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267 - Little Pantry@ IOI Mall Puchong.

It was another beautiful weekend I've spent with my family, walking around the nearby mall, had some lovely dinner together at Little Pantry . It was an accident that we decided to walk in this restaurant.
Here's how it goes:
Mom have Rm100 Sakae Sushi cash voucher and she suggested us to dine at Sakae. When we reached there, we saw a super long queue of hungry customers waiting impatiently out there.
Dad wasn't patient enough and we decided to hunt for dinner somewhere else.
So we hungrily marched away and from far, we saw the strikingly-pink-and-cute restaurant named ''Little Pantry''.
I've heard some negative feedback from friends , saying that Little Pantry doesn't serve good food. It's been a long time and I never had a chance to try out this place... So, that marks the day that I finally try this place out.

 2nd of June, marks the King's Birthday and Little Pantry were having 20percent discount on total bill. 

Mushroom Soup
Comes in set (with the lamb shank). Mushroom soup was just something ordinary and nothing to shout about.

Curry Laksa RM12.90
Mom ordered Curry Laksa. Wow, I didn't know that curry laksa can taste so fantastic! 
All of us love this. The curry was thick enough and most importantly, it is spicy!
Lots of vegetables such as long beans, bean sprouts and bean curd, chicken, clams... It is also very aromatic, you can literally taste the herbs and curry flavor! *thumbs up*

Chicken Chop. RM18.90
Typical old me, never fail to order something other than Chicken chop. I love chicken, no question about this. The slightly char and crispy outer skin part was superb! It's remarkably delicious .So good. The chicken is inexplicable, you just have to try this yourself. I think it's delicious.

Spaghetti Vongole. RM18.90
Slightly similar to aglio olio style but plenty of 'lala' in it. Utterly delicious and al dente spaghetti..
You are able to taste the sauce in every single strand of noodles...*slurrp*

Fish and Chips. RM16.90

Cappel Giant. RM19.90
Super huge fruit juice!!! Biggest juice I've ever seen. Carrot + Green Apple juice, very thirst quenching beverage I would say.

Lamb Shank .Rm49.30(Set)

Oh. this. is. literally. ohsem. Awesome. 
Dad loves this very much. The meat was utterly tender and succulent. Not too dry.
The lamb shank is then lied on a bed of very fine-mashed potato, drizzle with homemade brown sauce... heavenly.

I think this place isn't that bad, everything I had was beyond average, will drop by again if there's chances...

Address: Lot G002 & G18A, Ground Floor, IOI Mall Puchong
             Batu 9,Jalan Puchong.
Open daily : 11am - 11pm
Tel : 03 8070 8527

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  1. The place looks very cosy and pretty (: Price of the food is reasonable as well hehe

  2. This place looks so cosy - just like someones dining room at home.

  3. I've tried their laksa before, not bad!The deco is the main attraction for me to visit;)

  4. haha! I feel like trying out the giant juice! =P

  5. The lamb shank looks exquisite. Too bad I am not a big fan of lamb. LOL :D

  6. The place is sooooo sweet! Wanna try the food there too :)

  7. The food is like making me drooling

  8. love this place

  9. dude. next time snap some photo of the maid for us..


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