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248- Taiwan Dami (台湾大米)@ Bandar Puteri Puchong.

Passed by Dami numerous time but never had a chance to step in this restaurant. 
Out of the blue, Mom drag me to try out this! I screamed with joy! 
nahlah, just kidding. I just agreed, calmly. ;P

Jasmine Green Tea.
Refreshing beverage to quench my thirst.

Red Bean milk shake.
Perpetually out-of-stock best seller, Red bean milk shake.
It was really good. Good as in very authentic and original, ain't artificial red bean powder . Sweetness is adjusted till just pur-fect-ly my liking.
Rose Tea.
The perfumed rose aroma was so strong and intense. I can feel the 'flowery atmosphere' hovering the air when I was sipping bit by bit.The complimentary honey comes together with this. For someone who prefer their tea to be sweetened, honey can be a nutritious and natural sweetener!

Jar Jiang Mein .炸酱面.
I love their hand-made noodles,ramen , precisely. I love it too. Like, seriously. It was so springy and tasty! Nothing compares to this. Well, in my noodle dictionary, this ranked no.1. Must try this to believe it. ;)
Another plus point is , they put lots of bean sprout, I love vege very much,so healthy , less oil and with shredded cucumber as garnish. 

*This was the first time I visit Dami and had their curry ramen, and the fondness of ramen in me is born.
I couldn't stop salivate when I'm trying to recall back how this tasted like. The spiciness of the curry coated evenly on every single strand of noodles, and i just... can't wait to ingurgitate it greedily. 
*sorry for the poor quality of photo, as I was using my phone camera to capture this.

Back to the,we had braised minced pork rice(鲁肉饭).
Braised Minced Pork Rice.
Dad ordered this. He said it was good. But not as good as mom's cooking. It's a bit too salty as well. 
As clear as you can see, all element are drenched in light soy sauce. Perhaps it was meant to be salty. ;)

Ah! Another best seller. Only RM6. (if I'm not mistaken).
Mountain of shaved ice with brown sugar syrup, sweetened with ample of red bean paste, refreshing grass jelly, mushy and soft yam , and gooey ooey pearl(black) and taro balls(orange).

Chicken Chop and French Fries. RM9.90

Little brother loves this very much. Mom doesn't really likes to bring us out for meal. As she knows, my lil brother will only order fried stuffs. Fried Chicken, Chicken Maryland, Fish and Chips, Satay... all the greasy foods. No exception. ;P
Me: so Leon, how was the food?
Leon (lil bro) : Very nice! I've never eaten such yummy-licious and super crispy fries! *nom nom nom*
*lick finger* busy ah, don't first.

Black Pepper.

Black pepper is our all-time-favorite.
The spicier , the better. We truly love the 'burning' sensation lingering on our palate. I must confess that I keep 'stealing' my brother's fries and chicken. . .;P I was out of control that day...

Taiwan Crispy Chicken Rice. RM7.90

The chicken was intensely crispy and spicy. No complaints.They'd actually add the fragrant 'curry leaf ',together with the chicken to deep fry and it really does help to enhance the entire fried chicken. But the side dishes were super salty! Not sure what was that though...;P

Curry powder.
I love the spiciness !!
Next, the thickly sliced sweet potato wedges. nyum! I prefer thick than thin, so, it's the best choice among other fries...
Crispy Potato Wedges. RM4.
Mom and I had totally no idea on how can they fry it till so crunchy. The outer crust was hard and crackling,we were flabbergast when we took the first bite, followed by the heart-consuming joy every time we finish a single wedges. I said to myself, hey that was profoundly good. 

In Dami, you are able to find good food, delicious food, with affordable and reasonable price. 
This is one of the place in Bandar Puteri that I believe I will be back to try out more new things in the menu!

Address :
No 21-G, Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri, 47100, Puchong.

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  1. wahooo! yummy food! I love spicy food too! Yayy hi5!

  2. Reading your post are making me hungry ! I miss taiwan dami , been to the sri petaling 1 once . Going to go eat again one day for sure . =D

    1. YAH YAH..there's a brunch in Sri petaling ..Nice right!!?

  3. we went here twice.. not bad pun the food... at least something new in bandar puteri puchong now.. haha...

    1. ya loh! Nice er!! Seriously...<3 Next time ajak near oso donwann call me..;P

  4. It looks delicious, but I wouldn't go to an Asian place for chicken and fries. I could get that anywhere in Toronto! :)
    We are lucky though to have a wide variety of Asian restaurants here though. I have my favorites for almost every cuisine. Maybe I'll have to show some pictures.

  5. Braised Minced Pork Rice my fav

  6. wahooo! yummy food! I, hot chocolate with chocolate biscuits, you'll need to inform the waiter on your "special" need.

    is more expensive eh?

  7. Thanks for dropping by the other day. Talking bout food, the price is really reasonable! Have you covered all the restaurants/outlets in Bandar Puteri? They are just too many places to eat over there.

  8. Da mi...means dry mee in Hokkien. I would want to try the Jar Jiang Mein - I think we have something like this here but I did not think it was great. Pale imitation of the real thing, I guess. Wah!!! Got chicken chop some more. Fusion cafe? So very cheap - RM9.90 only...

  9. the braised minced pork looks good. i love that dish. i supposed the saltiness could be salty for us but for a lot of folks out there if its not salty enough then they say its not tasty:P

  10. Yes, u can take better pictures than this. It's your phone camera, no wonder.

  11. I've been seeing too many food reviews..... think I'm gonna get fat. Hahaha! Hey dear, I've been told that 90% of bloggers not going for the event.....

  12. i only love the fried stuff too....i can be your little brother best buddy!!


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