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268 - Penang One@ Bandar Puteri Puchong.

 I always pass by this place but never intended to try this out. 
Situated in Bandar Puteri Puchong, facing Giant Supermarket and has a very striking red color shop board - Penang One.
Perhaps because our selfish mindset that only that certain old-particular-stall/place sells the best Kuey Tiao Th'ng,Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee,Char Kuey Tiao... and so on so forth, we never want to try this place out until one day... Mom said : ''Let's go have some Penang Food!!''
Me : ''Where?''
Little brother : PENANG LA!!!
I gave him a poker face. -.-
Mom : ''Bandar Puteri lo!''
Me : ''Got meh?where ?''
Mom : ''Aiya let's go there tomorrow!

Hence, I was there the very next day!
Upon entering the shop, I saw a lot of familiar streets and places selling their signature dishes such as Long Selatmat's Siam Laksa & Asam Laksa, Kampung Jawa's Char Kway Tiao(Cafe Wa Hong),renown dumplings at Cintra Food Corner, Pulau Tikus's Keong Curry Mee... ... ... I had a really strong urge to order all of it!!!!

Kuey Tiao Th'ng. TM7.90
Mom, Dad and my brothers said this is superb. This particular Kuey Tiao Th'ng indeed cannot be found anywhere else, because of the duck's blood.  I found ample of shredded chicken,shredded duck, fish cakes and duck bloods ... It's like, every mouthful of flat noodles, you get to eat with the meats along; the soup base was fantastic either. ;) 
We were extremely satisfied.

Chicken stock soup base.
I'm afraid of eating kuey tiao sometimes because not all places offer such ''smooth'' and ''tasteless'' kuey tiao. 
Occasionally I will get some ''cockroach smell'' or some peculiar flat noodles... 
Maybe they get their noodles from different distributor... that's why..
But Penang One certainly has the best kuey tiao th'ng. 
*thumbs up*

Hokkien Mee. RM7.90
To my dismay, I found that their prawn noodles wasn't that good as what I expected.
The soup was slightly dilute and lack of flavor. But I love their generosity in giving abundant of ingredients!
Prawns, bean sprouts, pork...;P

spicy Hokkien Mee..

''Pig Long Powder''the direct translation from Cantonese. 
Chee Chueng Fun. RM 3.30

Somehow Penang Chee Chueng Fun isn't something you had before in the ubiquitous stall out there, 
it's not coated with the usual sweet sauce that is lack of flavor; it is something beyond the sweet sauce, something you wouldn't get tired of having more.... Prawn paste sauce, we called it ' hae kor' in hokkien .
It would probably have some hint of prawn flavor together with some 'fishy' piquancy ...and sesame oil, special chili sauce perhaps?

Super reasonable price and that's what I like about Penang One, again.
Simple ingredients yet the combination turn out to be so fabulous! 

Cantonese Dumplings. RM 4.50
Ah, something about me and my dad's fave dumplings.
We wouldn't want to miss this particular parcel whenever we visit Penang... I am so glad I can find my fave dumplings without driving for the dreadful four hours journey to Penang to buy this ! 
It has loads of mung beans and you wouldn't feel too stuff even you have this all alone because the beans and the glutinous rice ratio is 50:50. Ahh, not to forget the divine greasy and sinful lard contributed from the pork belly. It's simply delicious. 

Curry Mee. RM8.50
I bet my dad will be drooling when he reads my post again. I had no idea why but he's certainly a fan of curry mee. Yeah, no idea why. He loves this loads. Like how a baby loves sucking it's thumb. Lol. Forgive me for giving such imaginative description. This is indeed a bowl of admirable curry noodles. It's flavorsome and palatable. You can literally taste the light yet pungent curry flavor, somehow soothing to the throat, and for the aftertaste, you will be able to smell some inexplicable scent lingering on your tongue  . Wow, fantastic babeh! 

Char Kway Teow(Duck Egg)RM9.90
Just in case if you didn't know, duck egg can simply enhance the whole plate of char kway tiao.
Don't ask why, it's just....Magic!
It's so aromatic and the little bit of spiciness triggers my production of saliva... I can't help myself but wanting more of it!
Just a wise compliment, it would be better if they're able to have the 'wok hei',
( also known as the 'char flavor').That would be puuurfect....

Ice Kacang.RM6.50
Last but not least, to my dismay, my bowl of ice kacang did not comes with red bean.  *pout* 
I didn't have the urge to complain that moment cause I saw everyone was busy walking in and out from the kitchen. But now I regret. 
My mind is screaming and yelling ''WHERE IS MY RED BEAN??????''
Anyway, the syrup and ice cream really did made me thought of Penang. 
The cincau, corn, and sweetened atapci (palm seeds) were exactly like what I had before in penang( in Swatow Lane).

Really fell in love with this place and definitely, me and my family will be hanging out very often at this place.
Do come and try your luck and see whether you'll be able to bump into me or not. ;P
The Kuey Teow Th'ng is highly recommended!

Address : 
G5, Jalan Puteri 2/1, Bandar Puateri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel : 
03- 8052 0181

Operation Hour :
9.30 am - 9.30 pm

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  1. Looks okay but certainly overpriced

  2. It took at least 4 hours to travel from Penang to Puchong. I wonder how they deliver those food to Puchong as based on the advertisement, it said prepared by original master? If yes the ice kacang also become air kacang d.

    1. HAHA! funny la ...y u think so much? can eat then can already la! ^^

    2. hi waco, it is true based on the advertisement. everything is well prepare in penang by the original master then they pack it nicely and send to puchong without stop any place. and the ice kacang is just the ingredient prepare in penang, if not will same as what u said bcum "air kacang"...hahahahaha


  3. Penang, always a FOOD PARADISE for me! Got so many nice food origin from there! =P Gonna try the food out if I am in Puchong area one day! :)

  4. I seldom venture to Puchong area for food. I think its time i do that.. =)

    1. u Better doo...haha! lots of food for you to venture..!

  5. Price abit pricy.. but still managed to get Penang taste at here.. still worth lor.

  6. Ooooo...the food does look good. With inter-state/town migration, sometimes you may get things a lot nicer than at their places of origin.

  7. Ooh, "cockroach smell" - you've had way too many food experiences - I hope not to experience that particular one! :-)

    1. haha! yeahh!!! u never try that before?i always encounter that...yeek!

  8. The prawn mee looks promising wor especially the colour of the soup, so fiery red!

  9. They staff are friendly too....oh ya you should recommend the typical food of Penang .....Ngee ya Kuih - RM3 per the thick brown sugar!

  10. i saw Penang Char Koay Teow....


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