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288 - Tea Time Party @ Palace of The Golden Horses

Anna & I.

Hola dear readers ! It was a great Saturday for me as I've spent half of my day with friends at Palace of The Golden Horses. 

 Look at the elegant-horses statue!

First time meeting Louise, she's an extrovert , and that's what I like about her. Easily approachable and smexy ! I felt so tiny + short when standing beside her.

So, it's par-tea time!
Million thanks to PGH for such invites , they have prepared lots of finger food for all of us too!

I really appreciate the person behind who does all this.. <3
Yvonne, you know who you are.. ;D

All the pretty ladies...

Wait, tea party wasn't that dull at all! We had lots of fun games carried out! Thanks to Ysquare for taking so many nice pictures! My friend and I were all so actively involved , so Ysquare was the photographer!

First, Louise and I played 'newspaper dance' .
It was a remarkably fun ice breaker...
Here's the scenario : You will have to fold the newspaper into smaller piece every round.... Music will be played, feet have to be on the newspaper when the music stops. 
Below was an epic shot by Ysquare.
You couldn't believe how hard I laughed that very moment.

We were so close that time. Glued to each other, without feet touching on the ground. I have to step on Louise's leg. On the first hand, I was afraid that I would hurt her cause ...(you know, I weigh more than 100tons. LOL. ); in another way, I really wish to emerge as the winner! Anyway, we lost.  Sad but totally enjoy the fun moment... hahahaha! P/s : I can feel her heartbeat and she felt mine. HAHAHAHA!
<3 Very nice to hug you, Louise. <3

Another picture that will make all girls go ga-ga ,

It's Evelyn and her hubster. sweet right?
Lots of lucky draws and Amazing Race sorta games were in progress too! 
My fellow teammates , better known as 'The Blur Ones' 

with out consolation prizes...
It was RM50 dining voucher. ;)

Love this so so so much as a souvenir... <3 
The Blur Ones!
Just a hasty update. Hope you all enjoy the pics! 

Last but not least, very much thanks to Palace of The Golden Horses for organizing such fun-filled events !!
We hope to see y'all again!

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  1. happy to see you there Eunice!!

  2. Sweet of you darling. Happy to see you again in the party :) xoxo

    1. oh? there'll be another party? hahaha! Hope to see u soon too, lady!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. So enjoy!! Too bad I've missed it!

  5. Replies
    1. wahh! hey Edmund, nice to see you that day weh!!;DD

  6. woots The Blur Ones FTW!!! hehehe all that running and my legs still pain til today :p haha

  7. oh gosh! awesome spread and you ladies all look sweet and lovely!

  8. aww! lovely event you had there!!! :D


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