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271 - Malones- Irish Restaurant & Bar @ Jaya One


Situated somewhere around the humble corner in Jaya One, a restaurant named Malones. Open not long ago, Malones has five outlets in Klang Valley but only the outlet in Jaya One serves Pork, which is non halal.

Porky Platter . RM 37.90
 Platter for 2-3. Featuring Traditional Crackling Pork Belly, BBQ Ribs, and Pigs in Blanket. Served with shallot vinefar, BBQ Sauce and Mustard.

'Siu Yoke'
The crackling 'Siu Yoke' is something I never get tired of. It was crispy, juicy and tender.
Somewhat I called it done to perfection. The amount of fats layer were just nice for me as I don't really like thick-3-layers of lard sandwich between the lean meat. Usually if I encounter this , I would spit the belly fats out and my mouth will usually coated with a somewhat shimmering-greasy-lip gloss... ;P
I don't like it. But Malones, I found my perfect siu yoke, as I prefer more lean meat than fats.

Pork Ribs
Apparently, the pork ribs are also beyond average. The meat is soft and effete. 
Appropriately sweetened,one mouthful and you can taste the caramelized char flavor , 
I savor every mouthful of this .

Pigs in Blanket
The origin of the sausages is undefined , I think it's German sausages, but this is a Irish restaurant .
hmmm... Let's not think too much and proceed.  Bacon were fantastic. It tasted so so good when you cook'em in a hot saucer, and watch the slithery, oleaginous oil leech out and coat the delicate sausages entirely, every single bite brings joy to me! No jokes. This is the power of pork! LOL 

Paddy steak Sandwich. RM28.90
 Irish style steak sandwich. Served with poached egg and mustard spread with deep fried sliced russet potato on the side.
Hah, finally I taste something new. Not the usual thin-crisp-potato chips, but thick round, sandy potato russet. It was so outstanding and highly enslaving! The steak was overall done and slightly chewy. .. seasoned with pepper and salt, and lie on a healthy-thick-bread. 
Break the yolk and let it ooze out and flow on the bread. . . Now the bread is damped and you get what you're suppose to eat!

Irish Sausages on Colcannon and Guiness Onion Gravy. RM29.90
 Grilled Pork sausages and chicken sausages served with Guiness onion gravy and Colcannon(cabbage and spring onion mash).
SUCCULENT and JUICY. nothing else. FANTASTIC. (highly recommended).
There're chicken and pork sausages, both tasted equally awesome. Lied on a bed of buttery and fluffy mashed potato... they are absolutely fine and divine. 

Irish Seafood Pasta. RM 27.90
 Prawns, clams, and dory cubes tossed with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, white wine and chili flakes... 
Surprisingly , such pale and plain pasta can taste so heavenly. Every strands of pasta is covered with fragrant extra virgin olive oil, peppery black pepper, and herbs. Chef's generosity in giving so much seafood(clams ,prawns, and dory chunks) made me felt that this is so worth the money. Pasta is al dente as usual, but want I want to highlight is the flavor, and fresh ingredients that you can find in this Pasta...

Pork Specialty.

BBQ Ribs. RM49.90(Full), RM29.90(Half)
 Full or Half rack of baby back pork ribs slow cooked until fall-off-the-cone tender. Served with BBQ sauces, chips and coleslaw. I'd always love finger-thick fries... The fries were still crunchy on the outside even after we left it there for up to half an hour. I was blithe like a kid who kept throwing the fries in my mouth... Ribs were good as the one we had earlier on- The Porky Platter. Tender and soft, sweet and tasty.

 Guiness Beef Stew. RM 29.90
 Seared beef cubes stewed in Guinness and root vegetables for 4 hours. Served with slices of Tuscan Bread.
The semi-thick broth consistency won't go wrong for the Guinness Beef Stew, it's literally delectable. You can taste the hint of five herbs spices in it. Drench in the perfectly toasted Tuscan Bread inside the stew and let it absorb the stew... I want more of them~ !

Pork Knuckle. RM39.90
 Traditional German style knuckle marinated in beer and brined for a day. Served perfectly tender and juicy with mashed potatoes and special brown sauce. Estimated cooking time : 25mins.
Slightly overdone but it still acceptable. The 2kg pork knuckle is laid beside of a bed of fluffy-buttery mashed potato and served with homemade pork brown sauce.

Homemade brown sauce.
Very authentic brown sauce which made from pork bones...

Pork Knuckle.
The crispy edge will always drive me crazy. It's so unhealthy but no one ever bothers! 
''Eat first, worry later''- The Pork says. ;P
The 'krack krack' sounds enchanted me always, meat wasn't that bad but can be more tender and juicy(as long as it is not overcook). 

Surroundings was similar like any other bar...long tables, tall chairs, high end bars. Similar concept, but they are more than a bar ,they serve good food - That's why Malones named themselves Bar and Restaurant.
When I arrived ,all dining cutlery were placed nicely on its position beforehand. I love the surroundings with glowing light, albeit it's dim. I simply enjoy the decent food and soothing ambient, with some toe-tapping melody. . . what's better than enjoying a good dinner with your friends like this?

Malones @Jaya One

Unit M-4-G, Palm Square, Jaya One,
72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
(situated nearby barcode and Gao Ren Guan)

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  1. Oh my, pork meal again,what a scrumptious meal you had!!

  2. Eventhough they have an outlet near my office, I've nv been to this place before.

    1. haha! really? Not bad la..Klcc and Pavillion's Malones doesnt serve pork..

  3. We've Malones here in S'pore too & I think my hubby used to go there for drinks. Didn't know they serve roast pork there too :)

    1. haha.. cause only this outlet sells pork!

  4. LOl I never know Irish cusine got siu yuk.. Pigs in Blanket u mean? lol is it a Malaysia fusion or Irish mmg got this kind of methods to grill the bacon too?

    1. er er er ...i didnt ask..I think it's fusion!;D

  5. Yumz! Pork platter would be perfect for me!

  6. nom nom nom! bring me there next time! =D


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