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252 - Food Panda is now in town!


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1300 88 2525 sounds familiar?
1300 13 1300 sounds familiar?
1300 88 8333 sounds familiar, too?

All these fast food delivery has been mushrooming decades ago, so does it mean whenever you're lazy and don't feel like going out, you have to eat fast food, fast food, and only fast food?
Glad tidings, Food Panda is here to the rescue!!!

Food Panda, a website that allows you to order food online and have it sent to your doorsteps... and it's already AVAILABLE NOWWWWW! Foodpanda have recently launched their food delivery platform where Malaysians can enjoy the convenience of ordering food on their computers or gadgets.

Currently, there are already 97 restaurants in Kuala Lumpur listed on the website and according to foodpanda, they are gonna spoil customers with more choices from a broader variety of cuisine. They are also expecting to have more areas in the nation covered. But for now, the service will be fully focused to cater customers in Klang Valley.

Log on to and give it try and prepared to be surprised!
Some of the restaurants don't even have delivery charges. Which means they'd deliver orders for free. Which is pretty awesome if you're within their area of service. The approximate delivery time of restaurants is not more than 60 minutes. Payment method is cash on delivery only so no online payment headache.
The Food panda

Do check out their website at
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and do follow them on Twitter as well at (@foodpanda_my)

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