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Mezza9 @Glomac Galleria, Desa Sri Hartamas.


Appetizing Soups.

1) Wild Mushroom Soup (RM18)- From the ubiquitous semi-solid mushroom soup come from the tin to powdered form in a sachet which can be obtained easily in the supermarket, we have something beyond ordinary , something back to original-Wild Mushroom Soup. Prepared from fresh mushroom, which has been chopped very finely, and blended in a thick and heavy cream(too thick for my liking); flavor wise , hmmm..let's just say, I'm speechless with delight., it's flavorsome and tasty.

2) French Onion Soup (RM12) - It has a very strong balsamic vinegar taste, gives me a 'vinegar rush' at the first sip. I love this though. It indeed kicked start my appetite. My stomach  acid started to churn and I'm ready to gobble down the up-coming dish.

Mushroom Bruschetta. RM8
Awe-inspiring appetizer. The generous spread of thickened cream with the burst of mushroom flavor at the first bite.Nothing taste better when it is served on top of the pipping hot crust baguette.

Look at the shine of the cream. RM8

Look at the radiance reflected on the cream. Literally mouth-watering. Don't you agree?

Salmon Bruschetta. RM12
A 10cm-long-sliced raw salmon roll and lie on a bed of evenly cut tomatoes. The tomatoes were coated with a thin layer of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and finely chopped parsley.  It was good but not sepctacular...but but but, the salmon taste good on itself! ;D

Ceasar salad. RM18
Ceasar salad with balsamic dressing, with thinly sliced chedder cheese, beef bacon and quarter-cut hard boiled eggs, everything fits in perfectly into your mouth in just one mouthful. You can also opt for Lemon Scanted Chicken Breast if you dislike beef bacon for RM25.
Garden Salad. RM18

Garden salad with balsamic dressing. Very healthy dish. I've always love my salad. It helps balancing my diet, cause I'm a carnivore(most of the time). Salad is really good, it contains lots of nutrient unlike stirred fry veggie because most of the minerals and nutrients will be 'evaporated' and 'vanish' in the form of vapour. Lol, sorry for being a bit too 'scientific'. But, indeed, if you have vege in your fridge, eat it freshly, toss them with some vinegar , make them a healthy salad~ Enjoy munching the crunch! Add some olives, or blue cheese to make your not-so-bland salad! Vivify it just like how you vivify your life!

Braised Oxtail. RM16

As a matter of fact, the oxtail is really piquant and delectable. As clear as you can see it was immersing in a pool of macerated-reddish-carrots and tomatoes. The meat was remarkably tender as it gives you the'melt in your mouth' sensation. I can tell that they really braised this for at least five hours.

Heavenly oxtail. RM16

I would just stop here and glue my eyes on the pictures above. I love everything I've mentioned earlier. Im saying this from the bottom of my heart *touch heart*. xDDDD
Forgive me for being so "dramatic". I'm just trying my best to express my feelings.

Meat balls in Tomato Sauce. RM 12 (4 pieces)

Ouh. This.
I remember the taste when I took my first bite. Oversalted.
Somehow, the meatball itself manage to hook me back when I was about to say 'no good'.
I changed my mind on cue. The meat ball was good. I love the mild peppery taste contributed by the black pepper. It was bouncy too, like how you make the sound 'doi yao doi yao'...

Honey and Grain Mustard Glazed Salmon. RM48

The first image wasn't impressive as you can see from the pictures. But you're wrong. I didn't know honey mustard could jazz up the entire fish! The salmon is slightly smokey, the charred exterior gives a deep flavor to the fish as well.
As you can see some edges with little more  charred and crisp,while others are tender and unsmoked.
I love the black part. ;P The carcinogen is neutralize by the salad I had previously. So, Im guilt free! ;D
It's also accompanied with zucchini and asparagus at the side.

Fried Calamari rings with homemade tartare sauces. RM12.
Simple snack to munch on while waiting the main dish to arrive...
and here you go...

Mint Marinated Rack of Lamb with Fondant Potato and Roasted Cherry Tomato.
Mint Marinated Lamb. RM45
I love the mashed potato at the bottom of the lamb. Not because of the creaminess, but the 'fluffiness'.
Surprisingly, it was not as damp as expected, it wasn't something ordinary, it's the other way round. It was dry, but very well flavored. I just, felt so light when I'm having this, the texture makes you feel that it's fat free...perhaps only drizzled with olive oil and baked in the oven with a very low temperature. . . 

Decorated very finely with the mint sauces at the side, drop by drop, bit by bit.... I can tell that the chef must be a very careful person by doing this... Look at the meticulous artwork he'd done! *clap clap*.
If it's me I'll just serve you the sauces in a saucer! Haha. 

Just another angle of the same thing.... Ah, how can I not enjoy by looking at this? Well, at least I get to feast my eyes....
Spaghetti Aglio Olio. RM38

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with King Prawns. This particular spaghetti aglio olio had turn my palate upside down. 
Didn't know that Aglio Olio can taste so well. I had my first aglio olio long time ago and it was just simply olive oil , salt and pepper. What makes this special was the King Prawns. It was full of shrimp flavor!! Such incredible combination.... the prawns is said to be the soul of the entire pasta!

Tomato Seafood Fried Rice.

A hefty carbs laden fried rice I would say. It taste bland to me though. ;)

Traditional spaghetti bolognaise with lots and loads of minced meat. Slurrpp~
Spaghetti Bolognaise. RM25

Traditional spaghetti bolognaise with lots and loads of minced meat. Slurrpp~

Black Angus Rib Eye. RM80

Black Angus Rib Eye Served with Mediterranean Vegetables, jacket potatoes.

The juices on the inside is incredibly pink and juicy. Let the beef speaks for itself, and it certainly sings, bursting with flavors in every juicy mouthful. 
....with chunky potatoes
Look at the blushing steak! So seducing! 

Don't forget to leave some space for the chocolate lava cake. Absolutely indulgent.
Chocolate Lava

The melt in your mouth and heart orgasmic dessert - Chocolate Lava.
The molten chocolate is absolutely fantastic when you eat it fresh from the oven. love it,just simply love it. 


Some kind of dessert similar to 'cream puff'. But they used ice cream instead of cream as the fillings... The just nice petite portion gives you a sweet ending without stuffing you too much!

Besides all sorts lavish food in Mezza9, I definitely feel the urge to boast about their interior settings.
It's truly an atmospheric vibrant place, it's elegant and simple, with bare cemented walls, and exquisite warm chandelier hangnig from the top....

On the second floor, there's another granite bar on the side of the corner, decorated with neatly arranged bottles of wines in front of the see-through windows. This becomes the perfect place to perch while you're having bonding session with friends or your love ones, maybe with a glass or two of premium vodka. (just saying)... 

How can I not fall in love with this place?
I must admit that I have the 'melancholy blood' flowing inside of me... Any romantic places and ambiance, with some jazzy songs playing through the speakers can easily take my breath away. . . *gasp*

The Phantom of the Opera chandelier.
LOL! I solemnly believe that I will visit this place again, in the future... 
My conclusion about this place is, absolutely indulgent, meals aren't cheap but with the admirable chandelier and ravishing chow, I will be back...

Restaurant: Mezza 9
Address: B-G-03A,
              Glomac Galleria,
              Desa Sri Hartamas,
              50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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  1. Love your Mushroom Bruschetta's photo!
    Very appetizing! <3
    How come lately in come comment in my blog? Emo u dy... :(

    1. sayang back la...^^
      Not I didnt visit u ma..lazyy comment nia..

  2. yum yum.. im hungry at this moment, after read this post lagi hungry.. >.<

  3. looks yummy! but so expensive! TT

    1. pay for the premium is like that one la..;P

  4. Look like a elegant and classy place that serves pretty amazing fine dining :D I wanna try their steak! *drooling*

    1. YES, Hilda, you should try out this place!

  5. OMG, u're making me so hungry!! Just dropping by to wish u a Happy Mother's Day with your family & be sure to head over for a mouth-watering dish + some laughter @ Surprise Mom with A Stalk of Abalone Flower On Mother’s Day!

    1. thank you Shirley mama! ;D you are such a nice mom! It's your 'big day( Mothers Day)', Im suppose to wish u ! ahahha! ;D *hugs*

  6. Place looks good, food looks great. I'd have the oxtail...or the lamb but the prices are pretty scary.

  7. that's so beautiful :) love to try if it's not that expensive haha

    Latest: Crown of Pork Experience

  8. the restaurant is so beautiful. but the food is quite expensive.

  9. i love oxtail, especially when it's braised very well, to the perfect point of tenderness. the one here sounds spectacular! :D

  10. you made the food seems like they'r alive!

  11. wow! can see that the cream is really shinnning! =P

  12. My fave for the night is the braised oxtail.absolutely melt in the mouth!

  13. Very appetizing....but a little pricey. Hope the ambiance is equally good.


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