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A Thousand Years with the Christina Perri and Celcom.


I must be the winner to meet Christina Perri because I've been day dreaming too long to meet Christina. 
Enough is enough. I had enough of singing ''A Thousand Years'' in the bathroom ... Always synchronize  ''I have die everyday waiting for you...darling don't be afraid................... to pick me as a winner''

So do you love Christina Perri deep enough?
You can download the Call Me Tones now just by following the simple steps below:

To download Call Me Tones
Direct Dial:
Dial *888*# and press CALL
CMT & send it to 22990

Yes, simple as that, if you still don't understand and wish to know more details, click here, to find out more!!

Christina Perri, I'm coming to you, I have died everyday waiting for you to come to Malaysia!!
I definitely don't want to miss you out, so please, Nuffnang, please choose me as the winner. *watery eyes*

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