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285 - West 57th St.Cafe (Zang Toi) @ Pavillion

Mushroomed  in the humble corner inside Parkson  ,a place that you has certainly missed out every time you're in Pavillion.  White walls decorated with long hanging mirrors with the burst of bright colors and burst of elegance in the place, you certainly had no idea what's the tables and chairs for. 
Seemingly fashionable, unrelated to any other eateries that you had before at the ubiquitous restaurant without any beckoning cooking/burning/grilling aroma in the house - Zang Toi Cafe.

Curiosity arouse in me and I start to ponder what the hell  what on earth are they going to serve in this cafe. It's really hard to believe that  I heard some of my friend says that they certainly sell the most simple yet delectable fried chicken , and very 'authentic Malaysian Cuisine'- Nasi Lemak...... in this concrete-elegant-jungle. 

Rock bun.
Their Set menu comes in Set A,B,C - Each comprises drinks , main dish, and desserts, each sets are charged depending on it's main course. But don't worry, it'll be a lot more cheaper compared to the ala carte  menu. Going for Set A because I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to finish the gigantic servings. 

Zang Toi's Fruit Punch.
In their set menu , they serve bottomless fruit punch. I was so delighted with this because it's literally healthy, and you can taste the residue from the fruits, namely orange (peel,zest,and flesh), lime zest and I forgot. 
In short, I love this thirst-quenching drink. Not too sweet nor bland either. 

Vivien - a very humble and kind friend of mine , she ordered the weird punch. 
Haha, not a punch precisely, but a exotic ginger root beer..with float(ice cream). 
Taste superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, weird. 
She like it though.
''The root beer taste good, the ginger taste good by it's own too, and the ice cream, ah, needless to elaborate, so when all combine together = good loh!'' says Vivien.

Next comes the star of the night. 
It may not seem delectable to you but when I try to recall back the previous fried chicken that I had before, this is certainly something . Something I wouldn't forget, in terms of gastronomic , the taste, the very well marinated chicken, the brown sauce, the crispiness of the chicken, the tenderness of the meat, and the not-so-greasy and oily swirl fries. Even I have the urge to polish the bones until squeaky clean!
Oh ya, one thing to add on , I would prefer the coselaw to be less laden with mayonnaise , that would be perfect. Cause in my view, I think salad is suppose to be eaten plainly. Not with mayo or all sorts of unhealthy dressing...;)

Original Hainanese Chicken Chop. RM18(Ala Carte)
Jumbo Veal Sausage with Cheese. RM13
Oblong bun sandwich with jumbo saussage and morzarella cheese with housemade Thousand island dressing. Their side salad was something new to me too, not with typical italian dressing or heavy mayo dressing, but very 'authentic' chinese shallot oil dressings.

Signature Chicken Mayo. RM13

Signature Chicken Mayo. RM13
Coarsely shredded chicken lied on a bed of cooked dough , on top of two slices of tomatoes, sprinkle with morzarella cheese, cover with another cooked-fluffy-dough and everything into the oven and bake for few minutes. Actually food are meant to be eaten while it's hot, so, no worries, I'll do the picture-taking and you carry on and feast. I, myself regretted because the buns were already cool down to room temperature when I took the first bite. What a waste yo? Im suppose to undergo the 'pulling' and 'super-satisfied-expression' of the gooey-ooey cheese.... hmmmp ..*pout*
West 57 Club Sandwich. RM18

The combination of both Jumbo Veal Sausage and Signature Chicken Mayo. 
It's tall and huge, and thick, and fantastic. 
Do not have doubts while eating burger, just dirty your hands, go all out, enlarge your mouth, widen the diameter , and chomp it as big mouthful as you can! 
Wooot! And let your satisfaction blood flows in you. No one's gonna snap your oh-so-ugly-picture and put it on the internet and sell it. Haha. C'mon. ;) Indulge.
(Although you already knew you won't look good to others but that is how you're suppose to live out your true self, you are a carnivore! hahaha)  and you know you deserve my applause.  ;D

In short, besides enjoying eating such modernize East+Western cuisine in such a way (surrounded by concrete jungle with mirrors looking at me) I still, have my sweet tooth . Therefore I opted for another hot-melting-slight-bitter chocolate banana cake with cold-comfort-melting vanilla ice cream. 
What's more to say?

You need a description? I think you should not believe in me anymore. 
I lied. I lied too much, even if I say this is good, you wouldn't try this out yourself and spread the news, so it's better I leave this on it's own. 
These little hot babies were already exceedingly alluring ,standing on it's own, with some yellowish-gold bananas sandwich in between. They're even 'hot enough' to melt the round-in-shape snowballs beside it....
*watery eyes* 

Lime Tea Cake.
I think I have something to deal with my palate. It says , too bland and too rich at the same time!
Bland as , perhaps, I couldn't taste the lime flavor, maybe a mere, subtle one; the buttery flavor was overwhelming. I don't quite like it . The first teaspoonful of hot-microwaved lime tea cake , I can literally feel the ''bursting'' butter... Not as 'light & fluffy'' as I expected. 
But do not believe in me, I need to emphasis one more time. You have to be your own guinea pig. 

In Zang Toi, West 57th St.Cafe
“Fun With Food Has Never Been More Fashionable''

A brief history about Zang's Toi's Cafe :
''Named after the location of the headquarters of The House of Toi, West 57th Street New York, our cafe has become affectionately known as the Zang Toi cafe, due to how everything about it exudes the Zang Toi brand identity.
Styled after Zang’s very own New York apartment, we have carefully crafted the cafe into a chic and elegant dining location, great for everything from lunch up to product launches and company events.''

West 57th Street Cafe
Parkson Pavilion ,
Lot4-42, Level 4,
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21457701
Opening hours: 10am – 1030pm ( Last order 930pm)
Website :

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  1. Looks classy! Never knew this place existedO_O

  2. wahhh the place looks so high class! LOL

  3. I used to go there for lunch quite often but the portion has shrank recently. But i still love their key lime cake! =)

  4. Seriously I never realised this place even I went Pavilion quite some times. If you didn't post this, I would thought it is another department of selling furniture =P

  5. Oh? She's moved from fashion to food now eh? Prices look ok. Classy place.

  6. I love their banana chocolate cake, my mom used to buy for me quite often when I was in high school;)

  7. at first Zang Toi was a brand name for fashion, no? lol :P

  8. I agree that they served good sandwiches!! the rest, not tried yet... hehehe..

  9. oooh, prices here still look very reasonable! it'd be difficult to find cheaper sandwiches that are still so large and filling in pavilion, i think :D

  10. レイバン サングラスが一番似合いそうなのは誰というアンケート、BIOSPHIAのオフィシャルサイトであった。早速考えてみたが、メンバーみんな、それぞれ違ったレイバン モデルが似合うではないか!夕紀さんだったら、レイバンclubmasterがピッタリだし、歴くんがaviatorが似合いそう。


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