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292 - Brisik Restaurant @ Jaya One


Brisik... the word means noise in indonesia language, it is a one in a million daily words and dialage we use back in our land...

...and no special reason , the owner simply like the word and she decided her second restaurant to be called BRISIK after her first one called Dua Musim which is located in damansara Town Center.
The mixture of sundanese and siamese where she got it from her mom and dad, that is the reason how and why we find both origin food list are in one book and serve in one restaurant called BRISIK. all about feeling cozy, comfortable, easy...
Sometimes you can feel like you are having coffee or tea, lunch or dinner in the garden, sometimes it can make you feel like you're at home, only thing what is fascinating is the food that cooks from the heart - says the Owner.

FOR the approaching Ramadhan , also known as JUADAH @ MAGHRIB

Serving :
rojak buah grilled veggies fried honey chicken

Gado gado fruit salad keropok

Tahu bakar pasta salad fried mee

Ikan bakar such as kembung pepes / pari / tilapia/bawal/lele/seafood
Rice with lalapan

Steamboat style

MAIN COUSE 2 : steamboat on each table with varieties

Serve in pot with tum yam sup and chicken soup.

This event is sponsored by Heinz & Simplot.
(For more info, please log on to

Simplot has recently launch a new product call popcorn hashbrown .
(The cute tiny little things you can see at the picture above).

Next , Brisik has share their Ramadhan recipe via cooking demo by Brisik own Chef.

Chef is frying the garlic and onion to make bolognese sauce for the spaghetti.

She then added some sausages and mushrooms.

Lastly, with heinz tomato puree.

Lastly topped with generous amount of parmesan cheese.

...And that's it! Look at the reddish and appetizing spaghetti!

Daging dendang

I love this very much. The daging is so tender and soft, slightly sweet , I can literally taste some 'peanut sauce' in it. nyum nyum~ 
There's a sayaing : ''Belum cuba, belum tau, sudah cuba, kali-kali mau.''

The head chef is making the sauce for the 'satay serai'.

First, she whipped the mayonnaise...

Then she added the BBQ sauce...

Mayonnaise, tomato ketchup , BBQ sauce blend them in together and incorporate them! 
The not-so-appealing-to the eye- but -alluring to the palate -brownish sauces is formed!

Don't this look appealing to you? 

Satay on sizzling hot pan....

Some of the malay bloggers were so busy playing and 'acting' in front of the camera!
They're so energetic and cheerful, don't they? 
Behind the scene : Chef were shouting sayaing that if you still don't toss the meat, the meat is going to burnt!!!!

Then they burst into laughter... 

Dessert : Mixed Kueh Nyonya 

Drinks : Kopi o, air suling, Teh o, air selasih, Nescafe 'o',  Cincau soya

BRISIK restaurant :
Wellknown for its Sundanese Cuisine where the food brought in to Malaysia from the land of Pasundan . ( Bandung , Jawa Tengah , Indonesia)
BRISIK are created with the mix background of Sunda and Siam and the food that serve at BRISIK restaurant are the basic home meal .
Siamese food are serve in a very spicy but tempting , where by you can find the sundanese food are serve slightly sweet and spicy , with the authentic mixer of the spice such as cekur , lengkuas , buah keras, serai and few more items , it really enhance the taste of mother kitchen cooking.
Most of BRISIK customer understand, they need to have little patient every time they step in the restaurant knowing that the chef will only start pounding the spice for what they had just order. This way , Brisik can be sure the food serve fresh and hot to the table. It will take some time but it is worth waiting. Most of Brisik customer walk out with smile .
Brisik also attaché with THE BUTLER FOOD DELIVERY . this company will take order on behalf of Brisik restaurant and send the food to the customer house or office by their toll free number 1 300 88 33 83
Brisik also do out door service such as catering from 35 pax to 1000 pax with 1 week earlier preparation.
And for some company or individuals Brisik also do home chef , our chef can be call to your house or office to prepare and cook at your place for you to entertain your guests or clients at the maximum 12 pax or equivalent to 1 dinning table. 3 days earlier preparation are needed to smooth the operation.

Price:  RM45.00 nett(adult)
           RM22.50 nett (children between 8-12 yrs)

Activate : from 23th July – 15th July 2012

 BRISIK restaurant
Cuisine : Indonesian Siamese Cuisine
Add : 10-01 Palm square, Jaya One
72, jalan University Petaling Jaya Selangor

Tel : 03 79586681
h/p : 016 616 3666 . 012 257 6868 .
service time : 10:30 am to 10:30 pm
service day : everyday
walk in customer : ( 60 % : chineses ) ( 20 % expatriates )
( 10% Indians ) ( 10% malays )

capacity : 100 pax at 1 time
famous : place for gathering / function / press conference / product launching etc.

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  1. Interesting cooking class. We used to go here when it first opened. Lovely cakes for dessert!

  2. Dear Eunice,
    Thank you very much for your entry about my event. Looking forward to see you in the future.

    Sincere regards,
    Hartina Arssid


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