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Scan Me Maybe?


So you wish that I'm a QR and you're an Android, so that you can scan me through?
Haha, naughty naught if you're thinking otherwise, but yes, scan-me refers to the new QR viva mobile app movement by the New Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya.
The totally new and very own Eastin QR code was created to spur interaction between people with Eastin hotel. Imagine QR code (digital 2D sim) that enables you to monitor everything(about eastin ) in the palm of your hand,via your android touch screen,isn't that amazing?

QR code aka Quick Response Code is a potent application growing strong together with the advent of Andriod Apps nowadays. The main reason behind the invention of a QR Code is due to its fast readability and large storage capacity... Just a few second scan , the system is able to interpret all data in the QR code(just like magic),poof,  and it's ready to use!

So,to celebrate the new technical knowledge that has been incurred to the "untechnical" hospitality field, Eastin hotel has decided to throw a party to all special guests as to celebrate and imprint their very first QR code to everyone, too.

It was definitely a pleasure to be invited to the Re-launch party at Eastin Petaling Jaya past few weeks. 
Just a simple yet enjoyable function where lucky draw is carried out, exquisite finger-food is served, free flow of cocktail and mocktail , and of course, red and white wine, to celebrate the re-launch, and the new fresh look of Eastin Hotel. 
Eastin Hotel has recently refurbished and totally transformed into a brand new look, and were listed as one of Asia's foremost tourist and business destination.

Joey G, emcee of the night.
For your information, I was given the privilege to stay in Eastin few months back , you can click at the links below to know more. . . 

Eastin 4 Star Hotel @ Petaling Jaya :  here 

Eyuzu Japanese Buffet @ Eastin : here
Executive lounge @ Eastin : here
The Divan @ Eastin : here

To celebrate all the successes that Eastin has achieve all these while, the big-hearted and chivalrous company has decided to throw a party to all invited guests .... 
As usual, the benevolent Eastin Hotel had prepared abounding of lavish refreshment for their guests such as Sushis and Sashimi prepared by Eyuzu's Executive Chef -Chef Ricky Hui.

Also, there's prettily arranged dessert department at the back of the hall, I was deliriously smitten with all the petite and adorable pastries. Clear as you can see, there's no description needed, all the babies looks good on its own, elegantly parading themselves at the back of the humble corner.

We know who is benevolent , by quite other means than the amount of Macaroons and lavish freshly made sushi and grilled Salmon that Eastin has supplied on that very noteworthy day.
More to come, below the page you're eyeing.

I can literally tell that they had spent more than 24 hours to prepare all these pleasurable , colorful confections. There's a very nice saying, (that I must admit it apply on me, most of the time) in an unfamiliar dessert landscape, you are likely to panic or revert to an inappropriate (bad/eating) habits unless trained otherwise. (You know what I mean). Heh... 

Also, there's ample of cold appetizers available that day..

Not only that, there were some performances such as  street dancing and singing from some notable group and artist too.

Jane Suppiah, the general manager was giving her expressive and potent speech as to begin the party that night. In her speech, she mentioned she was glad to be part of Eastin, and enchanted for the relaunch of Eastin Hotel, as to emerge as an international-class facilities and amenities to rival some of the world's best,especially in the hotel industry.
Her captivated speech won a round applause from the crowd .

Joey - the smart-looking emcee of the night.
He did a brief explanation of the new look of Eastin with the LCD assistance by enable the showed-up guest to visualize the changes that Eastin has transformed.

Women in white. Each of their left and right arm were attached with a code and all guests were required to scan the bar code to receive some 'mysterious' gift . Once again, the altruistic act that I can see in this company.

Joanna - the pretty lady , aka guest of mine that very day.
She's looking gorgeous don't you think so?

Just the first round of my plate of colorful desserts.

I wasn't sure who's that lady singing but she definitely has a hypnotizing voice when she sang 'Set Fire to The Rain'- by Adele.

Women in black. . . 
They were all looking gracious and elegant with their killer heels worn at the bottom of their feet, smiling at the camera (which is not the one I was holding)... 
Smiley face says it all, it was truly a memorable and mesmerizing mini celebration for everyone ,to get closer together, and also marks the historical day of the Relaunch of Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya.

So, scan them maybe? ;)

For more info , please scan through the link,

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  1. Nice event! Joey...the Channel V vj before? Not too sure where Eastin is in PJ, Hilton I know...and Armada and even Shah's Village. Let me google and see.

  2. envyyyyyy! and wow u are getting closed with joanna sara=p

  3. sexy singer, maybe next time ask for her nam

  4. I've seen the Eastin Hotel in soooo many blog posts recently - it seems they are truly going all out in terms of getting the word around. :-)


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