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I Want to Win an Awesome Tropical Island Holiday with Cikipedia!

*no food post today*
So, being a food blogger isn't easy. There's quite a number of people kept asking me how do I maintain my 'petite' figure... Well, besides being choosy and watch what I eat, I normally exercise. Everything you do must be balance, if there's input, there must be a way for your 'output' as well. Well, c'mon, who doesn't hope that he/she has a good body figure? Besides giving you confidence, it also boost your overall health .
So, what sports do I actually take up? Easy, no costume no nothing, just a pair of my legs( a sexy one).

Haha. I'm an athlete,  don't believe me? 
I ran for miles and miles and wound up at your door~ Nah, I always enjoy running... or jogging, because it's super convenient, I can just put up my sport shoes and normal attire, ran out from home , go to the park and just jog . See, simple, I get to sweat and burn without paying few thousands to the gym... 

Sometimes, if I get bored of jogging the same garden nearby my housing area, I would ask my friends out to Bukit Jalil , Bukit Jelutong , Kepong Lakeside for a jog. Besides getting to spend quality time with each other, we also, indirectly helped each other to fulfill our healthy regime.

Simple warm up will do...
Then my friends and I will get very excited to start our run! Look at pictures below!

 We're chasing each other all the time... 
I always love breaking a sweat and enjoy the 'after burn' sensation after a long run.. 

So here's my reddish-tomato face... Cute huh? I was gasping for air and forgot to look at the camera! 

 With my cheekiest friend - Natasha~ <3 She's always that adorable!!!!

if you hope to win Cikipedia's healthy getaway weekend( Pangkor Laut 3days 2nights worth RM 2000), you can click the link here and take part too! 
I wish you the best !!! ;D yeeehaaa~!

Do support me mentally too, okay? <3 Lots of love to you all~

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  1. i joined this too! wish us best of luck yo! :)

  2. Good luck. And those series of pictures above looks like you're participating in some sort of marathon event?

  3. wahhh so cute in PJ's outfit! :P

  4. Lovely.. keep up the good work! you do look fit babe:)

  5. Working out is good. I try to do yoga 3 times a week myself =)

  6. I love running too. And totally have the same thinking as you. Its free. no need to pay to work out in gym. And I find it weird to exercise in air con areas


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