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249 -GeorgPeck (Coffee and Fresh Fruit Tea Shop)@ Sunway Pyramid

Good News, Good News! 
Calling all health freaks out there! Another healthy beverage stall is now in Town! 
Being the first and only one in Malaysia, GeorgPeck has successfully drawn some attention to all of us.
More than 200kinds of beverage store brands( including tea drinks, coffee and pearl milk tea) have flooded the market, making competition increasingly heated; to win out in a market full of fierce competition, it is not enough to merely grasp new business opportunities and ''be better than competitors'', you must create ''differentiation'' and find unique products and brands. In the new health-oriented consumption trends, Georg Peck, like a dark horse, has ushered in 'a new wave of consumption' in the beverage store market with fruit smoothie as the main products(listed by Americans as the second healthiest among the top ten) and health, nature and LOHAS as the principles pursued.

Georg Peck.
 When I first enter this humble kiosk, the carefree lighting cheered me up. The light-blue theme color had actually add luster to the entire surroundings. It's super attractive and comfy. With a lil bit of  'english-theme' designed, I bet everyone loves it.

 Let's see what do we have in Georg Peck...
 Ice Blended  Fresh Passion Fruit with Honey. RM6.90(L)
 Honey is the main sweetener in Georg Peck because they emphasize more on health.
They used fresh passion fruit for this. 
Ice Blended Chocolate Chips .RM7.90
Not the typical milky dilute chocolate drinks you always have outside, at Georg Peck, it's something beyond average. More than you can imagine, This is super rich and chocolaty! I can really tell the quality of chocolate they used. It's very fine and divine. 
Passion Fruit Green Tea 5.90(L)
 Ahh, whenever I see green tea,  i'll think of ABC it means Always Best Choice. Honey Green Tea, Yogurt Green Tea, Green Tea Red Bean, and passion fruit green tea. . . anything with green tea base, I wouldn't say no.  The passion fruit blended in so well with the green tea. Yum~

Fresh Tomato with Honey .RM6.90(R)
 *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* This is the house specialty. ''You couldn't find this somewhere else in Malaysia,''claimed the owner. I was so busy sipping and sipping ... and doesn't bother who was around... It was so refreshing and healthy and tomato-wy ! The sweetness is just nicely adjusted. I love this super much! rejuvenating!
Ice blended Fresh Orange with Honey. RM5.90(R)
 I saw boxes of fresh orange in the stall. I guess they really extract the juices and make this freshly.
Vitamin C all retained. I feel so pretty after drinking it.* Wuahahaha... Lemme day dream a while*

Lemon Plum. RM4.90(R)
 Sweet and sour Lemon Plum. It aids digestion. So whenever you think you're having a hard time digesting your food, especially after dinner, you can opt for this. ;) 

Next, we have some milk tea version...
Golden Milk Green Tea. RM5.90 (L)
 Very pleasant and moderate amount of milk , followed by a hint of green tea flavor. I love this because they don't overload their milk tea with creamer, which we often see as coffee mate. The aftertaste wouldn't be refreshing if they add too much milk, I found Georg Peck doing very good. Even their pearl are all imported from Taiwan, they kept exclaim that their product does not contain high preservative, and their pearl is smaller in size. Just nice to chew.
Hokkaido Milk Tea. RM7.90(L)
 The difference between Hokkaido Milk Tea and Green Tea Milk tea is just that Hokkaido milk tea has added caramel. You can literally taste the fragrant 'burnt sugar' at the first sip. My fellow mates loves this.

Hokkaido Milk + Green Tea Milk
 You can differentiate by looking at their color. One is slightly yellower(hokkaido) and the other(green tea) is whiter. Both pearls were simmered and cooked in brown sugar , you can literally taste the aromatic brown sugar flavor when you're gulping down the chewy pearls.
Caramel Milk Tea. RM7.90 (L)
 Slightly richer than the previous milk tea I would say. 
But taste equally nice, it's just the texture is more to the milky side.
Mocha Ice Blended. RM7.90
 Incomparable . Very strong fine coffee flavor together with dark chocolate ice blended. It was unmistakably  marvelous. Superb . We had a short Q & A session with the owners and she claim that only good grade coffee beans were selected to brew their coffee. All coffee beans came from South Africa (Columbia+Madeleines). 
Taro Milk Tea. RM5.90(L)
 Taro milk tea! Concentrated taro in powdered form. Not bad though..;)
Though it's in powder form , according to the owner, these products can only last for half a year because no preservative was added. ;) 
Chocolate Milk Tea .RM5.90.
 If you are a dark chocolate lover, you must order this. I fell head to toes over this. 
Caramel Macchiato Ice Blended. RM7.90(L)
 Coffee lovers, you can also find your favorite beverage over here as Georg Peck sells high quality coffee. You can really taste the difference! 
House Brewed Coffee .RM6.90 .

House Brewed Latte. RM6.90
Overall no complaints. *double thumbs up*

So you generous and health freak people out there, when you're in Sunway, don't miss this out. Instead of going to the accustom beverage stalls, try Georg Peck, and get ready to be surprised! It located inside Asia Avenue(Top floor), hiding somewhere in between the food street. (opposite Korean food street, sandwiched between Snowy Mix and Shilin Taiwanese Snacks.)

Georg Peck-Classic Good Tea.
Have you 'peck' it?

Brief History:

Drinks touting health and vitality present a new view of diet and life in the "new LOHAS age". Ke Zikai , founder of Georg Peck, is himself a practitioner of "lohasism" who has found through extensive research that many Western and American office workers take fruit smoothie as their beverage and even substitute it as a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner, especially office ladies who even regard composite fruit smoothie as "beauty" drinks. In 2006, based on the new concept of developing "LOHAS drinks", Ke Zikai opened the first Georg Peck store on Nanyang Road at the Fengyuan District of Taichung City. At the beginning, with a passion to establish a business, it only sold smoothie tea drinks which it had exclusively researched and developed, integrating fresh tea with Taiwan fruits in a delicate way. With the help of imported professional ice drink blenders, the drinks had a unique fruit smoothie taste that traditional shakers cannot achieve. After several years of R&D, it found that the health concept of "fruit smoothie" had matured within the emerging new consumer group in Taiwan, and therefore decided in 2011 to position "happy fruit smoothie" as a distinctive and unique marketing idea, upholding the concept of offering consumers "happy", "healthy" and "natural" products so that consumers could enjoy fresh and light-hearted drinks and retrieve the joy of life!
The name Georg Peck was derived from the fact that its founder Ke Zikai was deeply touched by the working atmosphere of Peck Fish Market in Seattle, America, where everyone was full of vigor and enthusiasm, and therefore made a resolution to create an equally happy and vigorous work environment where employees and customers are healthy, happy and cheerful.

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  1. Ahhh, your blog buat I lapar !

  2. I'm kind of a health freak at times so I MUST try this! Thanks for sharing. :) PS I love english themed/western style environment. :p... Is it only available in sunway pyramid? Abit far for me.. :(

  3. Plum lemon...think also sour already...but I like it!

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  5. Best drink ever u guys should try it

  6. i like the tomato one and the golden milk green tea! yumz! :D

  7. i like the chocolate drink!!! ice blended chocolate!! and the golden milk tea! slurps

  8. Looks yummy! But is it really healthy? : )

  9. sobss!! i want all these at this time now!! T.T

  10. Caramel Macchiato Ice Blended looks delicious and creamy.

  11. I would definately order the Tomato one! ;)

  12. Just a kiosk? Takeaway? Then, it's mighty expensive... Ain't so bad if it's some sort of cafe where people can sit and chat and relax over those drinks...

  13. another type of drink? =.= the hole in my pocket is getting bigger!

  14. Thats a lot of drinks. I'm up for the passion food green tea. =) Thanks for dropping by my blog, nice meeting you =)

  15. woww.... they got a lot of delicious flavor.... may be i can drop for my HAZMAN VS DRINK session....hehehehe

  16. Better choices and varieties compare to Cha....& Cheaper too!1 I love the varieties of Passion fruit.

  17. Looks like a really great place to sit and relax and drink coffee.


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