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Bkay Nair Resources Soft Launch @ Temptation Kitchen & Bar.

Welcome to the soft launch of Bkay Nair Resources write-up. 

Who's Bkay Nair?
Bkay Nair is a trained and certified groomer adn has gained her experience through 
pratical training during her pageant days, acting lessions from top notch malaysian acting coaches, grooming advices from celebrity stylist and makeup artist in the spotligt frequently,
she realises first hand the value of poise and well put together appearance.

Adding more, 
Bkay Nair is a lawyer by training but she chooses to become actress and model instead. She has done over four films including Ratu The Movie, Raya Tak Jadi, Bujang Terlajak, and Ngorat in just two years. Bkay has also played key roles in various TV series such as Dewa Cinta, Gerak Khas, Musim Kirana, and Suara Banduan. Being so active within the two years, Bkay was featured and interviewed in various publications: Mstar, Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, URTV, and Media Hiburan-RTM, TV3, NTV, and Astro.

This talented girl also has a great passion for dance and music as she dances the Salsa, Latin, Zapin, Bharata-natyam and she plays the Organ and keyboard. She is the title holder of Miss India Tourism 2007/2008, as well as a finalist for Miss Malaysia India Global 2008/2009.

Bkay Nair Resources is a full-service image consulting firm that provides comprehensive consulting solution to individuals, businesses, industries, universities, schools, government and organizations. They conduct seminars, workshops, special programs, individual services and private consulting with one mission on mind: to transform their clients from inside out and bring out the inner starlet in them confidently.

Gorgeous designer - Nila Palacios
Nila Palacios is a Venezuelan designer who is been living in Malaysia since 2001
She started her career as a designer in 2003 when she encountered her mentor Mrs Annie Wong, she studied for two years in I.F.T.C and then created her own brand Nila Palacios Latin Fashion in 2007, she decided to shared her culture and passion with Asians and established her brand in Malaysia.

Sneak, peek, snap !*chi-ka chi-ka*

So if you're interested in revamping your own image, do head over to Bkay Nair Resources for a full transformation!

Bkay Nair Resources
23A-12A, Rhythm Avenue,
USJ 19,
47620 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

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