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283 - De Hunan Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri Puchong.

Strategically located in Bandar Puteri, same row (towards the end of fu kua tong street), a humble little restaurant named De Hunan - similarly like Sze  Chuan cuisine, you'll find most of the dishes a spicy disaster. 
I enjoy it though beads of sweat never stop forming at the forehead, mucus starting to flow down the nostril and all sorts of 'spicy symptom', ah, not to forget the burning sausage-like lips. 
So are you a fan of bird's eye chili? 
If yes, proceed to your reading. 

Spacious seating and mostly round table. 
Indeed a traditional way of setting up the round dining tables because more people can be seated around the table. A round table allows people to eat facing each other without differentiation. In other words, when seated at a round table everyone is equal, regardless of their status and wealth.

Spicy starters :
Bean curd skin

Sliced pig ears
Crunchy and chewy pig's ear.
Shredded seaweed

Hunan cuisine has bold flavors, particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chili peppers, as well as the unique flavour of the Sichuan peppercorn (花椒)
In Hunan Cuisine, don't be surprise that their dishes will live up to their spicy reputation,   there are a large percentage of recipes that use ample of hot spices .

Let's start of with the food.. ;)

Hot Spicy Fresh Frog on Sizzlng Stone ''Hunan'' Style. 石锅生猛鲜田鸡
Whenever you think of Szechuan/Xiang/Hunan cuisine, you will immediately envision platters of hot, spicy food- the kind that has you gulping down copious amounts of water all evening in an attempt to soothe your burning taste buds. Exactly, the first dish that had been serve that day already caught me sweating and having urge to visit the loo very frequently.

Little musculine frog was cooked in the lavish use of bird's eye chili . It's as clear as you can see, hot and spicy. I think that spiciness level had already reach my maximum extent. One more level in advance and I'll be having pain in the hole when I pass my 'ahem' motion.. Haha, but still with a glass of ice cold tea I still managed to enjoy it that very night.

I really enjoy polishing the bones of the amphibians.. 
Taste like chicken. *thumbs up*

Stir Fried 'Beijing' Cabbage. 平锅北京包菜

Hunan cuisine isn't all hot and spicy. Like all Chinese cuisine, the balance of flavors is critical. Some dishes are deliberately mildly spiced ans a counterpoint to the hotter dishes. For instance, the stir fried cabbage.
It's pointless if I tell you this cabbage taste super good, it's so delicious and yummy... you wouldn't believe me unless, you try this yourself. In gastronomic terms, this is really something unusual... Tho it's just cabbage, but the flavor and cooking techniques that tend to mitigate their very own unique favor, symbolizing Hunan cuisine.

Hunan 'Yuen & Yang' Style Fish Head. 招牌鸳鸯鱼头

The Hunanese incorporate chilies into their dishes in the form of dried chili flakes, fermented bean and chili paste, and chili oil. The most common one is the duolajiao(剁辣椒), a coarsely chopped and pickled red chili. The peppers are a completely edible component of the dish, rather than a mere flavorizing ingredients, but you have to make sure you have a glass of milk with you or else don't act like a hero. The fish was already taste good on its own , but if you eat with handmade ramen,that would be better. Let the ramen will soak up the spicy soup and you slurp it , that tingling burning sensation lingers in your tongue. And I'll be laughing at you. ;P

and pickled red chili. The peppers are a completely edible component of the dish, rather than a me
Look at that fiery red chili, chili oil and plenty of chili. According to the owner, the chilies were also imported from China. In terms of numbness, you wouldn't find this in somewhere else. ;D

Uncle Mao's Specual Braised Pork. 毛家红烧肉
This is a representative dish for Hunan Cuisine. Sweet and savory combination is used to braise such edible pork. Although sweet dishes are not part of the Hunanese culinary repertoire, but the thick-fat-juicy-plump
pork is certainly an exclusive one. Best serve with white rice. Chomp down a mouthful of it and feel the melting sensation of greasy lard in the tongue. ;P Feeling high eh?

Stir Fried Cubed Beef on Flat Pot. 平锅牛仔粒

A milder in taste dish. Instead of chili, they uses black pepper. Sizzling in flat hot pot to ensure the temperature is maintain as long as it can be. The beef was tender and chew-able, chunky onions were added to give a contradicting texture. I like this very much . ;D

Fried Spicy Deer Meat in Special Hot Stones Style. 特色石头烹鹿肉

Deer meat. I personally doesn't like exotic meat. Lol. I had a slice of this and found it certainly rough and hard to chew. In terms of taste, I have no complaints. 

Pork Spare Ribs and Corn Soup. 玉米炖排骨瓦罐炜汤

Very nutritious soup indeed. I shouldn't judge by the pale whitish look before having a sample of this. 
Trust me, the corn flavor indeed infuse entirely in the bowl of hot soup, with the sweet taste contributed from the spare ribs, it was so light and tasty. . . 

Look at that hungrily-can't-wait-to-eat foodies busy feeding the cameras!

Sauteed Prawns in Hunan Claypot Style. 干锅馋嘴虾

Next, we had prawns! Too bad... too bad... we were fighting for it. All of us couldn't have enough of these little prawns. Each of us only get to sample ONE. and that's not enough, so the kind little owner ordered another Hunanese's Signature Prawn dishes for all of us. We were all enlighten by her generosity.

Spicy Skewered Prawns In 'Hunan' Special Style. 道地湖南串烧虾

Taa-daa. Deep fried until crispy , so that you can gulp it all down without peeling the exoskeleton of the prawns. Drizzle with Hunan Soecial style sauce. Sweet, sour and tiny hint of spiciness.... Oh man , we love this very much. I think I accidentally observed all of us licked the skewers at the end . . . Hmmm... It's lip-smacking good.
Stewed Beancurd with Green Chives. 韭菜焖豆腐

Another soup that made me fell in love. It was so authentic and flavorsome. It's either you hate it or love it.
Ahh... I just can't get enough of it. 

Baked Pumpkin with Salted Egg Yolk. 咸蛋黄焗南瓜 
Oily, greasy, salty, is how I can describe this. Loads of calories and fats.
Glutton would certainly love this because delicious foods usually are unhealthy. 

Home made Potato Pancake. 香甜土豆饼

Pumpkin and Sago Dessert Soup. 黄金珍珠露

I truly enjoy this wonderful savory-sweating meal. It was really one of my fondest memories because I know next time, when I re-visit this place , I will definitely bring a box of tissue with me , to sneeze while eating, wipe of of my fiery tears, or maybe, for toilet purposes.... Who knows? ;D
In a nutshell, the food here worth every single penny you're gonna pay for.....


Address : Restaurant De Hunan 湖南湘菜馆
No. 42, Jalan Puteri 2/4, Bandar Puteri.
47100 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
GPS : N03 01.294'  E101 37.003'

Tel : 03-8063 9318
Business Hour : 11am-11pm 

Other branch at 
Address : No 2, Jalan Kuchai Maju 6, 
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel : 03-7987 9318 
Business Hour : 11am-11pm 

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  1. I miss the stir fried cabbage, hence I'm cooking it tonight =P

  2. Ha, ha, a spicy disaster. I definitely can't take hubby to this spot!

    1. HAHAHA! you should! I wana record down when he cries...;P

  3. arhh! never try hunan food before! gonna try it out one day! :D

  4. oh yums! :) so delicious. i didnt sweat anyway :P

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  5. wahhhhh...I can tell I will already like this place :D the dishes all look so good!! time to whet my spicy appetite :D

  6. I'm thinking the cubed beef will definitely be my favo!


  7. hunan cuisine looks like korean food! haha :D


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