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255- Petite Millie @1 Utama Shopping Mall.


The Petite Millie story stems from Millesime. Millesime which means ‘vintage’ or ‘good harvest’ opened in 2010. To curious connoisseurs, its bears the private kitchen concept where customers savour the chef’s creation of the day. Located in Menara Kencana Petroleum in Solaris Dutamas,(click here or here for the previous post I've blog about Millesime). Millesime brings fine dining to a whole new level and is still an award winning restaurant with Miele Guide’s recommendation as one of Asia’s top restaurants. Singapore’s Food & Travel magazine voted it the top 60 dining must-do’s in 2011.

With Millesime paving the way, hence the brainchild: Petite Millie. Literally translated as ‘Little Millesime’, Petite Millie opened early this year with the concept of modern European casual dining as well as the incorporation of fine dining as Millesime’s heritage. The majority of the foods served are French inspired as the restaurant is a reminiscent of a French style brasserie.

''Petite Millie is not just any brasserie; it is a brasserie with Good Food, Good Company. Our tagline boasts that the restaurant don’t just churn out Good Food, the team wants every customer to be a part of this gastronomic affair. It focuses on its products of unpretentious, hearty and fine, exceptional and of quality ingredients and dishes. Petite Millie also wants the restaurant to be flocked with Good Company; friends, family or plainly, just people who crave for wonderful experiences. The team in turn, wants to be a Good Company to customers by being the best host they can be.''

 Okay, let's stop with the relentless babble, and get started with the F&B.
 I'll just let the food speak for itself.
Cappucino. RM7
A very elegant way to present this ordinary Cappucino on a wooden board...;)

Fuzzy Frost .RM14

A mixture of complex flavor between mango, peach and tea! 

Goodness, Gracious, it's Green. RM14

their 'GOODNESS, GRACIOUS, IT'S GREEN' is literally's made with green tea, kiwi, and soursop and oh, not to forget natural yogurt,no creamer is's an unforgettable taste... It's utterly healthy and refreshing. I feel so energetic after having a sip of this Oh So Gracious Green Fruit Freezer! IT'S GREENILICIOUS! *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*

Monkey in the Tropics.RM14
 Banana and mango blended into an extremely smooth and fine texture...

Autumn Temptation. RM14
 Green Apple with Cinnamon. It's very light thirst-quencher with a hint of Cinnamon flavor. . . 

 In Petite Millie, the chefs’ imaginations are not just confined to the items on the menu. 
The Weekly Specials are dishes that are created on a weekly basis and are never repeated. It is created base on the ingredients available to the chefs that week. Also, the Signature dishes namely the Poutine, Tartine and Tarte Flambee distinctively differentiates the restaurant from others. . . 
Scroll down to know more...

Roasted Leek and Potato Veloute. RM12.50

Garnished with chive,drizzled with avocado oil, paired with a dollop of Ricotta Smoked Fish Tartare in a pool of leek + potato soup. I love the freshness of the smoke fish, I solemnly believe that there's something to do with the quality of the fish... Very well done. 

Provencale Root Vegetables and Brolotti Bean. RM12.50
 next, we had some sort of tomato based soup with Herb Pistou and Tapenade Crouton...The tapenade is made with black olives, blended in a food processor until it becomes very smooth,I sniffed herbs in it too!  I must admit that this is a very complex dish in the sense of flavor and texture; the drenched Tapenade Crouton soaked up the soup, and when it goes together with the semi-soft carrot chunks, you get to taste more than one flavor in just one bite! ;D

Luv a Duck. RM23.50
 A truly simple sandwich with peppered duck breast and fresh rocket leaves -Dill Aioli .
This dish is accompanied with toasted bread sticks which is literally crispy that were originally from the sides of the tart flambee. It's baked, it's healthy and addictive! xD

Poutine Cheek... it's deadly. RM26.
 6 Hours braised beef cheek, freshly grounded pepper and truffle oil... I love the extra Shiitake Mushrooms flavor in it, cheddar cheese which is grated in profusion as well...All you need to do is mix it together , eat it, and be amazed ! The beef is literally tender , not the melt-in-your-mouth kind of soft, and that is what I'm looking for. ;)
Avocado and Crab... c'est une boone vie! RM19.50

When simple ingredients comes together, they create different flavors. For instance the fragrance of thyme, balmy lemon oil, refreshing chive, crab meat salad and Avocado, it's plain, but it's not bland; it's authentic french style cooking, which emphasize more on fresh and fine ingredients instead of the strong and MSG-loaded flavor. It's hard to define what is good food,what is not,  but  I firmly believe that this is definitely one of the good one.

Iberian Beef Cecina. RM19,50
 Sliced air dried beef loin and capsicum concasee. A very french-style thin crust pizza base topped with traffic light colored capsicum aka pepper... Very light and guilt-free finger food indeed!

Very Atas One! RM26

Thinly sliced of beef, blue cheese crumbs with caramelized onions.
It would be my greatest joy to explain in details about 'The Very Atas One'...So here it goes..
The very atas one, I had no clue where the name of this dish came from, atas, in malay simply means 'top'. 
If you translate it into English it would be ' The Very Top One'! Take a look at the dish again and spot the Blue Cheese. It's advisable for you to incorporate it while it's still hot, let the blue cheese melt and infuse to the entire dish. Next, grab your fork and dig in! At the bottom of the plate, there's finger-thick fries drenched in the aromatic yet pungent blue cheese gravy, wooosh, Im in cheesy-merry-land! ;D

It is highly flavored  and absolutely toothsome!

Emilia's Tagliatelle al Duck Ragu. RM28.50
Pasta, pasta, pasta with Two duck preparation, pesto and oregano - bread crumbs
White Truffle Oil Fish Pie. RM36.50
That's Millie's Signature... The magnificent white truffle oil baked fish pie with shiitake mushroom. You can smell the aromatic truffle oil once it is unwrapped ... *take deep breath* 
I am free falling... the creaminess , the flavor, the mushroom, the fish, the inexplicable joy when I'm having this........ * mind wanders*

Bourguignonne Style Beef Bavette. RM46.50
 Angus Flank of Beef braised with Shallot, Mushroom and Demi Glace lied in a bed of buttery mashed potato.

Still juicy and blushing on the inside...
Not the best steak I've ever eaten, but overall is still acceptable ...;)

Millie! RM16

Panna Cotta. RM16
 I love all the berries at the side!! On your left there's a tiny glass of berries immersed in cinnamon syrup. Very piquant ! I'm contented.

Apple Crumble. RM16.90
 Warm Dino's Granny Smith Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream. The thick-buttery crust by itself would have been rich, but the citrusy cinnamon apple in the centre is able to balance it back... They harmonize so welly together on a plate.*Clap clap*

Banana Cheesecake.
 Cheesecake from Little Millie does not come from the ubiquitous bakery shop, but ordered from The Crossroad Cheesecake( click here to know more!). I heard numerous of good comments about Crossroad Cheesecake but has not get a chance to try it ,I am glad that they're now in 1 Utama! 
Ask the waiter for a FREE taste when you dine in or have a cuppa coffee, they'll be glad to serve you for sure! 

Malaysian Treasure -Coconut Cheesecake. 

After a heavy meal, you can whet your appetite with Crossroad brand new flavor -- Malaysian Treasure-- that blends the best of Malaysian ingredients with a wholesome Western cheesecake recipe to create a dessert unlike any other you've ever tasted before, it's authentic and deliciously different! From its coconut-cracker base to its masterful blend of santan (coconut milk) and cheese, from the melted gula melaka(palm sugar) sauce to the crispy dessicated coconut shavings, this cake is completely and utterly brilliant that you cannot find it anywhere else! Definitely worth a try if you're looking for something traditional but modern.

Also, Petite Millie will have a Happy Tea time slot daily, which is from 3-6pm , where if you dine in and order one tart flambee or dessert, there would be free flow of fresh brewed coffee or english tea, hey, that's a steal which you're not suppose to miss! 

Chef Adam - the shy guy with his inviting smile.

The kitchen is run by two of Petite Millie’s extraordinary chefs, Head Chef Adam and Assistant Head Chef Dino. With nearly two decades in the F&B industry collectively, both the Chefs had their fair share of experiences before having a stint in Millesime and is now empowered to make sure Petite Millie is at its best at all times...

Address : Lot G 146, Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 47800
Contact Number : +603- 77320395
e-mail :
Facebook :

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  1. My plan to loose some weight.....would most likely go down the drain now....cis..

  2. very nice... it is still on my list to try... I wish I have four stomach... ;)

  3. OMG! visiting ur blog everytime makes me drool saja! =P

  4. New one huh? Never noticed it at One U before one. I wonder how can you go to so much yummy food reviews and still maintain looking so awesome :P

  5. I really wanna go 1u since there are so many good food there. But traffic is so bad there... especially parking on the weekend.

  6. i wanna try out this restaurant every time i go to 1U but the crowd are stopping me all the time. And now I know why....

  7. i think "very the atas" is Singaporean for "damn that is some good stuff right there". you're welcome :P

    (had their roasted leek soup, poutine bolognese, poutine beef cheek, and bread pudding. am still happy. boyfriend looking worried, has hidden the credit card.)

  8. i think "very the atas" is Singaporean for "damn that is some good stuff right there". you're welcome :P

    (had their roasted leek soup, poutine bolognese, poutine beef cheek, and bread pudding. am still happy. boyfriend looking worried, has hidden the credit card.)


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