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264 - The Loaf Bakery & Bistro @Pavillion.


The loaf is no strange to people in KL City, I have no doubt about the previous statement.
The loaf baking concept operating in Malaysia but based upon traditional Japanese techniques. Japanese baking has evolved over many centuries and now these delicious premium breads and pastries are available in Malaysia. All items produced in The Loaf are made daily from the finest imported and local ingredients.

The breads and pastries are available for dine-in or take-away

The Loaf also offers a full range of à la carte breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus for those who appreciate a dining experience in a relaxed ambience.
From broiche to butter roll, croissant to quiche and tarts; hard bread to semi-hard bread , soft breads... The loaf indeed offers a wide menu for everyone!

I bet this made your jaw drops.
 Even if you don't, for my sake, open your mouth widely and say : ''WHOA..''

I have to admit that I am a bread lover. I swear, from the bottom of my heart. Any healthy hearty bread can easily win my heart. Although it's hard (like stone) and stiff, and but that's what make the impenerable bread so special. I actually enjoy my time tearing,  biting and chewing it! The longer time you chew, the more you get to taste the 'fermented' odor which comes from the yeast and that's what gives the bread their very own characteristics....


I must also confess that I not only like hard bread, soft breads are also my love.

Red Bean Oyaki. RM2.90

Chocolate Banana Oyaki. RM2.90

Matcha Oyaki. RM3.50.
The burst of green tea flavor when I take the first bite ...
followed by the joy that overwhelmed me...
What's better than this?

Confiture- Jam.

All jams are free from preservatives and are made by using natural ingredients. That's why the price are slightly higher but I can guarantee you get to taste quality and tasty, free from harm products.:)
I personally like the raspberries jam the most! The one in red.

Confiture Motoko
A unique jam full of natural goodness and made from fresh raspberries, cane sugar, lemons and rose petals.
Confiture Hiroko
Oranges and lemons combine to offer a naturally sweet citrus jam like no other.
Confiture Nodoka
A refreshing jam made from fresh grapefruit with the added taste of rosemary.
Confiture Sayuri
Pineapple and lavender flowers combine to produce this great new jam sensation.
Cranberry Cream Cheese.
Best seller among all - The legendary Cranberry Cream Cheese.
The bun is extremely supple, like baby skin, it's so delicate and soft...with the generous spread of creamy Philledelphia cream cheese, and chunky cranberries...I'm hypnotized. 

Nutty Croissant.

 Sounds like naughty croissant. ;P
Chunky almonds, cashew nuts, Pistachios coated with a thin layer of caramel syrup, sitting on top of the multi-layer fluffy, flaky buttery pastry..nyum~

Croissant Mix.

From left : Strawberry Croissant, Peppermint croissant, and chocolate croissant.
If you are a croissant or pastry fanatic then you'll for sure love this.

Choco Petite.
 Choco petite comes in different sizes , and the strawberry petite.
Both are equally delicious and scrummy!

Refreshing thirst quencher !

Lemongrass soda.


...with milk = coffee. Although I am already half-full after sampling each supple, hard crust, sinful cream cheese buns,the intense bitterness of coffee itself manage to keep my metabolism soaring and Im ready to go for second round !

Ceasar Salad
A very healthy and balance salad consist of succulent prawns , mono-unsaturated fats-packed avocado, fresh and leafy lettuce and olives.
It goes very well with the sesame seed dressing.

Bread Bowl Mushroom Soup.
Genius. I gonna make this my own next time! ;D hopefully the soup won't spill.
The Mushroom soup is intensely rich and thick and aromatic and yummy and... you name it..
>.< Best served hot  or else the bread turns soggy , and it'll be no longer appealing to the palate.

Pasta Chili Prawn.

Potato Leek Soup
This is utterly a sinful and creamy soup that makes you hook up on it and never want to stop. The potato was blended very smoothly with the leek . Such comfort food really mange to bring up my mood after a long day. We'd actually enjoy the soup whilst displaying our thumbs up, shaking our head and said : ''this is so so good...'' 

Champagne Fromage. RM20
Love this the most. It's mega chewy , with LOADS of cream cheese and nuts, pineapple and seeds...
Ohsem combination!Most people don't know what's in this bread that makes it cost rm20, even if I don't know, I will still buy it. According to chef, the making of this Champagne fromage is extremely time consuming, and they only use the finest ingredients for it. Though the bread is as hard as a stone, but the inside is extremely chewy and slightly damp, with lots of 'air bubbles'.
It's delicious.

Chicken patty with rice.

Meat Loaf
The beef is extraordinarily soft and mushy, with that melt-in-your-mouth kind of texture, very well seasoned with salt and pepper .

Mushroom salad.
Shitake mushroom with cheddar cheese salad. 

Uhuhu Cheesecake
Oreo Crunch Munch, Rapsberry Swirl Whirl, Mango banana Bliss, Harmonious Matcha, Blueberry treasure, Coco Loco, Caramelized Heartiness, Glizty Strawberry, and Durian flavor cheesecake!
All Cheesecake share the same flavor but what makes them different is just the toppings. ;)

These Uhuhu Cheesecake really makes me go ' uhuhu ' ....
It was so soft and damp and creamy and yummy... All of the sudden I was defeated by these little cheesecakes, feeling so weak in the knees over them,so I just let go of myself and indulge! 

With two good looking chef.
The Loaf Bakery & Bistro

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Yumm... bread has never looked this good... and the other dishes... *drools*

  2. I thought they only sell pastry :O Not really a pastry person but their dishes sure look good especially the pasta and bread bowl mushroom soup!

    1. Yeah Hilda..I didnt know tht last time too!

  3. I like the bread and mushroom soup from The Loaf :)

  4. Oh man, they are really indulgently tempting! :D

  5. Congratulations to the chefs. It all looks very good.


    1. Yes Filip..thanks for the compliment..;P

  6. Replies
    1. yeahh! and the durian cheesecake!!! uhuhu~~~;D

  7. Their bread very span-air d.. like it!

  8. I m so in love with the soups there... just fabulously comforting!

    and yes... I also went 'WHOA' at the sight of all those breads & cheesecake.. UHUHUHU! ;)

    1. uhuhu! I miss the breads! all the breads!! I know u love the soup very much, can see u keep diggin in! ;D

  9. one of my fave places for breads. not tried the other food though.

    1. Im starting to fall in love with this place!;p

  10. ooo! so many sweet food <3

    u got drink more water or not har? :P


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