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Truth to be told.

Been covering too many Ramadan Reviews lately, which I know I shouldn't... 
Pending post are piling up, works are stifling me, studies are suffocating me, time are racing with me. . . 

Like how I said, I never wanted to cover up such events because each post you read actually chase you away. . . you clicked in my blog, with high expectation on what I'm going to write, but I just simply throw a few pictures , with plain and brief sentence ,without qualitative contents, without much description... it disappoint you, with or without you knowing, right?

I apologize to all of you, I promise the up-coming one will be good. 

 This is the magnificent view taken from my condo... 
Well, I'm gonna take a short break to polish up my photography skills and my writing skills. 
Please bear with me. 

Been frowning too much lately too...(no good) 
I'll be back in a short while... 

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  1. That night so cute, this one so pretty hahahah... :)

  2. Hey there! Always remember that there is a light at the end of every tunnel, so try not to frown too much as there may be an imprint on your forehead later. Btw, the KL lights are gorgeous! =)

    Well, regarding the food posts, I don't always have high expectations of the place. I guess you can't please everyone in this case.

  3. u make KL look perfect place to live in hehee...the photo is awesome :D

  4. Oh sweetie, we all need to take a break sometimes. It's tempting to just keep saying yes to everything... we all need to learn to say no every now and then.


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