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265 -Kaw Kaw Burger @Wangsa Maju.


I remember few months ago, the newspaper, magazines, blogs, internet, everyone is talking about burger. 
The 5patties, 6 patties, 7 ,8, 9 and so on...
Nestled in Wangsa Maju town, just walking-distance from my place, I found out there's a perpetually long queue crowd in front of a burger stall. Then only I realize it was the famous 'Kaw Kaw burger' that has been featured in the Star News Paper few months ago. 
Look at the crowd, it's only 6.30pm, people started to queue before the operation business hour. What a hardcore fans of burger...

Not joking, it's only 6.30pm.

Kaw Kaw Burger.

Look at the thick patties...

I was busy snapping picture from far and out of a sudden a  friendly man ushered me to go nearer to the stall and take nice picture. It was hilarious when I approached them, they all smiling ear to ear at me , posing with their thumbs up... I was happy to see them working so merrily together..

Preparing to face the busy crowd.
I amused when all of them were so energetically tucked their head out and smile at the camera , 
it was really a fun night... I love to surround myself with such 'high spirit' people...;DDD
I enjoy laughing at the queue.... looking at their 'anticipating face' to get their number and order ...

The happily working crew.
Kaw Kaw burger is the best!!!

Needless to elucidate. Look at the menu and see what you're suppose to order.
It was my first time and I weren't sure what's the size of the burger, since they serve two types of patty, I ordered both chicken and beef.
What makes Wangsa Kaw Kaw Burger that special is because they only serve homemade patty.
Literally, you can taste the difference... It's super thick and peppery!

Triple layer burger (Chicken). Rm 22.50

Ala Carte cost Rm22.50, Set cost Rm25.

Double Baconizer Cheesy. RM17

I almost puke. Not to say that the burger wasn't nice, but it's too much for me. ;P
The double baconizer comes with 2 slices of cheese, with cheesy sauce, bacon with two sausages and two thick patties !!

It's undeniably delicious. It's such a waste if I don't finish it.. so I take my own sweet time, stuffing all into my mouth and savor every single bite of the greasy-thick-yummy patties!
The chicken patty tasted like KFC. It's made from chicken thigh and then deep fried until crispy..
whereas the beef patty is prepare on the piping hot grill.. Both taste equally delicious... But I'm more likely to  go back for the beef next time!

Triple Baconizer Cheesy!

Yummy yummy~
So, are you tempted to try this your own ?
here's a map for you..if you still having a hard time finding this place, drop me a comment or give me a call, I don't mind being your tour guide..;D

Address : 
Seksyen 2, Wangsa Maju (Jalan 4a/27a), Wangsa MajuKuala Lumpur 53300

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  1. Looks good but how do you bite in such a burger?


  2. Me Glutton RufusJune 1, 2012 at 2:25 PM

    Saliva drooling looking at the beef patties

  3. wow so tall meh! hahah maybe it eat separately XD

    or I will order single or double burger . . .

  4. Yummy - it all looks to dig in! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! Christa

  5. The burgers look HUGE! I'd be tempted to order one to share between three people. Pleased you enjoyed the taste.

  6. omg.. really so many ppl queue for it! im drooling seeing ur burger now... XD

  7. OMG! such a long queue weyy!! feel like trying out too! :)

  8. Walauei.. So much ppl d meh..mana ada free time wait and queue there wor..

  9. I am more interested with how long you take to finish a burger...I'll take twice the time..

  10. WOW! Those burgers are ginormous! I definitely want to try that baconizer, hehe.

    1. haha! same here! double the cheese as well!

  11. So are you going there again? =)

  12. wowwww aoo bighow to eat mouth not big enough..LOL :)

  13. walao... tak ajak! hahahha... kidding! quite fast la u guys get the burger compared to when it just started being viral on the net :)

  14. OMG You went to try! I have been in that area for years and I haven't got the chance to try it yet! HAHAHAH. How long did you wait?

  15. This is really crazy, no way I will queue for it in this crazy hot weather @.@

  16. I like this post, because it included with the map!^^

  17. tam sim loh . . eat so much . .fat die u~


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