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262 - Sakae Sushi@ Paradigm Mall.

Another new Sakae outlet in town!!
It's their 19th outlet in Malaysia and they are still expanding!
I was so curious about trying out their new menu as let it be in terms of variety and quality, I always find Sakae Sushi the best.

You can come to Sakae several times a month without getting tired of the same thing.
They always serve fresh, high-quality food at affordable price. Their selection of over 200 delectable varieties of
sushi and sashimi, tantalizing teppanyaki, takimono, nabemono, tempura, agemono, ramen/udon/soba and donburi dishes.
Their wide range of menu is to ensure that there is always something for everyone.

Kaisen Salad. RM16.90
Consist of snow crab meat, tuna chunks, prawns and ebiko and assorted vege...Dressed with homemade creamy goma dressing....I can literally tell the freshness of the succulent prawns and snow crab.
Very healthy and delectable dish indeed!

Specially made for kids like me. Tuna sandwiched between the rice patty and coated with seaweed flakes . A cute little froggie is then placed atop of the bed of rice beckoning you to eat'em!

Soft Shell Crab Maki RM5.99
I love the spirit of innovation that Sakae Sushi has. They are constantly changing their menu as they only want to serve the best to their customers. Whatever in the menu that is least or to say, 'not very hot-selling', they will take them off the menu and replace with a better one. Soft shell crab maki is one of my fave in the new featuring menu, it's just simply delicious.

Ebi Crepe. RM 5.99
Egg mayo is rolled inside a very thin egg crepe together with deep fried shrimp tempura.
The complex texture that you have when you take a mouthful of can really jazz up your palate!

Inari Avocado Ebi RM7.99
I love this berry muchie! The creamy rich avocado paired with the succulent shrimp chunks..coated with a layer of mayonnaise , with the deep fried crispy shirmp head tucking out.... wrapped with inari (sweet beancurd)..I just wanna stuff it all in my mouth and savor the complexity of this edible sushi!
I love prawn head as well, I don't mind swallowing the whole thing!

Sakae Blossom . RM9.99
Look at that esculent salmon on top!

To catch the tail of season of spring, Sakae is introducing this Sakae Blossom. Sakae Blossom is an intricately-designed roll of luscious grilled salmon, shrimp roe and mayonnaise on a delightful maki. I definitely fall in love with this dish, for their fresh salmon.

Kaisen Pirikara Nabe. RM24.90

 The soup consist of prawns, cuttlefish, salmon, mushroom, and assorted vegetables.
It's so nice to have this on a cold-rainy day. It will definitely keep you warm and chase your flu away! Not very spicy but a hint of chili powder flavor in it. ... *sip sip sip*

Add caption
I manage to 'fish' the one and only scallop..xD
Lucky me!

Hotate Mentaiyaki RM20.90
Next, I had hotate mentaiyaki!
The scallop was nothing but delicious. The scallop portray it's very own just-nice-chewy texture, the cheese atop contributes to the rich and creamy flavor ...Ahh, heavenly !

Curry Udon with thick gravy...
Curry Udon. RM12.90

 Chewy-thick-strands of udon coated evenly with a thin layer of curry gravy, it makes you wanna slurp it without stopping!
Pieces of chicken meat and potato can be found drenched in the bowl too!

A meal isn't complete if there's no dessert to put a full stop in it. Hence, Sakae also serve you their best premium ice cream which are very rare!
Passion Fruit Ice Cream(RM6.90), Dragon Fruit Ice Cream(RM5.90),Matcha Ice Cream (RM5.90), and Goma Ice Cream(6.90)

A luxurious dessert indulgences-- The colours are derived naturally from the fruits itself, make it look attractive. The Goma Ice cream and Matcha ice cream are normally seen in most of the Japanese restaurant, the goma one is good with the strong aroma of black sesame. The Matcha Ice Cream is highly recommended  as it is full of flavor . Such ambrosial ice cream is so capable of lifting up ones' mood... hehee
The dragon fruit ice cream is something new to all of us...The very dark pinkish color is already attractive enough to stand on its own!

Matcha Parfait. RM14
Very pleasant presentation . I always love what I loved- Matcha.
With sweet red bean paste and corn flakes, they're just so perfectly match to each other.
The crispy crunchy corn flakes , the creamy fragrant with slight bitterness matcha ice cream, the sweet and thick red bean past.... all align in a tower.. Gorgeous dessert  I would never get tried of.

Variety of Mochi.

To safeguard the highest standards of freshness and quality, Sakae Sushi sources ingredients from top suppliers around the world and maintains stringent food safety and hygiene standards. In addition, it pioneered the use of the innovative sushi rice ball robots to produce sushi of a consistent size and quality.
In line with its orientation towards a lifestyle dining experience and customer satisfaction, Sakae Sushi constantly leverage on the use of technology.
The restaurant;s patented interactive menu system, touted as the fastest food ordering system allows customers to order their fave dishes directly from the kitchen while keeping a tab on their bill easily.

Sakae is very innovative and keep on improving their menu, as this keeps me coming back for more!
Quality, innovation and enjoyment- these are indeed the hallmarks of the brand and lasting impression that Sakae Sushi desires every customers to leave with.

As a means of further rewarding it’s loyal customers, Sakae Sushi has also launched several promotions for the customers. Newspaper readers can enjoy a special RM10 cash voucher valid with a minimum spend of RM25, with an additional free pink plate worth RM3.99 for Citibank cardholders. Facebook users will also be entitled to their share of freebies by joining the Sakae Sushi Facebook fan page and taking part in various fun contests.

Address : Sakae Sushi 荣 @ Paradigm Mall
Lot CF 13, Level C, Paradigm Mall
No.1, Jalan SS7/ 26A,
Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
GPS : N03 06.344'  E101 35.742'

Business Hour : 10am - 10pm

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  1. The hotate mentaiyaki and Sakae Blossom look delicious!! However, I'm a bit reluctant to go to any more Sakae Sushi outlets because so far, my several trips to other branches have been very disappointing. :(

  2. Goes good with the scallop served..

  3. me big Fan of the curry Udon and ice creams.... going back soon for more! ;)

  4. The frog is soooo cute.... what is frog made of? Can i eat it? =D

  5. That's the cutest dish I've even seen - frog and tuna. What child could say no?

  6. I wish I was not rushing that day so that I can have more ice-cream T_T

  7. I like going to Sakae Sushi too but I'm afraid of sitting next to the conveyor belt cause my son will keep taking the sushi plates non-stop. Lol! The food is nice!

  8. overall i feel that the dessert is the best XD

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  9. the ice cream is shorbet-like one izzit?

  10. Kermit the grog but with excellent sushi.


  11. Ooo, it's been very long since I had a Japanese meal. I'd like to order the curry udon :D

  12. you got hug the froggy or not ar? HAHAHA

    the froggy in one of the photo can eat ka?


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