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269- The Giraffe @Meru, Klang


At first I thought what you're thinking right now, Giraffe?
A restaurant named 'Giraffe'? 
Does giraffe has friend such as Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Elephant friend nearby?
In fact, the first ever garden concept restaurant in the city of Klang called "The Shepherdoo Restaurant & Lounge” in year 2009, was Giraffe's siblings. (Both Giraffe & Shepherdoo are under the same company and both restaurants continues to grow towards the hospitality  industry by exploring other genre of restaurants and even forming its own catering services)

I had a hard time finding this place as I am not very familiar with the turning and all. Wasn't so sure where is ''Jalan Pekan Baru'', in fact, the taxi driver (I often named them as the ''mobile GPS'')doesn't know the way. 
I was ..... tight-lipped. 

Somehow somewhat I will still end up in my destination. Long story. 
Let's not bother and continue with the entire menu!
 At the end by looking at the screen and scrolling the mouse, 
 you will definitely feel ''stuffed', to the eye, not the breadbasket; I was laden with foods that day and not even able to walk... I almost felt like my tummy is going to EXPLODE!
UGH. I regretted .  Regretted for not having self-control. *grin* I can go all out and whack the menu!! 
So scroll down to know more! 

Grass Jelly Teh Tarik. RM7.90
The simplicity of both ordinary ingredients never fail me. ;)

French’s Alpes Salad @ RM12.80 

Fruit Juice!
Orange + Pineapple (柳橙+黄梨) @ RM8.30
Tomato + Sour Plum (番茄+话梅) @ RM7.60  
 Orange + Carrot + Celery (柳橙+胡萝卜+西芹) @ RM8.30
Umbra + Sour Plum (红毛甘那+话梅) @ RM7.50

Rome’s Caesar Salad (凯撒沙拉) @ RM10.80 
Simple and healthy salad. Tossed in light Ceasar dressing and crispy bacon, croutons gives a contrast texture  to the simple & delicious salad. I think nothing is wrong with it! ;D

Jumbo Tower Platter (超级珍宝拼盤塔) @ RM59.80 

This hit me like tons of bricks! My jaw dropped, not because that Im shocked, but because I'm happy. Yea, 
happy. Love to see so much foods in front of my eyes. All these little babies just sitting in front of me, how can I not scream out of joy? I did this numerous time, you didn't notice? Oh ya, I forgot to mention I did this only in my mind, I didn't show it. Have to aware of 

Tuna Prawn Tart (吞拿炸虾塔) @ RM11.80 
Tempura prawns, mayo-laden tuna and buttery crisp tart base, I love this petite creation! ;D

Pig In The Blanket. RM13.80

The bacon clinging around the tiny little dogs are great! I never seen pig clad in blanket before but now I do! ;DDDDDD
Piggy Pork Burger (猪肉堡) @ RM15.80

The signature burger- comprises minced pork patty, sliced cheese , bacon and salad.
The patty was ohsem! I love the juicy and fragrant patty! It's superb when it goes with the smoky BBQ sauce. The lettuce, pickles and tomato make the entire burger less greasy! I was delighted.

There were suppose to be three stacks patties but one were already gone missing because some one were extremely carnivorous! LOL Love it! 

Look at the thick patty! I see some carrots in it...
Super healthy! 
 Ale-House Styled BBQ Ribs (烧烤猪排骨) @ RM26.80 
Here comes the house specialty dish which I savour the most. I enjoy the flame-grilled smoked pork ribs which is smothered with hot BBQ sauce. Each rib is so rich in BBQ taste with hints of sweetness.
Next, we had the house specialty BBQ Ribs. Sweet and savoury, with some malt glazed on the outer surface, together with and smoky-crisp-char odor, I bet pure gluttony will love this! 
Teriyaki Pork Belly (日本照烧猪腩肉) @ RM13.90 
Lard- when I think of lard, I think of the word , magic. 
Anything that contains lards definitely taste good. The creaminess, the oily fats just melt in your mouth, and it's very own diffused in your tongue, that wonderful pleasure that it gives.... that is lard. 

Spaghetti Bolognese.
Typical , traditional and simple, toddlers love this, I suppose. But not me...Im not a big fan of pastas...
 But the tiny bit chunks of minced meat didn't went wrong. ;)

Chicken Wrap.

Forgive me for not remembering their names of each. I tried my best.
I love the complimentary chips beside the star. I kept throwing them into the mouth. ;P
The chicken wrap was good, but nothing to shout about. 
Mint Lamb Chop (薄荷羊排) @ RM15.80 
I gotta say this taste delectable. The zesty mint sauces had actually bring up the entire dish !
Surprisingly it goes well with the lamb . Every mouthful was flavorful and enjoyable.

Chicken Chop
Om nom nom nom , my accustomed favourite dish! 
Pork Chop Fried Rice (猪肉炒饭) @ RM11.60
If you have dilemma on what to choose between pork chop and fried rice, 
don't worry, at Giraffe they served you Pork Chop with Fried Rice! 

 Italian Pork Saltimbocca (意大利式猪柳) @ RM13.80
Coated with a layer of breadcrumbs and then deep-fried until crispy.
Drizzled with brown sauces and into the mouth they go,leaving you an unforgettable memory of pork chop- the Italian one precisely. 

Mee Goreng (嚒嚒炒面) @ RM8.80 

Hot and spicy, I'd always , perpetually , incessantly love spicy food.
The mamak mee goreng can never go wrong with bean sprouts,sambal, shallot, garlics and eggs!

Korean Pan Cake (韩式煎蛋饼) @ RM7.50 

See, I can even try korean food without travelling to korean restaurants!
I don't know why but the flour and the cabbage , some sugar, and oil, all these ingredients just encapsulate my heart. It was addictive, I had no idea why such simply flour(pancake) can turn out so well...You just have to try this yourself! ;)

Mexican Pork Chop (墨西哥猪排) @ RM13.80

Let the pork speaks on its own.
I can literally taste Mexican flavor in it! LOL *Joking

The colorful interior of Giraffe...
Ahh... I feel so warm and homey ... it really looks more like a home than a restaurant. 
So, your turn to try this place out and tell me how you feel? ;)

Venue : The Giraffe
Location : L4-1-2 Jalan Pekan Baru 34, 41050 Klang, Malaysia
Phone 03-3341 8933

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  1. Looks like u guys are having a lot of food blogging events! I would like to try the chicken chop :)

  2. Hee! I haven't seen pigs in a blanket since I was a kid. :-)

  3. I was stuffed myself! It's a nice place, super love the environment :D :D

  4. like this place a lot.. just comfy and great food! =D

    1. That day was too much...too stuffed...XP

  5. cute giraffe! and so early hoegarden ad? hahaha

  6. That place looks so good! That is tons of great food, I would pig out too!

  7. i wish they have a branch in Subang...i do not know if they taste really that good or just your professional photography that make me drooling while looking at the pictures only.

    1. photography skill not good at all...*shy*

  8. The food tastes decently good (in terms of tastiness), but lack of one thing which is very disappointing... AROMA. The Caesar salad served without cheese powder, which was promised in the menu. The mayonnaise was too thick and gooey, couldn't finish as we were like having a bowl of mayonnaise with salad rather than a bowl of salad dressed with mayonnaise. The food served was rather cold and I would expect it to be warmer. Again, no aroma, it failed to tickle my taste bud at all. Would give it a try again but no high hopes. Hope the management gets to read this. TQ.

    1. Thanks for you wise complement ! ;) Yeap, hope that they see this and improve before you visit'em!! tell me how u think abt the next visit! ;D

  9. It looks so nice I'm going there tonight! :)


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