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259 - Dacquoise -Chef Hubert.


3 - Dacquoise
Oven:180 degrees for 10mins 160 degress for 10mins
300gms Egg White
300gms Sugar
300gmgs Icing Sugar
240gms Almond Ground
60gms Flour

whip egg whites with sugar little by little until it forms soft peaks
mix remaining ingredients with previous mixture

3.1 Lemon Lime Cream
230gms lemon juice bring lemon juice and half of sugar to boil
270gms sugar mix eggs and half sugar
270gms Eggs simmer mixture
4 gms gelatine add gelatine when mixture is simmering
350gms dry butter add mixture and butter into blender and whisk

3.2 White Chocolate Mousse
300gms Whipping Cream
300gms Milk Bring to boil
300gms Glucose Syrup
750gms White Chocolate add and mix hot cream mixture with chocolate

3.3 Raspberry Coulis
200gms Raspberry Pulp
100gms Sugar bring to a boil and let is reduce. Strain mixture. Store in fridge to future use.

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  1. Oooo... this look delicious. Would love to have a bite now for supper =)

  2. so u gonna make this? XD I want try yah hahaha


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