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260 - Menya Musashi Tokyo Ramen@ Isetan 1Utama.

Previously, Malaysian have been going gaga over the bubble milk tea drink(Ochado, Chatime, Gong Cha, Ding Cha...)  Bubble teas kiosks are sprouting like mushroom, and now ,the contagious Ramen trend is taking over ,obviously....
Been hearing people talking bout ramens everywhere... Yamagoya Ramen , Goku Raku Ramen, Ichiban Ramen, Santouka Ramen.... and now, Menya Musashi Tokyo Ramen! 
My friends (glutton precisely), they decided to whack the whole menu of Musashi Ramen and we did. We also had second round of dessert at Hui Lao Shan (Famous Hong Kong Dessert) after stuffing ourselves with 9 bowls of ramen, 2 servings of Gyoza, 2 bowls of rice and more. . .

Takana Gohan. RM7
'Mui Choy' is what we called this vege in chinese. Typically salty but I think that's how it suppose to be. 
Best served with a bowl of plain rice. ( eunice don't really like it actually ;P)
Chashu Gohan. RM9
Very fragrant chashu( pork) with slightly sweet gravy... (eunice said it is acceptable).

Been waiting impatiently for our ramen to arrive.... and taa-daa!!

Musashi Tsukemen. RM27
Musashi Tsukemen with Shiro (Onion flavored Oil) . 
Chashu Men . RM30
Chashu Men with 'Aka '(homemade Musashi Chili Oil).
I love the aromatic chili oil bursting with a strong flavor which triggers my saliva gland... 
Ajimata Chashu Tsukemen. RM33
Ramen with 'kuro'(special oil combined of fried shallot and garlic oil).
This. is. arguably.good. too.
The astringency of the garlic , the saltiness, the soup base... me gusto.

Gyoza. RM9
Would prefer it to be more crispy at the base ... Taste ordinarily good though.
Remember to dip it in the black vinegar sauce they provide! 
Samurai vs Musashi. 
LOLZ. Every utensil has Musashi trademark on it....Just have a peek at their bowl...

Even their clay spoon has their signature sword.
Hold. Just pause for a moment and look at the noodles. 
expand your imagination , take a deep breath and feel the hot steam coming out from the bowl...
then you slurp a mouthful of ramen into your mouth, you chew it, and feel the springy texture .... ahhh! 
Yes! you got it, you got it, that's what I'm trying to tell....
Springy noodles.
The noodle is super springy! I love it so much! *SLURP*
When I say it's good, I mean it. I don't like soft noodles just taste so wrong to me..;P
I am a picky eater! 
Well, the diameter of the noodles, every strand of it, the texture, the length, the way it is cooked, lovely. *SLURP* i love it. i love it.

Dry Chashumen.
It is plain. The ramen was just simply prepared by running through hot boiling water. Paired with bamboo shoots and two pieces of palm-sized-big chashu. Not joking, it's really the size of your palm and 
;D it's porkilicious!

This is huge.

Complimentary soup .

Chasu Tsukemen. RM31
the decent lashing of chili oil makes everything taste better....agree?
*stare and drool*

Ajitama - 味玉. RM2

Eggy, I prefer it to be more wobbly and runny...

Manage to take a pic with Mr.Musashi...
Pfft. Look at his reluctant expression .....
...and my expression.... I feel like a dumb-ass-donkey-smiling-so cheerfully yet he give me this serious-looking expression.

He prefer taking picture with himself. I guess. XDD

This is the first bill. 
We'd actually ordered another two bowls of ramen + gyoza + egg which cost us RM50. 
Not cheap I would say, but once in a while, I don't mind...;)

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  1. The ramen looks like spaghetti. A bit pricey for a bowl of ramen but like you said, once a while should be okay :)

    1. yes Waco.. looks like spaghetti! taste different thou...;)

  2. Hahhahaha.. he looks like a statue standing right beside you. He should smile more when taking picture with a leng lui...

    1. yesh! eggxactly! hahaha!! Im not leng lui la..*shy*

  3. the chef is so lengchai...i may end up just starring at him instead of eating my food. but again...i am so tamchiak. i think i will finish my food then look at him for dessert:D

  4. wow! chasu so big! looks tasty!! btw finally got ur own photo in it! =p
    and you super rich lo! haha

  5. The ramen soup was thick enough!

  6. RM30 per bowl of Ramen? That is so pricey. Even Goku Raku Ramen is like roughly around RM20 less or more per bowl. But like what you mentioned, once in a while its ok lah. Hehehe^^ Well, I guess nowadays most people love to try new eateries :)

  7. haha, i know the food is nice, but this time i'm gonna said that the bowl is unique! haha! =D

  8. wow, nine bowls of ramen! that's a lot of noodles and soup on one table! sounds like a fun dinner :D

  9. I am having them for dinner tomorrow ..... burp~~~~ The Tu Hen (Hokkien) smells good! lol

  10. Mr. Musashi! LOL Reminds me of Hikitori Battosai LMAO


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