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270 - Where to Eat on Father's Day ? @Grand Dorsett Hotel

What to treat your beloved  Father on Father's Day?
Dilemma? Don't worry, everyone feels that way, anyway, good news! 
If you can't decide on your own, let me decide for you , Grand Dorsett might be what you're searching for!

With elaborate counter displays of food, there will be something in store for the whole family to enjoy; be it Western, Japanese, Italian or Local far, as well as an array of delectable desserts.
Haha, I found it hilarious cause in fact most of the time, whenever I'm having buffet-style , I will go for dessert first, so lets feast your eyes with dessert first, oright? ;D

Petite and cute cake.

Moist Chocolate Tartlet

Red Wine pouched pear

Bread Pudding

Chocolate brownies

Chicken Kebab

Look at the glazed-char edge...Hmmm.. I can literally smell the aroma from my screen.
It's, perfect. Yes. No doubt bout that , the meat was tender and very well flavored. What else could I add on?;)
Potato stuffed chili.
Addictive chips which is not potato chips but potato skin.
with the sprinkled mozerella cheese on top of the mince meat, it was superb!!! Love it! I stuffed two that day! 
BBQ Prawns
Something simple, something nice; something you will not get tired all the time!
The only thing I hate about is the exoskeleton !! I bet everyone is lazy to 'kopek'! ahhaha! 
No one actually willing to dirty your hand to peel a few pieces of prawns ... 
If you're feeling heaty and doesn't want barbecue, you can opt for the cold prawns....

Seafood on Ice (Prawns, Salmon, Mussel)

It taste fresh and succulent!
Scotch Egg.
I never thought of eggs can be transformed like this!
;) Look at the stunning contrast of color of food in the plate! Don't it just triggers you appetite?
Satay- Chicken/Beef
Greasy yet delicious. 
I already know how it taste before I actually tasted all of them!

Thinly sliced Chicken breast
 Tomato chunks, balsamic vinegar and some inexplicable ingredients... simple wonderful.

Thai salad.

Hah! This reminds me the my previous Thai Salad I've made. hehehe...
This particular one is super refreshing... the garlic aroma, the birds eye chili, red chili, lime juice, long beans, and succulent prawns.... they mingle together then POOF! they became something appealing to the eyes and the tongue! 

Orange and avocado .

Love the zesty orange with the creamy avocado-mashed. 
Simply refreshing and appetizing! I love everything that comes in small package, it makes you able to have a taste of it without stuffing you too much, so that you can eat more! HAHAHA~

Blueberry ...something something
The reason why I named it ' Blueberry something something' is because it's like blueberry jam , added with some water to dilute it, that's it! I thought it was some pudding or jelly or ...I don't know but when I had a sample of this, I know it was nothing but blueberry jam! LOL

Strawberry Pudding

At Teraza Brasserie, a glorious buffet brunch spread will be served to celebrate the occasion Highlight for the afternoon will be a string of lucky draw prizes including dining and accomodation vouchers at Grand Dorsett Subang. Buffet brunch is priced at RM68.0++ per person. 
If brunch are not your scene, then our barbecue buffet dinner at the Terazza Brasserie would be ideal for you. From a wide spread of fresh seafood and juicy meat that are barbecued to perfection prepared by our skillful chefs is sure to delight dad's most discerning palate. Price is from RM98.00++ per person. 

Buffet brunch (11.30 am to 3 pm) : RM68.00++ per person
Barbecue dinner (6.30 pm to 10.30 pm) : RM98.00++ per person

Please call 603-5033 7250 ext 1912 for reservation.

Terazza Brasserie
Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel
Jalan SS12/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Contact: 603-5031 6060
Fax: 603-5031 8686

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  1. OMG. Another high class food. LOL. So many rich desserts.

  2. Nice la.. bring ur family there la..

  3. Very reasonable price! Love the prawns!

  4. urgh!! stop tempting me with all these nom nom nom food! =P

  5. The food looks good! Will consider bringing my dad here. =)

  6. mmmm, i'd go for at least 10 helpings of that avocado-orange dish! sounds like a great combo. and for a four-hour dinner, the price feels pretty fair :D

  7. Loved how the pics started with the sweets. That's probably where I'd start too. :-)

  8. We seldom go buffet these day since getting old already, can't eat much. LOL

  9. Buffet!!! Planning to visit one of the hotel when I visit KL next week!

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