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263 - Paradise Dynasty乐天皇朝 @Paradigm Mall

It's  para-daim !!!

The newly opened Paradigm Mall@Kelana Jaya has become ones topic at every single corner of the Selangor state.
Sales,promotion, good rebates,discounts,extra points,etc...
News spread faster than bacteria, everyone around me is chattering about Paradigm.
All I am concern is , fashion, gadgets, culinary experience. Yes. No doubt bout that.

I went Paradigm Mall for four consecutive days, I had no idea why. Don't ask. ;P
Tried several good restaurant, which I am going to blog about it sooner or later. But let's just start with the most interesting one - Xiu Long Bao(it means little dumplings in cantonese).

utmost attractive colors I've seen...

We've queued for an hour before being seated although we arrived a couple hours past lunchtime, but it was still humming with hungry folks like me.
And finally, the time has come.

I hopped in contentedly and took a seat,then
 hastily flipped through the menu, searching for the colorful rainbow dumplings...and merrily jot down my order... (That's my priority, the reason why I am here)..

The interior of Paradise Dynasty is simple and elegant.
Dark wooden walls, neatly arranged tables and chairs,and amber-resplendent atmosphere...

Salted Sliced Duck. RM16.
 Shocked and hilarious was the first reaction I gave when this arrives. 
The menu should be written '' For illustration purpose''.
It was a lot more downsized compare to the one in the menu, and it was slightly overpriced.
Meat was sliced very thinly and served cold.  Nothing to shout about as I firmly believe that I can find better three-centimeter-thick and fully flavored roast duck out there. ;P

 The only thing that can boost of this dish is the skill of slicing. 
Chef must be extra meticulous in the preparation process...

Yong Chau Fried Rice. RM16
 Plain and bland and cold.
I was so disappointed. A fried rice isn't a fried rice when it's lack of flavor, the 'wok hei', (char flavor) that is suppose to present, it did not. 
I doubt they crack an egg in it too, did they? No, I am deadly serious, there's nothing but tiny pieces of prawns and fish cakes. hmmm.....;/

Signature 'La-mein'- RM18
 La-mein , meaning ''hand-pulled noodles'', something similar with Japanese Ramen, 
but slightly thinner and softer, without the 'al dente' texture.
Pork broth made from pork bones and is suffused with the hearty pork flavor...

complementary Fried Chicken 
 Very crispy and fragrant. But the batter is too thick for my liking.
As I can still taste some of the damp-uncooked-flour at the interior...

Take a look at this lengthy and gangling straight noodles...
Feel like slurping it one mouthful, as long as my breath can take...

Sze Chuan Dry La-mein with Dumplings.

The dry version of la-mien. Strongly flavored with chili oil and bird's eye chili- cili padi, which is so capable of making your tongue numb. Weird, so weird, it's not spicy to such extent which I couldn't take no more, but it successfully benumbed me. 
Dumplings were good, it's pillowy soft and juicy.
I love this spicy characteristic because it really 'excite' my taste buds...wooo~

be cautious if you couldn't take spicy stuffs...

Superlative-long-strand-of undivided noodles...
 Once again, I feel like ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss-slurping it one mouthful.
*thumbs up*

8-Types of Siu Long Pau. RM 24++

This is absolutely a must-try item in Paradise Dynasty. 

Orange- Foie Gras Siu Long Pau
Black  - Steam black truffle Siu Long Pau
Light Orange - Steamed Crab Roe Siu Long Pau
Green - Steamed Ginseng Siu Long Pau
Yellow - Cheese Siu Long Pau
Grey - Steamed Garlic Siu Long Pau
Pink - Sze Chuan Siu Long Pau

Foie Gras Siu Long Pau.

The creaminess of the fois gras mixed with the minced pork is a surprisingly a brilliant combination, with the oh-so-orangy outer layer enveloping it. I couldn't decipher each and every single Siu Long Pau here as I did not sample each one of it. . .But one thing for sure, I enjoy eyeing on them. 
They're like babies, so adorable, and petite, and 'fragile....

....and must handle with care.

How to eat Xiao Long Bao:

Lightly lift the tip of the XLB with your chopstick, placing extra care not to break the skin . Chew off a portion of XLB skin at the side to allow cooling of the soup broth and the pork filling. Sip the soup broth and  stuffed it all in your mouth!!! You may complement with ginger sliced and vinegar if desire.
 FYI, a good Xiao Long Bao skin shouldn't break off easily. 
It must be able to sustain the weight of the juice..

Red Bean banana Souffle. RM8
See. I am trapped. again. by the fascinating word called 'Red Bean'. 
I couldn't hold back myself and so I made my order. Teeeheee..*smile sheepishly*

I didn't know it was so fluffy. Fluffier than I imagined. Red bean paste with banana puree?
Sweet combination I would say! Kinda match. They were able to harmonize so welly together...
Ahh... It was one of the gratifying dessert I've tasted....yummm...
And because it was dusted with powdered sugar, it left my lips snowy white after I took my first bite, 
it's lip-smacking good.

I will be back, to engulf the 8 types of Xiao Long Bao! 
Who is with me?xD

Paradise Dynasty,
Level One, Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya.
Tel: 03-7887-5022

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  1. haha I was wondering how do you pronounce paradigm :P

  2. I went thre last night but thre was a long queue to wait. I shall try the xiao long bao one day if they r really tat good. :)

  3. Replies
    1. wait till u at kl ...jom kita pegi makan

  4. me! :) the xiao long bao, but not the rice and noodle

    Latest: 100 Years Old Creation

  5. I m interested in the colorful Xiao Long Baos..... do you really taste the difference in each flavor?? ;)

    1. Nope, I didnt get to try all of it..hee
      will be back again and make sure I try all of it!

  6. I love all your photos,makes me drool nia~~~

  7. Wah I like the look of Salted Sliced Duck! Y no ajak me?? HMPH!! :p

  8. All of those different versions of Siu Long Pau makes me want to try each one.

  9. Finally your blog can be visited again! What's the price of the other stuffs here? Portion's a little small for such high price. Video Games Live Malaysia 2012

  10. I love the color of the siu long bao.....& the filing

  11. one word...does the food taste good?

    1. The Xiu Long Bao taste good, the rest is just average..;)

  12. Colourful XLB, somemore has different flavours! :D

  13. wow and u so fast go do review already!!

  14. awesome photos, just curious, do the xiao long bao really tasted like as told by the colors ? or just mere artificial coloring :P

    1. it's the filling, my dear. the filling has lots of flavor!! and it's not artificial! ^^

  15. last photo focus fail ka? LOL :D

  16. Well, even thought the salted sliced duck was not as what you have been expected, the photo certainly show the different way. Especially the highlight on the shining fat part. *slurp*

  17. are the siu loong bao good???
    i have heard a lot about it. am wondering if they are worth trying

    1. Yeap. I think the siu loong bao worth the money. But the service is a BIG THUMBS DOWN......;]

  18. Nice right lil gal? I love da Red Bean banana Souffle XD


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