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289 - High Tea (Essence Restaurant) @ Sheraton Imperial Hotel

Weekend has never been better than spending time with the love ones, don't you agree?
Every weekend is the day where I get to escape the stresses of my hectic daily routine ; High Tea is a pleasantly relaxing way to celebrate a special occasion or while away an afternoon, whether it be a birthday, kitchen tea, hen's weekend, babyshower or just because, take time out of your day to delight in coming together sharing tea and enjoying quality time with someone special, hence , here I am , with my beloved mom for a Weekend Buffet High Tea @ Essence Restaurant( Sheraton Imperial Hotel).
Remember just the recent Father's Day I'd celebrated with my dad at TFortyTwo and I did not celebrate with le mom, so here's the late compensation. Haha...Sorry mom, you know I love you, don't you?;P

Mom love scones. She rarely touch or fancy any dessert but scones. 
It's a mixture of cake and bread, scones are in between. At first I didn't like it, but from time to time, I'm starting to like it, then accept it, and eventually fell in love with it... 
I love the lightly sweetened 'dough flavor' that comes from the scone, somewhat crumby and they are not dry or hard at all but are soft and chewy like a fresh biscuit. Yeap, just that simple. It taste perfect when you eat it plainly or taste great with a dollop of preserved jam and double cream.

I'd basically tried all of them and still , scones seem to be the best friend of my palate.
The banana muffins in the middle (white wrapper)wasn't bad too. It's just that I have already engage the fond of liking towards scones. ;)

Pandan Madeleines
Wasn't sure the name but somehow it has more moisture than fresh baked madeleines. 

Malay kuih-muihs.

No matter how much effort you tried to convince me to start from the main dishes, sorry, can't do it. 
It's like how I want you to start from dessert first. Impossible. I can eat dessert all day long; breakfast, lunch, and dinner, tea time? No exception. 
On Saturdays and Sundays, the restaurant offers a delightful High Tea buffet that includes local cuisine and a dynamic menu that changes according to seasons or depending on local events.

Choose your ingredients...

The vegetables and condiments corner...

Simple one!
Succulent prawns, fishballs, and chicken meat curry laksa. 
Surprisingly dilute yet, flavorful. Something different from the hawker stall outside...

Some mini 'pillow' caught my attention...
Meni and Cute

It's like cold sandwiches, some sandwiched with plain cheddar cheese, some with grilled brinjal, and grilled zucchini...
I somewhat enjoy the unusual multigrain bread.. the texture was dry & damp at the same time. Genius . It was  fluffy and compact at the same time too! I ran out of words but I love this guilt-free sandwiches.

Spot the block of white cheese! 

Another stuffed-vege in rye bread. 
Simple and delightful . 
....then dessert time!

Salty Mung Bean Soup
Salty Red Bean Soup

Glutinous desserts....and ...

Superwoman <3

Here's the most important lady in my life. Yeap, she's the one who does all the housework, keeping the house clean. She cooks for the family everyday, without any sign of lamenting , she never let us have a chance to starve. Though she nags ,incessantly , but she loves, she still loves all of us( my siblings ). Her contribution to the family also contributes to her wrinkles, that is not form overnight... 
Who ever dare to say managing a family is an easy task?
Not at all. 

Her persistence and patience in bringing up and molding me is what makes me write this. Nothing in the way of a salute to her contribution or a tribute to her life's work - taking care of the family, I think this is her best accomplishments in life, right mommy? *muacks*
Time , love, money is what you had invested in this family, to ensure all of us are in always in the pink of health; also, to be a dedicated person in everything we do. . . 

You can't stop water. It ebbs and it flows, and even if you try to contain it, it evaporates into thin air. That's how I feel about time. It scares me to think that I'm getting older, and that my parents are getting older. And slowly I'll be getting in to the society, and be prepared to see the different side of the world... and that's where I stop getting pocket money from them and , instead, my turn to take good care , maybe extra-good-care of them. I never took for granted. I already know that I must, MUST, be filial to the one who has been supporting me all this while, financially and mentally ; physically and morally. . . My daddy and mommy. <3 

Time flies, it happens. 
Mom, at this young and tender age I couldn't shower you with gold , but , always bear in mind, wherever I go, wherever I am, whatever I do, I'm always thinking of you and daddy, and of course, our father in heaven. I'll be good, all you can help is worrying less about me, and be a contented person in every way, that will be the greatest gift from God. 

Heh... Once again, mommy, you look gorgeous in every way, stay young and pretty always! 
Love you lots. 

 That there is no better excuse to spend time with someone who's precious to you on a Sunday afternoon, to a indigenous gourmet feast. Against a stuning backdrop of bright, contrasting colors from flashy red and trendy black to warm orange and yellow hues offset by a bold hand-laid mosaic wall, the lively ambience offered here is a burst of fresh air in the city's dining scene and is already energizing dining here , from casual meals and friendly get-togethers to business meals and gourmet explorations - like never before.


Setting:All-Day Fine Dining Restaurant

Hours:6:30 AM – 10:30 AM; 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM; 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM; Saturday & Sunday High Tea 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Phone:(60)(3) 2717 9933

Price     : RM180++ Per Pax
Address: Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur 

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  1. Yummy! Nice foods and good review. :)

  2. I think I'm going to have sugar high looking at those yummy desserts =)

  3. Oooo...I love scones! Rich English tea scones with clotted cream and jam. Oooo...I love everything! How much per head?

  4. Love the way you write here... :) made the food taste warm and delicious...

  5. I am dying for a hi-tea buffet too !!!

  6. Nom Nom. I think you're awesome Eunice!

  7. FATTENING WOIIIIII! why post so many desserts!!!

  8. I don't go for hi-tea anymore becoz too much sugar-laden food and high calories haha! The food looks yummy : )

    1. haha.. but I think u can enjoy once in a while;)

  9. arhh! so many desserts!! must be yummy-licious! :D

    1. yeah!! but I dont say a word...u should try them yrself

  10. Looks decent but how much? Should always include the price for your readers =) Lyric analysis on David Bowie's Space Oddity


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