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282 - Plates & Bottles @ Space U8 (Bukit Jelutong)

How long have you been to a very impressive restaurant where they serve utterly delicious food
which is reasonable,  I mean, you'll be totally satisfied of their dishes and walk out the restaurant proudly, displaying you round-well-fed tummy after meal?
For me, this is definitely the place. If you ask me again, I would say, Plates & Bottles - Oriental Cuisine.

When I first arrive, I saw Plates, looking at Anna ,perplexed.  Where's bottle?Are we in the right place?
So I swipe out my mobile phone, like a boss, and double check my e-mail. Hah, guess we're in the wrong place... Cause the restaurant suppose to be Plates & Bottles lah.
Eh eh, since the restaurant was not crowded at all, we stepped forward, trying to peek in... and we saw there sat a few fellow gluttons ... ;) 
Yadaa Yadaa.. Correct la.. Let's go in!

Now I know why they name Plates & Bottles....
The back of the restaurants is a hidden pub, not to say hidden, but somewhat mysterious void at the back of the bright restaurants - Plates, then comes the Bottles. Interesting. I was really amazed that they're able to come out with this idea.

We started off with some healthy cocktail whereby they uses all natural ingredients in every beverage.
Berry Banana Yogurt RM19

Banana Mango RM15

Opps,sorry for the blur arrays of healthy cocktails...
Sweet Sunrise & Tornado Twist (RM 9 each)
Shirley Temple, Virgin Mary, Long Walk, on the beach. (RM12 each).

James - The owner
He was passionately explaining on the background of Plates & Bottles. 
Full of expression , compassion and affection ... The complex mixture of feelings and love, time and sacrification that he has invested in this restaurant, flows out from his face , and touches our heart. 
He is looking for a part/full-time waiter/waitress... anyone?;P

Okay, I think I shall stop here and proceed to the food. 
First and foremost, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, grandfather and grandmother, I hereby present you the very first appetizer of Plates & Bottles - 
Pau-shaped,well-seasoned, dense , mashed potato. 

Mashed Potato. RM6.90

Unlike other mashed potato, it's a lighter version, without laden with butter nor too greasy when you shovel them into your mouth, you can literally taste the spices that they had added in the mashed potato earlier on too.
Tasty is all I can describe.

Mushroom Soup. RM7.90

Next came the made-from scratch mushroom soup.

The constitution was super-duper thick and creamy, dense and rich. Honestly, I thought it was from the Campbell's can mushroom soup. I was so wrong. How can I insult them in such a way? They are free from preservatives and chemical. And one thing was that it takes me some time to evaluate with my tongue, to accept the fact that they're made from scratch, cream milk, finely chopped portobello mushroom, pepper and salt and some secret recipe to compose such heavenly soup. . . 
Wait. Do they grow their own mushroom too?lol
Do they milk the cow to get fresh-thick-cream milk?

Answer the question with Yes/No :

________ , I don't know.

Drunken Prawns. RM16.90

The next dishes been served was the drunken prawns. The soup was smooth and runny, with a little bit hint chinese wine accompanied by some herbal such as chinese red dates , dang gui and goji berries. A nutrient packed dish indeed! 

Tiger Prawns
Not to forget the fresh succulent prawns. I like everything, but it would be perfect if the wine can be a lil bit stronger in taste. and .probably. make .me drunk.

Honey Chicken. RM11.90

You couldn't eat this plainly unless you don't mind the sugar rush.
Deep fried chicken coated in caramelized thick gravy. Lastly sprinkle with some sesame seed as the finishing garnish. Best serve with a bowl of white rice.

Made from scratch -Homemade Tofu. RM9.90

It's unbelievably delicious. Gosh. Made from scratch, again?
They'd actually made this by grinding the soy beans into thick white paste then mould it...deep fry it, and lastly shower them with impressive thick minced meat gravy and let them soak in it. 
The tofu was super supple, just like babies's butt, salty gravy just gave the dish enough 'wetness' to go with rice. Asian loves this. Definitely.

Sambal belacan with '4 types of Vege'. RM9.90
Directly translate from chinese / cantonese (四大天王).
Which comprises of long beans, ladies finger(okra), petai (stinky beans) and egg plant(brinjal).
The 'wok hei' was overwhelming the entire dish. Not too spicy, but you can still utterly taste every element used in this particular dish. This is called 'kung fu' , the skillful cooking and frying technique, the amount of seasoning used, every flavor play it's role very well, and that was what makes me fell for this dish even more, but of course, minus the chili oil laid on the bottom of the plate after you'd toss everything in your belly.

Salted Fish Pork Belly. RM10.90
咸魚花腩 (ham yu fa lam): Anyone doesn't know how does salted fish like? Ouh. Shame on you. not a good thing.You should try this. Absolutely fantastic. The mixture of 3S : sweet, spicy ,salty were very well balanced. Lot's of chunky veges and thinly sliced pork belly, with layers of fats separated between layers of lean meats...'' One more bowl of rice please~~''

Braised pork belly Fried MeehunRM7.90

Made from scratch - Stir fry 'kou yoke mee hun'. *thumbs up*
Super flavorful. It was unexpectedly good, cause my mom used to cook this dish whenever she ran out of idea on what to cook for dinner. We will buy meat in can , because it was already well-flavored , drenched in a pool of lard oil.... yuuuuuuu~ Mama mia~!
Since it's made from scratch, I doubt they can be as good as the one in the can but, tet. I was wrong again.
Pork , is something needless to be described. Unless something is wrong with the gene .

Curry Pork. RM10.90

Curry-porkilicious dish. Another non halal dish.
Spice up with lots of curry leaves and odoriferous curry powder, lemongrass, onion and etc .
I just don't feel like describing anymore... You should just come and try this yourself.
Everything is good. Lip-smacking good.

Enough of the Chinese oriental, lets continue with the Western ...
Grilled Chicken Spaghetti Pesto. RM15.90
Next came the Western Chicken Chop Spaghetti. I like the chicken-boneless-chop. It's so tender and juicy, thanks to the layer of fats beneath the skin. Hoho. Spaghetti was teeny-weeny overcooked, close to perfection somehow. Overall I think was an above-average spaghetti. 

This is a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ly superb carbonara I've ever eaten in my life. 
Sorry, but to fully express how I felt about this entire dish was . Orgasmic .
Love it, no. Beyond love. Something that couldn't be describe by words. That high feeling and over-whelming joy that swipe me away~ 

Spaghetti Meatballs. RM15.90

Made from scratch Carbonara sauce again. ;P
Genius . I feel like taking the chef back home and lock him in my house, to cook for me everyday.
Haha.  The intensity of cheese flavor, the herbs, the amount of just-nice sauce for every strands of al-dente spaghetti... together with the unique flavor of the portobello mushroom... You incorporate them and swirl it with your fork, into your mouth they go, and be prepared not to show your 'orgasmic faces' because it taste  like you're having sex with food. Please. Save it. HAHAHAHAHA.

At the corner of the round-black plate , sat four meatballs. Goodness. 
Made from scratch again. 
Very bouncy and peppery. The guy ( you know who you are) sitting in front of me kept nodding his head and said : ''Fuh, this is good. So good . Very good, you better try this. ''
I look at him with my skeptical look whilst inserting my fork into the 'doi-yao doi-yao' meatball....I took one bite. And. . . we ended up ordering only meatballs.

How good it is?
I rate 9/10. Where's the other one mark? 
I donated to something else. ;P

Pork Burger. RM15.90
Little did I know they uses all round-shape-black-in-colour plates to serve their food. 
The contradicting metallic-black color , perhaps, have something to do with our sensory sight. The food looks remarkably good. and thus, signals to our brain , I ran out of words, so,all I can think about to describe the burger is :  The bread is good. 
Oh the burger is so good, 
Wah, the mayonnaise taste very good.
Yummy, the fries is super good too!

Pork Chop. RM16.90
Smitten by pork. Let the pork speak for itself. They certainly sings as well.
How every the one with braces sitting next to me couldn't chew it. She claimed that it's too hard for her but I think my teeth was strong enough to break the meat fibres. Cause I drink Marigold HL milk everyday! 

To sum all the foods up, GOOD. 
I think they can consider to change their restaurant name , or maybe expand another outlet call ''Made from Scratch Kitchen''.
I was wholly satisfied with every dishes that night. Every dish is as good as one another. They're all equally ridiculous, ridiculously eccentric.

We had something special as dessert that night too!
It's herbal jelly in egg shells!
It certainly reminds me of my childhood, where I will hop to the vendor in front of my primary school everyday and buy at least 3 of this petite creature and munch it when I'm on my way back home. 
It's a pink jelly tho...

Set lunch are available with a main course (oriental style noodles/rice)with a drink and dessert @ only RM11.90!! 
All prices are subject to govt & service tax. Kindly be noted that all prices are for small portions. Last but not least, dimsum are available every weekends!

Though this place might be out of sight, but I think you should drop by this place if you're around, satisfaction  guaranteed. You pay for a super-down-to earth-reasonable price but you get to taste 3-star-quality food .
The tastiness is... hmmm... inexplicable. I just , felt that every strand of noodles and grains of rice worth the penny.  

Opening Hours :
10.30am - 10pm.

Address :
Space u8
Bukit Jelutong ,Shah Alam.

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  1. It looks very nice but I am not such a fan of these juices with my food.


    1. haha!It's okay. U can order somthing else..

  2. looks stunning. Drooling at all the photos. Yummmm!!!! But mashed potatoes, I prefer it rich with butter, milk and cheese...

    1. yeah!!! stunning! Mashed potato were superb la...u shuld try them first..

  3. eh why ur pics look blur blur? make my eyes blur blur also.... the jelly in the egg shells look very unique :)

  4. The mushroom soup looks so thick and creamy!


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