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279 - 5 Sen5es @ Westin Hotel Kuala Lumpur.



The Westin Kuala Lumpur is proud to announce the grand opening of the all-new Five Sen5es restaurant on 1 April 2012. Five Sen5es, is home to the most authentic Cantonese cuisine from simple tasty dim sum to luxurious abalone all served amidst a stunning cutting-edge décor.


The a la carte menu embodies an extensive selection of authentic local Cantonese dishes, paying homage to the five human sen5es of Sight, Taste, Scent, Touch and Sound. The presence of these five elements is evident in the preparation, cooking and presentation of these five spectacular signature dishes. Five Sen5es a contemporary Cantonese restaurant with traditional yet elegant Chinese elements is a perfect choice for your private or business gathering. Enjoy the trendy aesthetic as it transforms from warm and inviting during the day to sensual and inspiring at night.

It was really my honor to represent to 5SEN5ES to energize five of my sense in just a short food tasting review. First of all, we started with the sen5e of Sight.

1)Sen5e of Sight 

Famous Authentic Traditional Pecking Duck in Two Series. RM108

Peking duck is one of the most famous dishes from Beijing
The duck is traditionally carved in front of the diners and served in a few steps.
They serve  with Momo skin, spring onion, cucumber sticks and delicate Hoi sin sauce.

This dish is as delicious as it looks. The composition of the Peking duck, which is melt-in your-mouth tenderness of the fats underneath, the cucumber which adds freshness and the sweet Hoi Sin  sauce which rounds it all off makes this a dish that is so capable of weakening your knees. 

Chef skillfully sliced up the skin , preparing to tame us down under his eccentric ducky dish.
This is utterly fan-ta-bu-lous!


I chomped down this delicate wrap without a second thoughts.
Looking back at the center of the flat wrapper, the chemical reaction starting to flow from the tongue, to the mind, and every part of my neuron sense, senses jolt... It is non like other combination.
The semi-crispy-brown layer of skin, underneath lies two strands of spring onions , and end with a brush if sweet Hoi Sin (soy sauce). 
The pecking duck was simply marvelous. I haven't been trying this since ages but the fond memories of pecking duck struck in once again and left me momentarily jubilant.

Famous Hong Kong Hand Roulade, Wasabi Lotion Glaze

 Deep fried 'man tou' act as the burger to sandwich mango stips, chicken floss and the deep-fried-piping-hot-succulent prawns, and a squeeze of wasabi lotion to end the petite Cantonese-styled burger.
It was simply addictive... I think the main reason is because every elements in it were simple, but when they go together, it become irresistible.

2) Sen5e of Sound 

Pan Seared Stuffed Prawn with Enoki Mushrooms in Honey Maki Jus. RM68

Upon entering the special room, I heard sizzle and water tapping sound , flowing from nowhere, I was perplexed because I didn't see any prawn sizzling either. Then I realize the sound flows from the amplifier from the surrounding four corners . It really sharpens my sense of hearing. Then the tasting part. 

Severe heat and pan- seared cooking technique lead to the ultimate dining experience with this dish of juicy honeyed prawns and fresh enoki mushrooms.

Besides, Pecking Duck, I think this would also be my favorite that night. 
The high-quality-rubbery prawns was cut into butterfly shapes and act as a wrapper to coil the  springy enoki mushrooms, then the bottom part of the prawns were slightly charred and  when you take a bite,  unforgettable sensation . The flavor, the texture, the presentation... they're all still ringing in my head... what a luscious course!

3) Sen5e of Taste

Imperial Double Boiled Morel Broth, Australian Scallop Wanton Dumpling. RM45

In Imperial Chinese cuisine, nutrition is the priority.

Five Sen5es chefs have created a delicious Imperial broth which includes French Morel mushrooms and vegetables which gives the dish earthy aromas and serve it with an Australian scallop wanton which adds rich flavour and elegance.

What I like the most is the blindfolded part when you sample this.
We were all required to be blindfolded before entering the room, that's hilarious when you're blindfold, you don't even know where is your mouth and nose, you can easily get choked because you accidentally feed your nose with the soup. HAHA! I like this though, it really makes you think, it triggers your sense to maximize it's ability to identify which and what flavor is that. 

Australian scallop wanton

Who knows a simple 'won tan'(chinese dumplings) can be such a high-end dish?
Broth were good,too. Simple and silky... and it gives a mild sweet aftertaste.

4)Sen5e of Scent 

Fried Seafood Silken Egg Mousse,   Crispy Crème Brûlée, Truffle Oil    . RM55

With its delicate taste, aroma and smooth texture, truffle oil makes a perfect companion to the rich, wok-fried seafood and silken egg white and the combination with the crispy crème brûlée makes for a beautiful and delicious composition.
It’s also a healthy, appetizing starter that is full of nutrients.

I am madly addicted to the fried scallop with egg whites. It was still semi-runny, which means the egg whites were not overdone. Silky smooth and supple with the kick of truffle oil pungency in every single mouthful accompanied with the crispy buttery pastry.

Crispy Fried Fresh Durians.

It's either you hate it or love it. There is no in between. I popped several pipping Durian spring rolls in my mouth, but still begging for more. The contrasting texture of the crunchy skin, and bursting-smooth-aromatic durian flesh spurt out in the mouth when both upper and lower layers of teeth exerted force on this tiny little parcel. That. ugh. feeling. is. so. implausible. 

5 )Sen5e of Touch 

Crispy Black Fungus and Pork Layers, ''Zi Kong'' Chili Vinegar Oil Dressing. RM25

The braised pig’s ear is served simply, yet is deliciously pleasurable with its soft and gelatinous textures.
The soy braising essence delivers you delicious aromatics and the Chinese braising spices offer a lightly savoury and slightly sweet element at the same time.

Five Sen5es is home to the most authentic Cantonese cuisine that offers a wide array ala carte menu besides Dim Sum,which prepared with care and presented to personify the Five Human Sen5es.
From the interior and architecture of the restaurant to the remarkable culinary menu, the      “open Wok kitchen” concept, right through to its five private dining rooms, Five Sen5es is a reflection of a modern day culinary adventure rich in the culture and heritage of Asia.

Five Sen5es
The Westin Kuala Lumpur, 199, Jalan Bukit Bintang.
 Contact Details : +603 2773 8338
 Website :
 Open daily for lunch from 11.30am to 2.30pm,
dinner from 5.30pm to 10.30pm.

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  1. The peking duck look so yummy!!!!! I wanttt tooo!!!

  2. Oh my, the peking duck!! Even I jez had my lunch I'm still salivating for it;p

  3. oh, that Peking Duck make me drooling~~~

  4. Oooooo....I love Peking Duck! Everything looks so yummy! Yum! Yum!

  5. the food just look so grand and classy!! :D

    By the way, I need a LIKE for this video! Its my first time acting + shooting the video and its for my assignment purpose too! Thanks thanks!

  6. mygodddd among those i like peking duck!! especially the way the sifu cut it and wrap it!! =DDD

    btw thanks for the like! u deserve my constant visit! =DDD

  7. they delicious. but the picture of pecking duck cutting seems like operation under processing.

  8. Good choice of durian for the Sense of Smell! :-)


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