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296 - The Wok @ Bandar Puteri Puchong.


*sorry , my picture is a bit blur.

The story Nyonya & Baba 
''How does Nyonya & Baba started? It's the traders & merchant from China came to Malaysia or Singapore to trade, during that time they had to wait for 6 months for the monsoon wind to take them back, so these 6 months these people with FLIRT local Malay girls and the next generation is known as Baba & Nyonya (Chinese & Malay mix)... (snooze...)

Nowadays, male/female marries a Muslim needs to convert but last time don't have to. 
Penang nyonyas are influence by Thai side, the Melaka and Singapore are influence by the indonesians.
Northern Nyonya and their Sanggul aka hair bumps high on their head; the Melaka and Singapore are vice versa.

Babas will always go to the backlane of the Nyonya house and listen to the pounding sound of chillies or onions and will peep in to see how the Nyonya ladies look. After that the Baba will go back and tell his mother that he wants to take that particular Nyonya to be his wife. The mother will send gifts to propose the marriage and the young Nyonya needs to ...Prepare a meal like Jiu Hoo Char, Chap Chai, Curry Kapitan Chicken , etc. The Baba's mother will judge the Nyonya lady by her culinary and cooking skills and also her embroidery skills if it turns out bad, the future mother-in-law will oppose the marriage due to the lack of skills and will tell her son the Nyonya is not worthy.

From my opinion men and women should be equal, and have to respect what our women wants to do, if she can't cook, it's fine, just eat out!! ''- directly extracted from the Menu of The Wok.

To cut it short , Baba and Nyonya food is the origin of Nyonya & Baba cuisine. *Chuckles* 
Okay, let's be serious ,a lil bit. 

 Feeling tedious and unnecessary to list down all the menu they offers here because it was just basically, too. many. to. list. down.

It's my mom who brought me here, with my dad being the chauffeur ... and my elder brother as the body guard, the younger one as the vacuum machine ( to wipe out all leftovers ). *Grin retarded-ly*

The queen of the family made her order (she has experience in doing the order). So we just sat down and waited for the food to be served, whilst looking around at the hustle and bustle of the city, of the cafe. 
It was dinner time and you can see it's jam-packed with patrons.
The interior of the cafe is very old-school, with antique chairs and tables, cupboard and even chandeliers ! I noticed they only use warm lights in their cafe. . . no wonder I'm feeling 'hot'. lol

Tables and chairs are placed quite near to each other.. I can see the staffs/patrons/customers/ (actually I'm referring to myself) are having a hard time squeezing thier feet on the ground, walking from one end, to another .
Though the surroundings was filled with voice of chattering , I was able to receive an indistinct amicable lullaby sung by Theresa Teng -- The moon represent my heart 月亮代表我的心
and some of the melodious rhythm...Ahhh... I felt so old ever since I walked in to the restaurant. It's like going back to 1980's. 

*SLAP FACE* Stop dreaming and fooling around , let's chat about Nyonya & Baba's food!

The chicken was greatly marinated & seasoned. I can literally taste the tangy 'belacan'(shrimp paste) aroma coated on the greasy surface . It was deep fried until crispy, more likely towards the stage of over-cooked, slightly burnt but that's the stage where all the pleasant flavor develop! 
The meat was still perfectly tender on the inside despite the imperfection of the outside.

Perut Ikan
 Penangites can I see your hand? *Waves*
You know what is Perut Ikan? My mom and dad loves this, immensely. It has loads of herbs, betel leaves( daun kadok), vegetables , fish stomach, etc...My mom made this before , here.
The gravy taste sourish and sweet at the same time, with a subtle yet strong fishy smell contributed from the fish stomach, followed by some complex-and-indistinguishable aroma of  herbs... wooo~
I was jolted,my tongue, physically, when I took the first sip of the gravy, very low pH level (more to acidic indication). Yet it was extremely appetizing. I looked at dad and mom, surreptitiously, they kept shoveling mouthful of rice into their mouth...looking relished. 
yum yum~

*commercial break* 
I had my Penang ice kacang too! 
The ice cream were  soft and creamy (as usual), the peanuts were added to give some crunchiness texture and also some salty flavor to my ice kacang rather than just plain sugary astringency. 
Something I would never get tired of elucidating is the difference of Penang Ice Kacang and the ubiquitous ice kacang that you can find outside - the redolent and sacchariferous rose syrup ;plenty of mushy red bean and corn! 
*yammy yammi*
 I love the velvety with a lightly nutty piquancy that plays around too!

Pork (Cincalok Style)
Look. Just stop and stare at the thick and discerning piece of stubby venison !They're winking! 
As in luring me... to gobble them ...I did it, I gorged them down eagerly.. losing my self-imagine.(Nah, I already put my self-image aside when it comes to food!) 

Very mild flavor of cincalok, this was not suppose to be!
It's more like stir-fry pork with soy sauce, with chilies and sprinkle with sesame seed... but I think I like the succulent-thick and fleshy pork very much. It's salty, and the evenly distributed lard sandwiched between the skin and the lean meat taste absolutely fabulous! What's more I can add?

 Asam Curry Fish Head.RM40

Plentiful of vegetables such as brinjal(aubergine/eggplant), tomatoes, okra (lady finger), tomatoes... 
This dish has a very pungent curry flavor and it's taste super gratifying(mom says). The curry gravy was mild in consistency but rich in its very own flavor... Thankfully the fish did not have that 'earthy' or 'fishy' smell that I loathe . The fish meat was soft and squashy, and it also gives a whiff of sweetness when you eat it on its own... 

It's a nice place to venture if you're a Baba & Nyonya food lover...
It's worthy I would say. *winks*

Address :

TEL: 012 275-0396

P/s : Please call to RSVP before you decide to dine-in, it's shockingly hard to get yourself a seat if you walk-in right away, unless you want to try your luck. 

so long~

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  1. Looks damn appetizing...gonna take my mum here...thanx for the heads up =)

  2. ooo, now they open there ha, used to go makan at their KD branch

  3. wow the asam fish sound so delish...


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