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266 - Chilla Cup @ Setiawalk Puchong


A place known not just for its coffee but its delicious accompanying snacks too - most notably the freshly baked pretzel - Chilla Cup freshly roasts the beans upon order, with their beans imported from Asia, Africa and South America. The place itself sets the mood as an ideal cafe to sit back and relax in; the good coffe, delicious food, comfortable couches and free WiFi teamed with affordable prices make Chilla Cup a great hang out spot if you enjoy good food and a good quality cup of coffee.

A remarkably cozy and clean environment with warm lighting .
I ordered my cup of latte the very soon when I sat down. My coffee arrives, with a strong latte bursting with a super-rich, fresh-roasted flavor that is ambrosial to the palate. I took a sip of the foamy coffee with a little bit hint of the caramel in top... the perfect bittersweet combination that I couldn't decipher in words... heavenly. 

Latte : RM9.50(regular)

Caramel butter thick toast : RM8.5
I'd always, always love thick toast. Especially peanut butter thick toast. 
I never fail to order the same thing over and over again. But this time, I had no choice but to order Caramel Butter thick toast because they didn't sell peanut butter..;(
To my surprise, their thick toast with airy fresh cream on top was good. Yeah, good, not to say excellent but, good.
I have sweet tooth just like any other girl does, I can't help myself but to keep polishing the caramel on the plate till the plate get squeaky clean! ;)

Caramel almond pretzel : RM7.50
Freshly made pretzel. 
Chilla Cup has a open kitchen concept whereby you are able to witness the entire process of preparation.
I saw them merrily twisted the dough into a pretzel shape, and bake'em on the spot.

Seafood Bolognese Spaghetti.
Next, we had the traditional seafood pasta! 
With succulent prawns and mussels, grated cheese and mingle them all into the tomato paste..
and taa-daa,  aa appetizing bolognese pasta is born! 

Pepperoni tortillas : RM13.90
Baked freshly upon order, what taste better than the semi-melting cheese, with a strong aroma of herbs, slices of beef pepperoni  on top of a crispy-thin slice of tortilla? 
Absolutely delicious.

Dory fish with sour cream spaghetti : RM16.90
Creamy, rich, aromatic, milky, cheesy, sinfully good .

Chicken Burger with Fries.

Simple and petite burger I would say. I can't wait chomp down a mouthful of it, and savor the complexity of texture... the soft and fluffy texture from the bun, the rubber-like peppery chicken thigh, the crunchiness from the tomato slice and lettuce... It's flavorsome. Not to mention my favorite finger-thick french fries... *thumbs up*

Fish and chips : RM16.90
I love their very well-flavored-with-pepper fish and chips.
The deep fried batter was superb,together the tartar dip, they're just perfectly matched with each other.

Mango and Passion Fruit Smoothies. (RM 12)
Sipping a cup of smoothie on a scorching hot weather is just simple wonderful!
The creaminess and cooling pleasure that it brings to the palate, and almost guilt-free kind of beverage on a Sunday afternoon...I am on cloud nine.

Smoothies.RM12.00 (regular), RM13.00 (large)

Large(left), Regular(right)

Their smoothie and coffee are highly recommended in this case.
Smoothies selection: mango, strawberry,blueberry, passion fruit and raspberry . 
All flavors taste equally yummy!

Chilla Cup is now having promotion :
  1. selection of Chicken burger/Seafood Spaghetti/Cheesy Macaroni at a price of RM14.90. 
  2. come with a free drink of honey lime/americano/gourmet tea. available to upgrade to latte/cappuccino with additional RM3.
  3. promotion from Mon - Fri only. 12noon - 2pm. excluding holiday.
E-30A-G, Block E, Setia Walk, 
Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong,

Tel: 03 5879 6404

Opening Times :
Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm. 
 Fri, Sat and Eve holiday from 11am-11pm

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  1. Dory fish with sour cream spaghetti looks delicious and doink doink^^

  2. Try their chicken burger.. nice nice!

  3. Tempting food. :) Nice place to chill as well.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful post!! For the latest promotion and news on Chilla Cup visit us here

  5. feel like trying out the latte! like the LOVE! :D

  6. Seriously drooling...the caramel latte and caramel thick toast is stunning!!!

  7. thanks Eunice, love u! rick n vivien


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