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261 - Hui Lau Shan许留山 Healthy Dessert@ 1 Utama Shopping Mall

How healthy can a dessert be when it's laden with sugars ?
''No sugar is added in their mango desserts'' I heard someone say.  
Hui Lau Shan 许留山 flew all the way from Hong Kong and it is their first outlet in Malaysia@ 1Utama!
How can I not try it??????? I am a dessert freak. I am freaking obsess with 'healthy dessert', hence, without second thoughts,  I went there with my glutton friends to wallop their whole menu!!

It was quite disappointing upon ordering as 50% of their dessert had sold out when we arrived... We went there straight after our dinner @ Menya Musashi .
By the time we settle down at Hui Lao Shan the clock needle had already pointed 9pm...
I pouted and show my grumpy face to the waiter. I know it was not a correct behavior but I came all the way and he just smiled and say:'' Sorry, mai sai jor ''( certain dessert had sold out), and particularly , the dessert that I yearn so much for... the mochi and the sweety ball was sold out, *RAGEEEE*

Hoi Lau San (7)Hoi Lau San (9.0) 
Pictures above taken from

Anyway, niway, I am going all out to indulge.... Let's see what we have...
Mango Icy Crystal Jelly. RM9.90
Lots of mango cube, mango puree, mango pudding and not very sweet as the sweetness comes from the Mango itself. I love this. So pure and refreshing!

Coconut Mango with Mango Ice Cream
Typically tasty as the coconut milk has its very unique and creamy taste. 

Watermelon sago with Mango

Slightly bland. Perhaps we were so busy taking pictures and neglected it. It was at its not-very-cold and icy state when we eat this. The ice melted too fast before we are able to finish it. >.< 
Maybe they should change their ice supplier. xP 
Honeydew sago with Vanilla Ice cream
See, I told you. The ice melt faster before we could imbibe it! The ice cream taste good though. Cream of the crop ice. lolz!

Triple Mango Delight. RM9.90
Oh-SO-Fantabulous-triple-thick-mango puree~ love this the most.
Consist of Mango Ice Cream, mango cube, mango puree, mango pudding ... It was so rich and divine.
I can't help myself , I kept digging and digging the mango ice cream... So nice la!!

Mango Pudding.
Not a fan. No comments. ;P
Very flavorful though...
Bird's Nest mango Pudding. RM11.90
I was amused by the artful presentation.
It's a turtle!!! BUBUBU.. Sho cute....yeeek!(sorry for being childish, I was overwhelmed)..
Two types of ice cream is given( Coconut & Mango) and touched up a little with some bird's nest...

Coconut Mango with red bean.
While I was browsing the menu, my eye balls automatically search for the words............''Red Bean''.
I am a Red Bean fanatic. No doubt bout that. I ordered Mango with Red bean smoothie.
Mango was blended so thick & smoothly with chunky beans at the bottom, I felt like flying on cloud nine. . .

Double Mango Punch.
*Highly recomended*  This beverage is self describable .
Look at how concentrate it is, at the bottom of the plastic cup was loaded with jelly and mango cube as well. Packed with Vitamin C and beta-carotene... Girls better drink more, just ignore the calories laa..

Mango + 'Gui ling song'( Herbal Grass Jelly)
Mango Icy Crystal Jelly. RM9.90

*Highly Recommended*
I'll just leave this as your homework.Go try it yourself, and tell me how do you think of it. 
Judge this by your own. 

A table fool of foods.

Signature Curry Combo. RM7.90

Maybe I was too stuffed...the curry taste ordinary to me...nothing much to shout about.
 Somewhere inside my digestive mechanism got jammed....I was so full that day...
 I couldn't take it anymore... 
Anyway, I will definitely be back to try their sweetballs and mango mochi!

Hui Lau Shan
Store:Food & Beverages
Lot No.:FK107
Location:First Floor

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  1. what a weird name. hahaha sigh! u make me feel like going out to eat dessert! >.<

    1. haha! this dessert stall very famous in HK ...

  2. I love any dessert with mango but eh curry at a dessert shop? :P so weird one HAHA

  3. I just came back from HK & this definitely make me miss HK :(

  4. I wan all mango mango.. no one left for me@!

  5. Shit!! This is what I missed la! T3T Caroline's fault!

    1. haha!! Y u no come??? u really missed a lot!

  6. Eric : Syok to the max bro when you join us on the table. All say A LOT!!! CAN WE FINISH???? Darn I turn my back keep camera, finish 1 bowl oledi. lol ..... dun under estimate gals when come to desserts .....

  7. I have never seen this outlet before. Maybe I'm not as familiar with 1U now as before after their reconstruction. The deserts look not bad btw PIKOM ICT Mall Grand Launch

  8. same surname in my chinese name but different surname in english slang woot! :D

  9. oh, so many items you have tasted...
    very interesting introduction & nice photos.


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