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247 - Yamagoya Ramen @ Solaris Dutamas.


 I guess ramen is slowly getting in trend in Malaysia nowadays, in the food industry. Everyday I see people posting about ramen. Homemade ramen, healthy ramen, springy ramen, fresh ramen, Gokuraku Ramen, Marutama Ramen, Ichiban Ramen, I can just simply name 10 ramen restaurant in Malaysia! 
So, enough of the introduction...
 Situated in Solaris Dutamas, Yamagoya Ramen has been well established in the ramen category... They claimed that they are the first original(Japan) ramen in Malaysia. So, checkidaut !

Special grinder.
Special sesame(left) grinder which couldn't be found anywhere else. Marinated ginger slice(right).

Mr. Kelvin with his freshly made ramen.

Mukashi Special Ramen. RM24.

The broth is full of egg yolk flavor. I have sensitive palate. I must admit it. ;P and hence, you get the milky-white color . With bamboo shoots, seaweeds, bean sprout and semi-hard boiled egg... Nice!!! Their broth is made with tonkotsu(pork bone), that's the soul of this bowl of this ramen I must say.

Yamagoya Ramen. RM19.

With the same broth, but without adding the yolks- The Legendary Yamagoya Ramen. ;D Simply irresistible ! One thing I would like to tell me readers is, I.seriously.dislike.bamboo.shoots. I don't know whether you and I share the same tongue or not, but for sure, I.hate.bamboo.shoots. Other than that, everything is my favorite!^^

Fried Chicken. RM11

KFC. KFC. KFC.Just in case you don't know, I must confess that ,I love chicken and I love fried stuffs. So, this is also my fave snacks among otheres. Packed with proteins and fats, but, once in a while, I ignore the fat content. Just,enjoy it.You'll be a lot more happier! hehe! The secret in making this fried chicken is by simply selecting good grade Kampung Chicken thigh ! It's remarkably crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Let's just say, PFC -Perfectly Fried Chicken.

Yamagoya soy sauce egg. RM4
Slightly overdone I would comment. Maybe they should hasten the cooking time. I prefer the yolks to be more runnier ..;P 


Menma Ramen. RM22
 Saltish and a lil bit too plain. ;) But overall acceptable.

Gyoza. RM11
 If the skin were chewier it would be better. If they pan fry the bottom of gyoza till an even layer of brownish crisp is form, it would be very much better, too. I think they can still improve more on both of these factors.

Miso Ramen.
 Japanese love saltish food. It's the fact, but I still couldn't accept it. Everything here is free of MSG, but full of salt. The salt is used to 'bring out' the flavor of everything.... Other than over-salted, I got no complaints.

Char Siew Ramen. RM24.
 The Japanese char siew is unsweetened, and thinly sliced; unlike typical chinese char siew, it's sugar-glazed and caramelized on the outer layer. Acceptable though. ;)

A bowl of worthy ramen.

Kim Chi Ramen. RM22.
  This is a 'fusion' ramen (Japanese + Korean). Personally, I love kimchi, so this would be the best choice for me when I'm craving for Japanese and Korean cuisine. It's very simple but healthy. Lot's of vegetables such as bean sprouts, black fungus, spring onion, kimchi and thinly sliced char siew. Ichiban neh!

Spicy Tobanjan Ramen. RM22.
 I actually ordered this. But, it didn't end up in my tummy..I only manage to sample a mouthful of this...;( My fellow friends couldn't stop stealing my spicy ramen...they said it was good, and they didn't left a drop of soup for me as well...Well, Im contented to see them eating greedily though... xD . I would love to visit this place again and have the entire bowl myself!!!!!!!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!

Black Garlic Ramen. RM22.00

The first sip of the silky broth successfully awed me. Very strong and aromatic garlic flavor conquered my entire palate. It was so so so awesome! and not forgot to mention the pungency of infused-garlic-oil. Garlic lover , this is definitely for you.

Char Siew.

If you're a meat lover and you found that there's not enough meat/protein in your ramen, you can order this 'Char Siew' alone. Dip it into the soy sauce, and quickly gorge it down your throat. Ahh... nyum nyum.. If you decided to visit this place after reading my post, remember to drag me along! I would love to visit this place one more time! ;D cheers!

Yamagoya Ramen 
A2-G2-8, Solaris Dutamas,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operation Hours:
Monday to Thursday 10am to 10pm;
Friday to Sunday 10am to 11pm.

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  1. I am having them now ..... spicy ramen on a cold rainy day .... slurp~

  2. Not a ramen lover, but the photos make me feel like drooling! =P

  3. Being here for the first time His design philosophy exactly mirrors our philosophy couldn't be found anywhere else 嘉妹

  4. Replies
    1. for me i think the char siew okok oni..

  5. The guy carrying the tray looks very concentrated. Maybe he should be.


  6. those ramens seem to be served in a very big portion. worth alot.

  7. sigh.. now I have to try this even more... I went twice but both times sold out!! hehehe

    1. what??? Y SO UNLUCKY? >.< I think they should really supply their food consistently or else they'll lose some going-to-be-loyal customers like u!

  8. wow someone can take really spicy food there :P

    Latest: More than BIG Breakfast

  9. Hmm.. went there with disappointment, SOLD OUT, we was told >.<

    1. kesian choi yen...go again until u get to try them!

  10. That's a lot of ramen you're eating, dear. These Japanese noodles are very popular in S'pore. There're so many ramen shops here, almost everywhere in S'pore.

    1. yes!! I've been to Spore airport and fell in love with their ramen..couldnt be found in sad.and I FORGOT WHAT'S THE RAMEN NAME...;((

  11. Replies
    1. pricy ah? okok ma...get to enjoy good service, good environment, and GOOD FOOD.

  12. I am sooo love/hate/love everytime i read ur bloggie. I feel hungry each n everytime!! U look great darling,very chun la ok?! no shake head nono ;3

    1. ahehehe!!! ana ana~..must love my hate no hate! *shake head*

  13. Wow, you ordered alot!!! the Mukashi Special Rame looks really good actually, and the gyoza as well. Hope it taste as good as it looks =) shall try

  14. It looks quite delicious to me. Now I am thinking I need some ramen tonight!

  15. Just wanted to let you know i did go to a ramen place lady night. It was my first one in Toronto and it was delicious. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  16. i just want more of the Char siew ramen . .!!!

    1. I prefer the spicy ramen!!!!!!!!!!!!1 U GUYS TERTELAN MINE LAAA...i didnt get my spicy tojoban..TT

  17. wow! that's a lot of ramen!!! will definitely visit if I'm in KL! thanks for sharing Eunice and your kind comments on my blog...

    1. ah, you are most welcome, Alan!as every comment comes from my true heart. ;D

  18. myself, Ramen fans.....will try it out someday. Good recommendation!!


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