awhile I didn't go for afternoon tea ady, miss it~!!I love the Bottom tier serving, makes me drool nia ^^

    1. ahehe! Yes Audrey.. The bottom tier is my fav!

  2. I love what's at the bottom tier! slurp!

  3. Aaaaa... foodddd... the sandwiches look so delicious....

  4. waa! G-Tower, looks grand!! and so many nice food!! Jeli jeli jeli! :P

    1. no jeli jeli! Come! Bila we date? Let's go for high tea !

  5. So high class Tea time! When wanna belanja me makan? =]

    1. ni man man deng la.. always ask lady to belanja.. where's your gentleman-hood?LOL

  6. look like another good place to enjoy the hi tea session! :D

    1. yes Carol! it's been a while since we last met.. with Yin! Miss y'all!

  7. need to check out this place after puasa....this place very near to where i work!

    1. Yes Cindy! Do check it out..they have ala carte menu too!xD

  8. I'm impressed too, with the wines! Would love to be there :)


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