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295 - TGI Fridays (My little beloved's Birthday)

The little guy's birthday falls on 20th of July - The mischievous, stubborn, and at the same time, lovable .
Fat, and semi-round (in shape) , forever addicted to gadget games such as computer, laptop, iPad, iPod, and also MTV , especially K-Pop (recently)... He's very good in singing I must say, but he always refuse to sing it for me (without backup music)... ;( Aww, you break my heart little brother. 

Anyway, on fatty's birthday , we decided to celebrate at TGI Fridays. As I know, I passed by this restaurant a few times and I always heard a vague-birthday-rhythm , cheerful & vivid commotion going around... It seems like they're having a lot of fun over there, I wish I could join them. I murmured to myself. Hah! Opportunity strikes on the 20th of July - A great excuse  reason to dine in and experience what people had experienced before, but me. 

The fatty's favorite  mushroom soup, I'm sick of mushroom soup already, but that fella loves it immensely.
The broth is creamy and thick.. but lack of mushroom flavor, it was overwhelmed with the milky and rich full cream milk aroma though. The herbs was plainly subtle...

And it's whopping costly, for such tiny bowl of cream cost me RM13.90 .

Earl Grey - RM7.90

Pineapple Sunshine. RM8.90
The so called ''Pineapple Sunshine'' was just basically ice blended pineapple in canned... Where all I can taste is just plain sugar.

Kid Fish Menu : RM6.50

It's basically deep fried dory fish .. I don't like dory fish because it does not taste fresh, all the time.. it's very soft, the texture taste like they are undergoing deterioration , (all the time). 
The fries taste typically good though.

Avocado Crisp RM22.90

Didn't know they only comes in 5pieces. So small and petite portion..where got enough? ;(

It was just basically a slice of taco, with a slice of seared tuna and a segment of avocado drizzle with mayonnaise... I think i can do better than this... It was overall acceptable but I wouldn't pay for the price for such 'small' and 'tiny' portion.. hey, c'mon, it's rm5 per mouthful of this little creature, no way!

Chicken with Shrimp Chop . RM38.90

The chicken was marinated with special sauce which I had forgotten the name .. 

It taste like hawaii sauce, lol.. yeah, exactly, with a lil bit of Mexican flavor in it.. and some herbs and pepper and salt of course...

The chicken was tender and soft, still moist on the inside even though it was grilled...
The shrimp was deep fried until crispy, which I am very satisfy with. . . You don't even need to peel the exoskeleton, you can just gulp it all down .. ! The side dish was okay, sauteed beans with butter.. ;) just slightly greasy, but I think this is how it supposed to be prepared.

Keywest Fish RM31.90

My dad , on the other hand, loves Dory fish very much, because he doesn't need much effort to chew, he says , it just melts in your mouth in that very moment you ingest it...

It was pan fry... then drizzle with some sweet lemon sauce.. I love the lemon sauce though, it was so appetizing! ;) 

Pilaf rice was the side dishes, it was full with herbs flavor, very fragrant! Goes very well with the lemon sauce ...

Pilaf Rice.

Sirloin Steak.  RM45.90

My steak : Less fats and more lean meat compare to rib eye and other parts of the meat.

I opted for Medium well, because I don't really eat raw meat, im not one of the carnivore out there... with a mouthful of blood... Yewww... I think TGIF did it just right for me.. It was cooked thoroughly, but I would prefer them to give more black pepper sauce next time.

I've chosen fries and bean broccoli Mix as side dish.. both were okay, fries were crispy and not overly cooked, my sauteed beans were fresh and crunchy too, with a thinly- coated butter layer outside..;)

Clear as you can see, there's not much sauce on my steak.. I have a hard time polishing the plate just to get enough of the black pepper sauce to go with my meat. 
Ahem, another imperfect flaw that can be improved.

Diabolo Pasta RM29.90

One of the most delectable pasta I've ever eaten. The pasta was moist enough .. every single strand of pasta was evenly coated with the sweet and sourish tomato sauce. The sauce has a very unique , cheesy, and aromatic flavor too.. A lot of chicken breast can be found in this pasta , and the best part.... Lots of squid and fresh cut-butterfly prawns .. I just simply love all the elements in the plate that night.. <3

Brownies .RM14.90

Wow, I was awed by the price, and the size of the brownies. 
No doubt it was a huge brownies, almost the size of my fist(but smaller of course), and a dollop of vanilla ice cream..drizzled with some caramel sauce on top..

The brownies was moist, but not very rich in chocolate flavor I would comment.

It was overly sweet too, it would be better if they use semi-sweet chocolate or dark chocolate to make their brownies because the bitter sweet flavor actually brings up all the cocoa flavor in all chocolate products...;)

In a nutshell, it's a sugar overloaded dessert which is meat to be shared with a group of people so that you won't end up feeling guilty or getting diabetes.. ;p

Birthday Boy.

That's the boy, being fed with ice cream! Little boy, please, learn how to dress up yourself when you know that day is your special day... Okay? ;)
Papa , Mama, Gorgor, Jie Jie love you!!

Hey, you know what? You're the luckiest boy on earth, being the youngest , and has an elder brother, and a beautiful , pretty, tham chiak(like you) elder sister(me), now what you're missing? 
When are you getting one? heh... 

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  1. Happy blessed birthday to your beloved little bro^^

  2. I certainly like the steak and the mushroom soup.


  3. Happy birthday! I hear this is a great place for families.


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