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Strudels Ramadan Promotion.

Strudels Ramadhan Promotion

1. Ramadhan Set Promo Special for RM19.90, Walk-in price RM25.90.

For main meal, you can choose either: 

a. Nasi minyak with daging hitam masak utara and acar jelatah.
b. Nasi briyani and ayam kurma with dalca (new)
c. Nasi tomato with ayam masak merah and acar jelatah.
d. Nyonya laksa

All main meals comes with kurma, sky juice, jelly with nata de coco and mini strudels.

2. Promotion period is from 7 July to 18 July 2012.
3. Redemption period start 21 July 2012 (on the first day of Puasa).
4. Bookings must be made between 18 July to 18 Aug 2012.
5. Min. 3 days prior booking required. Bookings subject to availability.
6. Rescheduling must be made at least 2 days prior to original booking.
7. Space is limited to 30 pax per night.
8. Dine-in and take away is allowed with earlier notice in advance.
9. Halal restaurant.
10. No government tax is included.

How to purchase:

1. Just click like and share strudels facebook promo.
2. Purchase method: online payment / bank-in only.
3. Transaction receipt as proof of payment and to be emailed to 
4. Contact Strudels sales representative to double confirm (Norlida 016-339 8750).
5. Receipt of payment received will be emailed to you. 

Company Name: Ideal Mediterranean Sdn Bhd
Bank: CIMB Bank
Account No: 1232-000327-8057

Happy Bulan Ramadan,  bulan puasa adalah bulan yang bermanfaat !
God bless all of you , my fellow kawan yang berbangsa Melayu! *salam*

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  1. RM19.90? Inclusive of the drinks in your photo, is it?

  2. I didnt know studels serves so many things nowadays. =)


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