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272 - Work & Chill Cafe @ Ara Damansara.


Another chilling session I had past few weeks with my group of friends. 
Work & Chill Cafe- A fusion variety Restaurant which offers Burgers, Sandwiches, Noodles, Rice, Salads, Cakes & Confectionary. Not only that, they also offers local delicacies such as Nasi Lemak, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Kung Pow Chicken ,etc...
  hidden in a very humble and silent corner in Ara Damansara, surrounded by a few organic and healthy restaurants, this makes Work & Chill Cafe stands outstandingly with Malaysian's fave ''not-so-healthy-but-everyone-loves-it'' dishes! 

Penang Rojak Pasembor. RM8.50
Fried dough fritters, bean curd, boiled potatoes, prawn fritters, hard boiled egg, bean sprout and cucumber mixed with a sweet thick spicy peanut sauce. Traditional thick and luster peanut sauce is poured to vegetable salad .The description tells it all. 

Northern Indian Briyani. RM 10.50
Traditionally prepared Briyani with egg sambal, dhal,acar, papadom . 
Curry Chicken.

As you can see, rice and curry are Indian staple food, but what makes every restaurant's curry distinctive is the precise selection of spices for each dish. It is a matter of national or regional cultural tradition, or maybe, family preference... I think Work & Chill certainly has their unique flavor in the curry.

Rendang Mutton.
 The rendang is rich in spices. You can literally taste the mixture of ground spices paste, which I can name a few, Garlic, Shallot, ginger, tumeric leaves, lemon grass ,etc! All these spices endow strong complex and unique taste. The slow cooked process results in the tender meat ,it also renders the meat to absorb all the spices. The mixed-up aroma can easily tickle your taste buds.

Papadam with dhal.
 Papadam is defined as a kind of thin cake made of rice or pease-meal and baked in grease or a thin crisp cake. Whether you like it or not, papadam is certainly a must-have item in a Mamak stall, or Indian Restaurant. ( Work and Chill cafe is basically a Malaysian restaurant where it serves Chinese, Malay, and Indian food.) ;)

Classic Kung Pow Chicken with rice.
Chicken cubes cook in sesame oil, chili pepper and peanut served in the classic way with the thick black soya sauce. Best serve with white rice. This dish is very popular in chinese cuisine, so if you're wondering how Kong Pow Chicken taste like, you can stop by and try! 

Ikan masak Jawa with white rice
I think , that's mutton ,hmm maybe chicken, or beef. Ah!
But actually it's fish !haha. 
 Forgive me, for not able to recall what kind of meat was that.
 I have short term memory very often. .. ;P
Though it's slightly oily, but I think that's how it is suppose to be, if there's no enough oil in certain dish, 
you wouldn't get such 'aromatic' dish...;)

Butter Chicken with Basil Leaf. RM14.50
Chicken cubes cook in liberal amounts of butter, combined with fresh fragrants of basil leaves giving an aromatic dish to savour with steamed white rice and garnishings. 
Who doesn't love butter chicken, butter crab, butter fish, butter cake... Anything with butters definitely won't go wrong. This is delicious!

Spaghetti Bolognese. RM12.50
Spaghetti with minced meat and tomato puree with special prepared sauce ,top with parmesan cheese.
The tomato puree sauce were ordinary, and tad a bit too watery. I would prefer the spaghetti to be more al dente too ,I think because the restaurant is still new ( They just open few months ago if I'm not mistaken). I really hope to see improvement the next visit.

Fettucini Carbonara. RM12.50
Creamy white sauce topped with sliced bacon and specially prepared sauce with parmesan cheese.
No complains bout this. ;) The cheese simply overwhelm me...Haha.. I lovee cheese! 

Lemon Cheese Burger. RM8.50

Traditional beef/chicken burger with special lemon juice that is blended and grilled to perfection. Stuffed with salad, tomatoes and cucumber...I feel like giving it one more bite when I'm writing this... 

Teriyaki Burger. RM9.50
Terrific sauce with sweet grilled pineapple sliced on top of the grilled beef/Chicken. drizzle with teriyaki sauce and served with french fries.

Cheesy Omelette. RM12.50
Fluffy omelette made from three eggs, accompanied by a toast bread. 
This is cheesy overload. No joke! Try it to believe it!

Corn beef with toasted bread. RM13.50
Corn beef is a type of salt-cured beef product present in many cultures. The term comes not from the grain corn, but from the treatment of the meat with ''corns'' of salt.
Interesting eh? So , be mentally prepare to taste the brackish flavor! 

And of course,we finished our wonderful dinner with a sweet ending...- desserts.

Black Velvet. RM7.50
This is fabulous. Chocolate were so rich and creamy,I kept digging regardless of the calories! 
Haha! ''Eat first, think later'', my tummy says.

Red Velvet Cake. RM7.50
Ladies , you will definitely fall for this just by looking at it. 
Cream cheese is sandwiched in every layer of the red-velvety cake!

New York Cheesecake. RM7.50
A literally classic cheesecake. It's either you hate it, or love it, there's no in between.
A variety of cakes.

Cookies and Cream Milkshake

Sinful and creamy cookies and cream - it reminds me of my oreo childhood...
How can I not fall in love again?;P


Signature Dishes: English Hi-Tea Set, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Traditional Nasi Lemak, Tuna Croissant
Opening Hours:
Mon.-Fri. 08:30-21:00
Sat. 08:30-17:00

Close on Sunday
Address:D-5-53A, Block Dahlia, 10 Boulevard, Lebuhraya SPRINT, PJ.
47400, Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur
Damansara - 47400
Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Hee! I have to come for the ''not-so-healthy-but-everyone-loves-it'' dishes. :-)

  2. that looks like really creamy dhall! just the way i enjoy it! :D


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