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225- Star Cafe KL@Taman Desa


A very humble Star Cafe mushroomed in Taman Desa existed 14 years ago and still standing strong now.
Despite being well known for the good foods, the warm ,sincere greeting from the staff on the first contact makes everyone feel homely. I guess this excellent customer service keeps people coming back to them. 
Though is my very first time here, I already know that I will definitely visit this place again. 

Let's just start with the interior layout of Star Cafe.

Clear as you can see, there are myriads of liquor array on top of the specially-designed shelf. The upside-down glasses hanging below of the shelf also gives a special touch up to the entire bar. The  fancy design can simply feast one's eyes from far.
The bar style high chairs and tables for a quick drink, the comfortable dining chairs for those who plan to sit down and savor their meal with the love ones, the see-through window to the kitchen, and also, the live band performance in the entertainment corner every night,this will leave you with a more then satisfactory feeling before the food serves. 

Next, Star Cafe not only serve ordinary Western and Eastern cuisine, they also provide fusion of 'East meets West' with a extensive variety of ''Never heard before'' dishes.
One of the favorite dishes among all customers will be the puff pastry stuffed with beef and mushroom.
Puff Pastry with Fillet Beef Wellington. RM 58
A beef tenderloin is wrapped in the flaky puff pastry stuffed with mushroom chicken with turkey ham.
This goes very well with the brown sauce provided. The beef is cooked till 70% medium well, which the meat is still slightly juicy and flavorsome. 

Next, chef made Sang Har Mein ( Fresh Prawn Noodles) for us.
The deep-fried Yee Mein gives a crunchy texture ,together with the titillating gravy which is full of prawn flavor. This is absolutely sapid.
Sang Har Yee Noodle .

From left : Mojito, Orange juice, Chocolate , Strawberry smoothie.

Duck a'la Orange. RM35
This french origin dish is made by using orange gravy, with a hint of Curacao sauce.
The duck is roasted to perfection, garnish with sliced orange ,potato and carrot. Lastly, the supreme-ed orange segments is placed to sit atop the duck as a finishing zesty dish.

Rainbow Trout Amadine. RM37.90
Besides that,we also had imported Rainbow Trout - a species of Salmonid. Topped with browned almond and  butter sauce, served with parsley potato and fresh veggie. The trout is grilled to perfection. The taste of the trout  is none like any other fish, it has no earthy flavor which many people find unappealing. It was so fresh. I can't help myself from digging in!

If you're the kind of person who doesn't like to try new things, you can also opt for the common western food - Chicken Deminoff.
Chicken Deminoff. RM 28

Quarter chicken cooked in creamy wine sauce topped served with shallot, mushroom, baby carrot, new potato and veggie. Simple yet delicious. The generous amount of gravy they gave was literally tasteful. I kept oooh ooh ahh-ing 
through out the entire meal. 

After all the Western and Fusion dishes, here comes the Eastern one.

Fried glass noodle with bitter gourd and seafood. RM14
This is a very popular chinese cuisine. Bitter melon is often used in Chinese cooking for its bitter flavor, typically in stir-fries, soups and also tea. 
Butterfly-cut prawns and squid ,(the marine friends)bitter gourd aka bitter melon, glass noodle, and egg, I didn't know they can blend in so well! ;D

I was kinda full after all the big serving portion and thought that I can give my tummy a break, but the big-hearted boss insisted to serve us desserts.
It's true that there's saying: ' A meal isn't complete if dessert hasn't be served.' Okay, for that. saying's,sake, I eat. Haha. ;P
Panna Cota. RM 11.90
Taa-daa. The petite dessert Panna Cotta! 
Topped with the zesty Orange Toffee sauce. 
Apple Crumble. Rm13.90
Not only that, we also had the buttery Apple Crumble . The tartness of butter filled in your entire mouth at the first bite. This hot dessert is best paired with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream.
Vanilla Flan. * excusive for Groupon customer
After enjoying everything, we had a short Q&A session with chef.

The Hainanese chef Chua Tin Min was the chief chef from the Coliseum cafe, Kuala Lumpur for over 50 years. His assistant chef is also another experience chef, both of them work together for more than 10 years.
(There're actually four chef in the kitchen, each of them in charge of different cuisine).

Chef posing at the camera.

For RedCard holder, you are entitled for 30% discount off on total food bill (only apply to ala-carte menu)

1. RedCard offer available Everyday and on Public Holidays as well

2. Maximum guests allowed is unlimited

Not RedCard member yet? Grab the RM50 off now when you purchase RedCard annual 

membership for just RM38 (normal price RM88). How?

1. Fill up the registration form at

2. Enter FOOD exclusively discount code B4817B before sending to process



Cheers! ;)
I truly love this place, prolly I'll be visiting this place very soon again. Don't missed out their live band every Wed, Sat, and Sunday night and you'll guaranteed to fall in love with this place. 
So, when's you're turn to share with me about this Star Cafe? ;)

' One cannot simple judge a place if one hasn't visit the place.' - Eunice 

Star Cafe
No. 65, Jalan 109E
Taman Desa
Off Old Klang Road
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7980 8000
Fax: 03-7982 9200

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  1. Yes indeed this place has been around for some time. Quite a charming place and certainly now after the renovation. My fondest memory was chilling here with our models and crew after a whole day fashion shoot in town.

    1. yes babe! Oh really? Shall date you one day at Star Cafe then! xD

  2. Wow, didn't even realize this place existed. And they were open since 14 years ago? The Puff Pastry with Fillet Beef Wellington looks like something I would try, and the strawberry smoothies looks good :)

  3. Bad idea to read this post on a night i'm on diet hahah But love the pictures ! Look damn good laa ! Especially the duck ala orange.

  4. didn't even realize this place existed

    this is the real satay

    kindergarten... wow!

  5. The food looks good to me, and quite generous portion as well! (:

  6. Really look good!
    How's the price range?

  7. The food looks very nice, and the bar is top.


  8. Think your comments are prejudice. Had a rubbish xmas turkey at rm250 that turned stale by dinner time other dishes not on the upper scale. Ice cream flavourssometimes not available. Scale of 4 to 10 true


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