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273 - Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur

So, I've been really busy all week long.
Everyday , I wake up with only one hope , that is to be venturous, and live my day to the fullest.
Everyday, I look forward to every night, to have some candlelight wonderful dinner with friends, sit down , talk, laugh and giggles all night long, it's the camaraderie we treasure, but of course ,the food does matters.
I never, seriously , I mean never, encounter such authentic Mexico fine dining and any other cuisine that successfully awe-ed me with every single dish they had serve.

Upon entering the restaurant, the friendly garcon approached us and politely ushered us to the readily-arranged-long table. Then, jot down our order for drinks, with a mirthful smile on the face.

Apparently, passion and attention to detail is evident in everything they do here.
The setting is homely mix of salvage planks and wooden comfort furniture. Jazzy songs flowing all night long, the atmosphere is one of warmth and welcome and the food is almost as tempting as the drinks.

Clear as you can see, there're bottles of alcoholic beverage and cocktails neatly arrange on the open shelf, proudly sitting still and presenting it's best to every walk-in customers.

Spacious setting, tables were placed far between each other, 
so you wouldn't have to be afraid of   jostling peoples' chair.

Situated geographically at the entrance of The Gardens Shopping mall, this out-of-sight restaurant are serving up glorious inventive cocktails made with carefully sourced, unusual and sometimes just plain weird ingredients - ever wanted to try a cocktail with jalapeno pepper in it? 
Well, you can here. 

Chili-infused Bloody Mary. RM26

 Fresca's twist on the classic, using their homemade chili-infused vodka. Wow. Electrifying.
I felt jolt on the tongue. Take a teeny-weeny bite on the Jalapeno aside of the glass, then take another sip of the Bloody-white Jalapeno, then BAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!
nothing happened. It was just another mesmerizing experience on drinking something exotic. *thumbs up*

Mango Margarita. RM26

Midnight flight to Mexico. RM26
 Ameretto, Fresh Lime, and Cinnamon.
I'd never sample such complex drinks before, a strong yet subtle hint of cinnamon, Ameretto, sugar syrup, and the tiny sourish tinge which bestowed from the lime juice.

Classic Margarita RM23
Magarita is actually a cocktail consisting of tequila mixed with some liquor and lime juice. It's advice to take a sip of the margarita, and then dash the salt on the glass rim with the tongue. It often gives a smooth balance to the drink.

Sangria. RM23
Basically I think it's red wine with fruit punch.
Thinly sliced fruits can literally be seen in the wine glass, floating atop of the wine, to create a sweet and fruity aftertaste .

Cinco de Mayo.RM23;

 Comprises Reposado tequila, creme de cassis, clover honey, lime and orange juice. 

Guacamole with chips (RM20)
 The mashed up avocado is intensely creamy and thick. 

Nachos Grande. RM27

Tortilla chips topped with refried bean, jack cheese, ground beef, jalapeno, guacamole and sour cream.

Warm and mushy minced beef,  Guacamole,pico de gallo, were topped on a bed of cheesy nacho, with jack cheese sandwiched in between.
It was indeed a lovely and delightful appetizer, especially the moment we shared with a bunch of friends beside us, the 'excessively desiring' to pop the nachos in your mouth,one after another, together with the intermingle of the cheese,jalapeno, guacamole, and minced beef , looking at one another, smiling and giggling at the omnivorous face, what's funnier than that? 
''Wah, you so tham chiak!!!'' (it means 'wah , you so greedy' in Hokkien)

Tacos Ensenada. RM20
 Flour tortillas with beer-battered fish, taking their name from a port city, served with house-made coleslaw. 
Take a gigantic mouthful of it and take pleasure in savoring the crunchiness of coleslaw, the melt-in-your-mouth battered fish and the plain but unique-flat-dough flavor. 

Jalapeno Poppers. RM16
Breadcrumb-coated Jalapeno Poppers, wow, look at the plump and stuffed jalapeno! Woo~ I already had the urge to bite it , so i did, subconsciously , and suddenly ''WOOOOI! I haven't take picture ahhh'', says taufulou , haha! I amused and sit down . and just shut my lips and , look at him with my innocent-watery eyes.  

It's a whopping amount of Jack cheese in it together with some minced ground beef, enveloped by jalapeno pepper. The complimentary sweet and fragrant Mango chipotle salsa matched so well together with this hot-crispy-crunchy-cheezy-spicy-fanatic little enclosed parcel. 

Electric Blue Magarita. RM23
Another tongue-shocking drink, featuring Tequila Reserva 1800 Anejo ( 100percent agave, aged for over a year), blue curacao and fresh lime juice. Know how's my reaction after imbibing this?My face crumpled, so tightly together.  

Alejando RM23

Blue Mountain.
Camarones al Ajillo. RM23
Tiger prawns sauteed with fragrant Guajillio Chiles and garlic.

Let me metaphorically describe'em!

''Twinkle-twinkle little prawns, your plump appearance make me fall,
 for you I will not waste a drop,
of simple garlic-infused-oil.''

Wow, I am so poetic . Don't you think so?
Okok, again.

'' You pulpy-obese little prawns simply encapsulate my heart, 
I admire your glistering naked flesh, for you I will only give my best.
With the sexy hot chill spin and toss , I will gorge you down without second thoughts.
I just, want to have you more and more...''

I never had such orgasmic prawn which made me turn into a poet.

Wrap it with the white tortilla provided and savor your self-made burritos!
It's freaking delicious!

Okay. Hold. The creation of Fresca cocktail didn't just end there, scroll down, and you'' know more..

Lychee Margarita Libation. RM26
Gin, fresh lime, muddled lychee & lemongrass
Tiramisu e Giu. RM26
 Whisky, Kahlua, hazelnut, chocolate sprinkle.
Milky and a slightly strong whisky flavor and milky and chocolaty texture, they're such an exotic pair. 

Elderflower Affair. RM26
A strong gush of sweet and sharp odoriferous flower taste kicks in at the first sip.
I was nothing but a drink that made me felt so ladylike.

Fresca creation!
Everyone imbibes delight through every pore that night.

Sopa de Fideo. RM15
A simple chicken soup with angelhair noodles, comfort food not only for kids, but also old folk (like me).
I never tried such combination before. But I really fell for this.
The soup was perfect, I don't really know what's in that soup but the thin strands of semi-cooked angel hair certainly makes me imploring for more!

No. It was none like any other al-dente spaghetti you can find elsewhere. 
It was not the over-cooked soft spaghetti where is found at the ubiquitous stall either. 
It's Fresca Sopa de Fideo, the semi-hard texture from the angel hair, which is partially uncooked, it literally left me enrapture. I swear I did not waste a single drop of the soup. 
It's squeaky clean at the bottom of the bowl.

Costilla Asada. RM43
Succulent sortribs in a homemade sauce, slow-braised for more than 3 hours for an off-the-bone tenderness.
Served with creamy mash potatoes and sauteed vegetables.
Soft and ductile . Muscle fibers of the meat easily get tear off with your carnivorous teeth!
I didn't had a hard time chewing and spitting like I did in any other restaurants.
They do it just fine! Just, excellent. 

Pescado Mojo de Ajo. RM42
Fish lightly pan-fried in a fagrant butter sauce, topped with chunk pieces of roasted garlic. 
Served with Mexican white rice and mixed salad. 
No complaints about anything either. Fish were soft and fresh. 
Salad were drizzled in balsamic vinegar, very refreshing side dish. I am not a rice person, so no comment about it. ;P

Fajitas Mixed. RM43
Sizzling plate of chicken & beef tenderloin, bell peppers, onions. Served with guacamole, pico de gallo and chipotle cream sauce. Another fabulous dish of the day. 
Chicken and beef, red and green peppers, so I ran out of description , so let the beef and chicken speak for itself when you try'em! 

Carne asada ala Tamyuguera. RM54
Grilled tenderloin in Mexican way with onions, Mexican red rice, enchiladas.
 Everything is fine. It's just something inexplicable of the entire menu. It is delicious.
Well, my day has taken a grand turn after this enrapturing dinner... Everything is left behind... and I'm looking forward to the next day... with friends, who shares the same palate and interest with me.

Wait. Not the end yet. 

We ended our meal on a sweet note with the homemade vanilla ice cream and apple dessert.

Apple Enchiladas.
Baked flour tortillas filled with apples, served with homemade nougat ice cream.

This unique ice cream highlights the creamy and super milky fresh cream with a tiny bits of nougat in every spoonful, the melt-in-your mouth sensation ,ugh...I can compose myself anymore. They're trying to melt my heart!!!! No, they melt my heart!!!!

Hot and cold desserts usually won't go too far. 
They are absolutely gonna be delicious.
I am going weak in the knees for more dessert like this...

Mini Churros. RM13
Mexican donuts rolled in sugar and cinnamon, served with chocolate sauce.
I tried churros before. Please, believe me, but none taste so addictive and so inviting. 
Together with the sandy coarse sugar and cinnamon, dip it in the melted chocolate, ahhhh~
Please, release your imagination, stop sitting there and just read my brain-squeezing words. 
Ahhh.. another good food, good day, and good night.

Fresca F&B : Creative, Delectable, Gratifying.  Apply in all dishes I've mentioned above.

This is definitely a place you wouldn't want to miss. 
It is ideal to dine with a group of people , to share laughter, good food, and also, the bill . 
I highly recommend all dishes above. 

*All are written based of individual preferences. 

Location: Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar
Lot G-242A, Ground Floor,
The Gardens, Midvalley City,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 03-2201 2893

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  1. I love the ambience of the restaurant, so cozy and comfortable;)

  2. I want back there for cocktails...

  3. Owh my! feel like trying out the drinks there! :D

    1. HAHA! u can or not? can drink alcoholic drinks? I ;X take a sip oni...;P

  4. hm, a cocktail party. I want to participate.


    1. HAHA! Let's go again when u visit Msia~!

  5. the decoration looks like kampung to me. hahahaha

  6. Nice place, nice food...but I wonder whether those chairs can stand my weight. Look flimsy to me...

    1. hahahah!! Can! sure can! Or else let them compensate u by letting u eat for free! haha!

  7. food was good but the cocktails swept me away:D I want more of Flight to Mexico and Incognito!

  8. wow..the place looks nice and they hv churros!

  9. The food there is pretty good. I love their fish tacos! =)

    1. oyea~! ;DD me too me too! u try this placae before?

  10. Alejando...alejando...come to me! =)

    Need to visit to try the Tacos Ensenada and the Pescado Mojo de Ajo...hehe :)

  11. U tried alot of food. Didnt have the appetite for such heavy brunch. The food is good, didnt say it's not good also. Haha.


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