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274 - T Forty Two @ Empire Shopping Mall (Subang Jaya)


I feel love every single day of my life...

I always take the light-rail-transit (LRT) back and forth, not every single day but it has become part of my life. Life wouldn't be that easy if LRT doesn't exist. You need to pass by unavoidable heavy traffic to reach first end to the other end, and that might takes approximately an hour and thirty minutes; with LRT , you only need around fifty minutes, and you get to skip all unnecessary stuck-in-nowhere frustration. So, you have ample of time in the LRT so what will you do?
For me, most of the time I'll just shut my eyes and take a nap. (wasn't sure whether I snored or not);
sometimes, I read(if I remember to bring my novel with me). Maybe just 3-10 pages. Not much as my eyes would sturggles to close...
Or maybe, sit straight up and roll my eyes around, take in whatever I can see. and reflect. ;)
So basically I enjoy ''observing'' people/or maybe things around, peculiar actions that you never seen before in your past(That I'll share in the next post.)like psychatric people talking to themself, >.<
or loving couples sitting next to each other, cuddling, and the girl will usually lie down her head on the guy's shoulder  - I see love , hovering in the atmosphere. 

I remember there's one incident that is still fresh in my mind.... I saw a blithful family ( Dad + Mom +Son+ Daughter) enter the rail with the oppsite gender would take care of the opposite child. It's a fact , you see, strange but true - Paternal and maternal have oppsite likings . It is belive that some sort of chemical reaction in the brain is taking place. Like a magnet, male will be automatically attracted to female, and vice versa. So they found a place to sit down and coincidentally, just in front of my feet. I eyed on them, beginning to miss home.
''Such a strong and loving family I murmured to myself''. The little boy was hyperactive. He kept jumping and pointing out the window saying : '' mama! mama! tengok !''(Mom, look!!!) His mother tried to calm him down but she eventually gave up. I turn my sight to the father next side, and saw him putting his weight against  the daughter(  like tentacle ), pretending as if he's feeling sleepy and trying to sandwich his daughter, consciously. The daughter was giggling so softly,and at the same time pushing the father away , she was only around,7 or 8 years old, literally. 
I rarely see this kind of love in a family nowadays, so that was why I'm still keeping this fond moment of others in my mind. 
Then I smiled, gazing at them, but my mind and heart just wander... All these action and unseen forces(love) just made me miss my dad more and more.

 So what do you all do on Father's Day?
I celebrated with my beloved family at T forty two.
It wasn't something ordinary this Father's Day as we weren't celebrating at the usual Chinese restaurants with bowls and chopsticks...instead, we had afternoon tea with the man in the house!

Brown and White sugar

Long Black. RM6.90

Mushroom Soup. RM11.90
Remarkably thick-blended mushroom soup.

High T42. RM49.90++

Sandwiches .
Scone and Quiche

Flat White. RM6.90

Lasagne Beef. RM18.90

Very nice presentation but too greasy and sinful for me. ;P
Pine nuts salad

Macaroni Cheese . RM11.90

Bland , nothing but cheese.

So here's the man of the family. 
If he were to receive an award, he definitely deserve 'THE BEST DAD ON EARTH' awards.

A Father Like You
I just want you to know
you mean the world to me
Only a heart as dear as yours
would give so unselfishly.

The many things you've done,
all the times that you were there,
Helps me know deep down inside
how much you really care.

Even though I might not say it,
I appreciate all you do
So richly blessed is how I feel
for having a father just like you.

UG10 & UG 11
TEL: 03 - 56317266

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  1. OMG! the food! *drools!
    Anyway, Happy Father's Day to ur daddy too! Lovely celebration there :)

  2. I love the high tea at T-42 too! :D

    I usually go to the one at Bangsar Village. It's much closer to me.

  3. haha.. ur face semacum ur daddy!

  4. wahhh.. everything look so hoh liau!

  5. You looked exactly like ur mum lor!! :D

  6. so sentimental huh... Anyway Happy Papa's Day to uncle ya :)

  7. Happy Father's Day to your Daddy :)

  8. haha fathers day so let u enjoy with big meal la... XD

  9. LOOKS AWESOME! Would pay for if I could afford it. But I can't. So, no go. LOL Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - movie review

  10. Ooooo...looks like a great place for tea. Wish they had one like that here. I love sandwiches and I adore scones with clotted cream and quiches with lots of ham or bacon. Yummmm!!!!!

  11. The mushroom soup seems to be one of the thickest one I've seen - looks packed with real fresh mushies.

  12. it looks like your father enjoyed his time with the family and his food! :D very nice family photographs and beautiful words =)

  13. the mushroom soup looks way too thick!

  14. Did you try the quiche? How was it?


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